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Ancient star map Stonehenge

Ancient star map Stonehenge


Article by Alice Smith
The Winterbourne Stoke Barrows mimic the Pleiades… and beyond all coincidence… Stonehenge is found in the precise position in which the pyramid replicating the mystery star in Egypt is found on a pyramid star map. Note also how Stonehenge has an outer circle with barrows that directy portray the obvious... a star with planets in orbit. Encrypted in the layout of Stonehenge is the stunning codex of the human form deciphered by the author. This is decoded from the age old Da Vinci Vitruvian man. The same codex can also be deciphered at Giza in Egypt and quite unexpectedly, also in a pyramid found at a place not of this world! The book reveals the ultimate solution to the pyramid enigma. The star maps have been designed to convey a crucial message to humankind… a message that is also corroborated by a series of anomalies not of this world… the pyramids on Mars. 


The Winterbourne Stoke barrows represent the Pleiades and Stonehenge marks on the ground the 'x' star that marks the spot. The meaning of Stonehenge appears to be the representation of the star very near the Pleiades stars... the star of the 'gods' of the ancients so to speak... flesh and blood visitors... also tied in to our ancestors who were mistakenly worshipped as 'gods'.

Wayne has identified the meaning of the Cursus. (see images below). The Cursus represents the ecliptic, the path of our Sun... Why?

The reason is clear... Only a short portion of the ecliptic was celebrated. Both the Stonehenge causeway alignment and the Winterbourne Stoke wall alignments isolate a 'sacred' small portion of the ecliptic... they are most likely celebrating the rising of our Sun, with the Pleiades on one special day, then a few days apart, the ultimate celebration, the rising of the Sun-like star with our Sun viewed from Stonehenge!

The two alignments are without doubt a few degrees different to each other and here is where it makes most sense.

Wayne is convinced the reason for this Sunrise with sacred star celebration is the ancients way of trying to emphasize THE MEANING of the star maps - to acknowledge the 'Sun' of our ancestors, which is LIKE our 'Sun'. A Sun-like star solution. Yes one cannot see both Sun and stars at the same time, but their once very advanced star watchers as well as our modern astronomers would easily decipher the meaning.

The oblong/rectangular-shaped barrow near Winterbourne Stoke has an important solution since publishing Wayne's book. Wayne says it is in the exact position correlating with another important Sun-like star that is now important to include and compare to the Templars and Freemason secrets... THREE Sun-like stars as a grouping... A Trinity. It mirrors an important Mars oval shaped anomaly. This 'extra' anomaly was excluded in Wayne's book because it complicated an already difficult story to follow, and it seemed too close for comfort to the Freemason star map which in 2002, (at the time of publishing, before the Da Vinci code book made its mark) seemed too risky to be writing about. The correlation match also closely resembles the Tikal historical site in Guatemala. The third mystery anomaly here is in a historically protected piece of woodland in the lower portion of the image above, matching the position of the D&M pyramid in the Mars star map. Wayne is appealing to anyone visiting the site (before his next trip) to take look there. There are a few mounds here but Wayne has heard one of them that is completely overgrown with trees has an odd shape. See website contact link.

What interests Wayne here are the boundary lines of the farms which seem parallel or set along what appear to be ancient alignment walls between the three important sites. See the white alignment lines and note also how the motorway is parallel to what apparently was once the ancient road that passed through the middle of both Winterbourne and Stonehenge.


Wayne has proposed what might be a geoglyph interpretation of Orion... or it might just be a coincidence. The theoretical geoglyph looks a lot like a large Orion man with old English helmet as a hunter with a bow and arrow. It is almost impossible to see in the new satellite images that have been released. The hourglass pattern is still very clear in the new satellite images and therefore seems more likely to be the solution here. Here is the less probable interpretation of all the old roads that wind around a strange coincidental relief pattern, that is linked to here only because another author has also found a completely different example of the very same interpretation style of Orion the Hunter pointing the way, but in a completely different area. This alone has Wayne scratching his head in wonder.

Click here... Orion Hunter Interpretation.

This geoglyph that looks like an hourglass symbol is astronomically placed in correct position and orientation matching the position of Orion as it appears in the sky with comparison to the position of the stars of the Pleiades. There is also a new interpretational development for what might correlate with the what is found common at other ancient sites for two other important Sun-like star correlations. One is inclusion of the Long barrow at the Winterbourne site and the other is the group referred to as the Lake district Barrows. The reason for the trees not being cut down there is because of the large earth mound hiding in the trees.

Click here... Lake group barrow research by Julian Cope.

There are other sites that reproduce the sacred star pattern:

Click here... Egypt and Mars and the Maya on this menu listing here: New Star Maps

There is a lot more to Stonehenge and its design which Wayne has found also matches the secret of the Yule tree, the Egyptian Senmut tomb and more importantly...

... the stones positions replicating the design on the Hebrew Solomon Key talisman.

Click here...Key of Solomon website, part two, half way down the page.


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Credits - References - Copyright - General summary of ancient alien starmaps on human origins explored in The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel. A Mars Pleiades and Orion correlating pyramid star map interpretation was published in papers, followed by his book The Hidden Records by Wayne Herschel (2002) (See book synopsis on website for more detail of The Hidden Records) A Pleiades correlation with Stonehenge Tikal and Mars was released in South African TV documentary Carte Blanche in 2002. In 2013 The movie PROMETHEUS has claimed usage of the ancient star map human origin plot/material/rights and twisted it into worthless "evil alien" agenda which is curently being investigated. The ancient alien artifact expo by Wayne Herschel presenting museum quality reproductions of controversial rare artifacts with star maps and Pleiades are all copyright protected pieces ©2013