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The Chokwe African tribe ref predominantly covering vast areas of Angola and Zambia includes an even wider territory stretching from 7 to 18 degrees latitude South and 18 to 23 degrees longitude East.

Researcher and Zambian author of the book ‘Chokwe Art and its History’ - Marcus Matthe contacted me in 2006 mentioning that although he had already launched his book, he has realised something very important. Marcus said that he had just noticed that the ancient star patterns on the wooden tablets in his book replicate the same star patterns in my book. He said the African tribe of the Chokwe have preserved record of their legend of their ancestors arriving from the stars and they recorded their sacred past onto wooden tablets and bound them into pairs just like a book.

I saw Marcus shortly after his artifact collection went on a historical African art display overseas. The wooden tablets are probably not very ancient as the tribe simply makes replacent duplications of the originals which probably go back thousands of years according to the opinion of the African elders there.

They had extraordinary hands on ware and tear because of the tablets religious usage in ceremony, especially in their circumcision ceremonies. The elders of the tribe say these tablets are constantly being replaced with duplicate carvings once a tablet cracks or becomes too worn. Some of the tablets carrying the valuable detail I had recognised are perhaps only 50 to 100 years old at the most. But more importantly to me, the simple fact that the actual finding date predates my theory and book publishing date by many decades. This will sound odd to some, but scientifically speaking the simple fact that this remote tribe reproduced these tablets as copies of the earlier artefacts long before I had presented the worldwide ancient repeating patterns you are about to see below.

If the finding occurred after my book was published then one could question the coincidence of the correlating patterns we see here.

The South African astronomers that tried to guide Marcus suggested their interpretation of what they thought were the closest star patterns but they sadly did not recognise the most obvious pattern match. The sacred cross of the sky seemed more appropriate to them if it included the Southern Cross. It did not fit with the Milky Way representations, the three in a row star group of Orion's Belt or the cluster of stars of the Pleiades, or the strange 'x' that marks the spot position of the star of their ancestors... all of which I have found common in most ancient civilisations.

After discussing the possibilities and viewing all the wooden tablets, I agreed to list a few examples of the patterns that seemed quite easy to figure. I explore his views below guided by some symbol direction interpretation by Marcus who was originally instructed by an African Shaman who Marcus worked with.

The first wooden tablet below does not say much but it introduces a general star worshiping tradition. According to the shaman there is representation of the Milky way as the star belt across the centre, the sacred cross of the sky symbol at the top centre is consistent with religion. I also agreed with the stepped pyramid symbol representing burial mounds and the skull representing ‘of the spirit’ and the bird headed deity similar to Maya and Egyptian representations.

Here is where I began to see more pattern matches to other ancient civilisations.

In the tablet below, there are always two overlapping themes with different symbolism at play in each tablet, one more with symbols and one more with pictograms. The symbol of the circle with another circle inside it is probably representation of a sun-like star. Note how it is next to the Milky Way as our first clue to its location and that it is positioned above a pyramid burial mound symbol. This clue has got Marcus now trying to get arial photography of the area to see if the burial mounds represent star patterns as I have found in almost all ancient civilisations. Note also the bow with two arrows symbol in the lower section displays the first part of the story showing of the way to the burial mound with Sun-like star above it. It is usually followed by a second bow and arrow with one arrow to continue the story… showing the way to something in the sky.

In the next wooden tablet below we see the best example of all the wooden tablets of a complete story. To me this theme is almost identical to the Inca star map found in Coricancha Cuzco where it too displayed the ancient secret identical to this theme. Click here - Inca star map

Note again the sacred cross of the heavens representing Orion as a symbol, and then in the pictogram version on the left we see the first breakthrough…

Three stars in a row of Orions belt (left) aligning with the ‘title' star symbol at the top centre of the tablet.

Below the star title, the two bones together speak of the ancestors of the Chokwe tribe.

Below the bones the shaman refers to this deity with three orbs on its crown as an Orion star god.

On opposite sides of the two bones there is our Sun and our moon. (The Sun is the same two circle representation but with light rays). Here is the position of the ecliptic, near the ancestor star position, once again matching the same star position I have identified in ancient civilisations. The depiction here is very similar to the Inca story representing the moon since it is a thin crescent.

The pyramid beneath the Sun again suggest how burial mounds represent the stars of the sky including our Sun. the story summarises on the bottom, Spirit ancestors follow from the two circles (Sun-like star, strangely also similar to the Egyptian symbol) of their ancestors interpreting a dual combo of the bow and arrow story direction so to speak. The human skull represents human ancestors and it has the bow and arrow to the right of it pointing to the double circle suggesting 'ancestors from the Sun-star'.

In the tablet above we have the first example I believe confirms my star human origin theory. The cluster of stars representing the Pleiades emerges. the position of the glyph representing like in Egypt of a Sun star Here is positioned at the correct angle in reference to both Orion and the Pleiades! The first mound and inscription suggesting serpent cosmic path ancestor travel to begin life on the Earth. The serpent could symbolise their path of cosmic travel or a sperm cell seeding life here. On the left tablet we see the three belt stars of Orion following alignment direction to the double circle (Sun-like star). There are many more tablets like this all involving a cluster of stars representing the Pleiades. It is interesting too that all the oldest looking tablets have accurate star depictions while the more recent copies made only a century or so ago seem to have the detail a little more jumbled.

The most impressive tablet is the one held by me in the image above that Marcus Matthe has entrusted with me. The story is as illustrated above. Note the position of the ancestor star in relation to the Pleiades which matches all the other ancient star maps I have deciphered in other ancient civilisations and that it shows that Orion is used to locate the Pleiades and sacred star. The tablet is very old and has more cracks appearing on it long since an earlier crack needed repairing many years ago and was probably about to be discarded by the tribe because it was one destined for a replacement to be made.

It has the common cluster of stars like most of all the other star tablets on record and it has Orion’s three belt stars on the opposite side with the way shower bow and arrow pointing to one important star. It also has the general cross effect of the outer stars of Orion included that I have recently deciphered as the Chi-Rho symbol in the Christ story!

Most importantly in the exact same manner as the Voynich star map, it refers to a line of travel, a journey so to speak from the Pleiades like the style found also in the Inca star map.

But here is where this tablet shines… It has two round orbs carved into the path of the journey that matches the conclusion of my book. It could very well read as follows:

"The great ancestors from a star the aligns with Orion’s belt near the Pleiades journeyed to our world perhaps represented here by a primordial mound. They passed two other star systems (or worlds) to get here. In the case for two star systems it could be referencing the two other sun-like stars in the ancient star maps that fit chronology in this order as also seen in the Freemason star map. Or… if it refers to two ‘outer’ worlds in passing on a journey to Earth, it could be the lost world of Mardak, (now the asteroid belt – Sitchen theory) and Mars before arriving and colonising Earth".

In the two images below the typical birdheaded deity of the Chokwe that matches ancient civilisations all over the world. The second image is what I am certain to be representing the star and world in crescent of the ancestors. Here the remarkable similarity to the Sumerian star and crescent imagery is perhaps no coincidence at all. One now cant possibly say that only one lineage of humanity alone came from the stars. We all are descendant of star ancestors. More on this story follows soon.





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