As mentioned three of the 'Big 4' Religions all write that they share the same first human family of Abraham bloodline. Every religion accepts the right to proclaim war literally on its own family so to speak. They all insist that within the accepted 'theatre of war' they can fight for the people of their religion and kill others who they believe are not chosen by God Creation.

But since we have now found probability Hinduism should be included in the same human genesis theory, we should also consider adding the same genesis human bloodline too for Hinduism. But for now lets just look at the three religions that write about this shared ancestor man they call 'Abraham'. Three religions that have texts that share the arrival of the Abraham human bloodline ref but strangely found a way to forget this and still declare war on other religions.

The 'Big 4' religions ALL previously showed records or encoded knowledge of Taurus the bull with the sun star, namely another solar system associated with it. This was once integral to a past belief system they all had and is still encoded in their belief system today ref.

This claim on its own should stir emotional thoughts about what secrets have been hidden from you.

Was this a deal between ancient monarchy kings? Kings who were obsessed with greed and glory, who were in competition with one another in the context of war for the prosperous winning family to enslave and plunder all? Or was it an evolution of alterations of sacred records, for nations to try to look different as each focused on one piece of the MAP OF HEAVEN for their grand icons? Perhaps each choice made by a king was to try to look different to those countries’ icons they wanted to plunder? You decide for yourself ref.


Seen below are the compelling, revealing ancient mural of Abraham with Pleiades star map and a star gate portal opening from one of 3 suns. It was first identified for the hidden knowledge it holds by Hungarian researcher Márton Molnár-Göb ref.

It is found in the temple ruins of Dura-Europos ref where the most horrific war is currently unfolding in Syria. This precise area has apparently no oil reserves, no minerals and nothing other than a city built around the sacred site.

Some say the reason the entire Dura-Europos city of residences was destroyed was due to the controversial contents of the ancient temple. Especially the biggest shared and uniting secret of the 3 Abrahamic religions that the Dura-Europos mural image below portrays in a star map!

Fortunately the spectacular murals were moved before the destruction. But one wonders what else was there. So far, over 400,000 civilians have already perished. Millions of civilians have also lost their homes in the larger nearby Allepo area who have become desperate refugees on the move in what is being termed as the Second Great Exodus. By the way is it a coincidence that Allepo has something to do with the first Greek and Hebrew letter 'Aleph'... the Alpha aspect of this mystery?

Consider what is really going on there. There was an 'Arab Spring' protest that began some years ago where millions came out expressing anger against their leader. They wanted him to stand down just as before him Egypt’s leader was forced by the masses to stand down due to corruption and the harsh cost of living many experience there. In Syria by contrast, the leader decided he would not stand down and he would unleash the unthinkable.

He chose to destroy the homes of thousands in the sacred historical city of Allepo. He believes that all of his people who are against him are terrorists and first started dropping barrel bombs on them by helicopters. War ensued. A whole city was destroyed so badly that it will never have its surviving people return. How is it possible the world has let this happen?

Ask any Muslim about reports that claim powerful people are funding mercenaries in the war zones who are not true Muslims. This is perhaps closer to the truth.

Also, how is it possible that these so-called 'extremists' apparently found a way to 'take over' oil companies that coincidently continue with regular business trade agreements? ref. Would powerful oil barons not have the means to try and get their companies back? It seems a mystery.


Aside from what might be the cause of the crimes against humanity in Syria, coincidentally the most valuable temple ruins reside at the centre of one of the target settlements in this disaster area. They are the ancient Syrian ruins where the first records of Abraham are found. They are called the ruins of Dura-Europos ref and are explored in the earliest records of religion article ref.

Before going further ponder on the shocking truth on record: The fact that three of the above religions all claim bloodline ties directly to the man seen in what is obviously a star map. This man is Abraham according to scholars of all three Abrahamic religions.

He is depicted in an ancient mural stepping out a heavenly gate from one of 3 Suns near the Pleiades. Yet somehow humanity is so lost and confused that all three try and ignore this sacred origin bloodline tie.

Mouseover the image below to see the star map and how Abraham was keeper of the secret of the double Cross of Orion as the way shower and the human code. The mural shows him stepping out of what my fellow researcher Márton ref and I believe is a 'sun star' portal explaining how Abraham's 'heavenly' bloodline came to Earth.

The big secret of the 'Big 4' religions here is the choice of icons. The four icons are four pieces of a grand star map of Heaven. Each religion appears to carry a piece of the star map. Look for example how the Hindu Om symbol is a bull's head with horns and what is found behind its head? Click the link here before going further if you have any doubts this is possible. ref. The eBook version of this final episode on the Taurus star gate will have all the linked material presented as one book if you prefer a more detailed version to read at leisure.



I claim all four religions appear to share one piece of the grand star map of Heaven and use it as their icons. Be it by some destructive historical agreement between ancient monarchies or be it through something that naturally evolved independently from one another.

With this critically important grounding knowledge to religions, by clicking the image link above, you will be ready to measure how 'The Place of Creation' has been defined. How depictions of Cosmic Serpent conduits through the heavens play a crucial role in its definition. Cosmic portals through Taurus literally explained in religion as 'riding the hand of God'.

It is now time to identify some important credits to institutions and elite people who appear to be trying to help humanity prepare for the revived truth.


I would like to thank the Hollywood movie director Roland Emmerich ref and his writer Dean Devlin for the movie 'STARGATE' and for either intentionally or mistakenly sneaking in accurate aspects of the star gate story.

I am better known as someone who avoids referencing of any 'movie' similarity to my work because one simply cannot be taken seriously when comparing one’s work to this source.

A great friend of mine, a Native American mystic of deep insight into the ancient history of his tribe and who has been a part of helping my book project, is one person that I must credit for inspiring me to find what I found. Donald Smoke, you always told me from your passed down oral traditions that these things in ancient records that look like serpent star gates, are exactly what your ancestors have spoken of.

He also said the 'Stargate' movie is exactly what it looks like so keep an eye out for records showing the device like the movie showed it. I found it hard to believe then, but circumstances certainly have changed. With ‘Stargate’ as a movie reference I will make an exception for comparing the findings to their 'ultimate prop'. It suggests to me some people tied to production there have been 'in the know' long before anything has been officially discovered.

The 'Hollywood propaganda conspiracy theory' agenda aims to make us think that all aliens are evil, in line with what the global elite would prefer to have us believe, (identified in this introduction article here ). In the context of this observation, I would also like to refer to the movie ‘PROMETHEUS’ ref that did the opposite and swamped the real star map story with typical action dramatised fictional content.

This film 'coincidently' replicates my entire star map hypothesis that ancient star maps were found all over the world showing a recognised star pattern. Repeating sets of maps that show the star system of a human alien ancestor lineage also using the Vitruvian man in the encoded findings. They added the usual bad alien agenda to it too and did a good job in inspiring the belief among new readers that my work has been copied from the movie plot.

My work predates this film by almost two decades. By contrast, the Hollywood 'Stargate' saga is one case that stands far above any other.

Just like it is well known the DaVinci Code author used anagram names for the real discovery claim authors, Prometheus the movie seems to have taken a similar approach. Dan Brown created the book character Leigh Teabing, which is an anagram of "Baigent and Leigh" who are the real finders' names ref.

What is more, both the real finders lost court cases against the usage of their intellectual property and both died.


The Prometheus Movie appears to have used my full name in an anagram derived from the name of the corporation represented in the movie, as well as the names of the two characters that made the star map claim. Maybe by virtue of using this corporation name, the movie is sending out a hint at who is calling the shots in the real world.

The two star map finders in the movie were 'Charlie Holloway' and 'Elizabeth Shaw' and the corporation in control was 'Weyland'. My full name is Wayne Basil Herschel so you can test the anagram yourself below. The scene in the movie shown below with holograms of the star map artifacts is when the corporation owner mentions the anagram clue. He says Weyland have been closely following a discovery of ancient star maps found all over the world with a repeating message and these discoveries have been made by the two characters mentioned.

A friend found the anagram knowing the DaVinci Code author did similar ref so he quickly wrote the two names down.

Immediately he noticed a probability clue by simply taking the two names Shaw and Holloway and separating 'way' 'Hollo' and 'Shaw' and there was already a close match... 'Way Holoshaw' so he tested it accurately.

Yes ALL my letters are used for all my 3 names except for the letter where an 's' is sort of missing and a 'z' seems to fit in with a neat little trick. This initially led me to believe that the likelihood of an anagram was highly improbable.



But my friend pointed out how the 'z' from 'Elizabeth' in italics actually pretty much became an 's' too when read backwards, fulfilling the 's' for my middle name 'Basil'. Not to mention that Elizabeth can also be spelled with an 's'. The letters left over now offer a message potential. I placed the left over letters into an anagram computer program and waited to see if it had a potential message.

I could not believe my eyes. There is one ornate readable line that holds what could be a shocking message aimed at my quest.


Perhaps this is all just a coincidence but now I wonder if this is their message. From a group of elite people who are probably in a special circle of friends. People who have seen ancient records that show a prophecy of a timeline when the world learns of its Taurus sun star origins.

In simple words it is hinting that I need to wait for the timing when all will be known in some sort of sacred event timeline when the truth is delivered. I believe this is how it will unfold as well. A cosmic messenger we might one day soon see on all visual media holding seven stars as this messenger explains the Alpha and Omega code as defined at the end of this story.

The movie added plenty of popular CGI action and dramatised fiction with the usual evil alien agenda, no doubt to have it approved by the powers that be to be sure it released.


I would like to credit the major ground work and new findings made by Márton Molnár-Göb of Hungary as by far, the main contributing researcher. He also has his own website of new findings supporting my work ref. . Also others who have made groundbreaking findings in the context of my star map theory like Mark Scott of the UK. I would also like to credit David Hatcher Childress ref for his many years of well-presented publications inspiring me to look in the right places. Also for his support in the 'rescue' of the last remaining stock of my book 'The Hidden Records' in the USA that were about to be pulped.

Also while speaking of this, a similar situation in South Africa: Special thanks also to a very loyal friend I have known for 30 years 'Martin' of Joburg who has always had a passion for star 'god' history and mystery became a Freemason. He has an open mind in this subject and believes the book is important not just to Freemasonry origins studies but for all to learn about. He also rescued over a ton of local stock from being pulped from a shut down distributor that first tried to extort massive unrealistic storage fees then had the books on lockdown. He actually stored them in his own car garage for over a year! Thank you once again Martin.

I have covered the main credits so far but I am sure we alone were not the first to write on this subject identifying all that you see here. There were many before us. Too many went unrecognised because something devastating happened to all of them, which I will address further on.


An American author in the USA some years ago I believe was first to publish a claim seen in the image below of the reality of wormholes and that there must have been star gates using cosmic wormholes in ancient Egypt ref. I am also told by a few veteran writers on this subject that he was not first to write about the detail seen below so I wait for this to be refuted or proved but the reference given. A few years ago the public became more aware due to the finding that celestial ships had something on them that was hardly efficient if it were an earthly river boat design.

The discovery identified that the ship itself was not just written about in ancient texts as a 'celestial ship' of the heavens. Both the front and rear of the ship depicted something modern scientists are well aware of... a wormhole! ref



The wormhole ship theory is supported in my 'UFO' papyrus account claim seen below. I believe that since the ship wormhole theory did not reveal the forbidden Tau Taurus connection is why it got its break and was well represented in the 'Ancient Aliens' TV series.

With it the world had its first taste of the fact there is more to history than most care to admit. It still stands today as another theory that did not convince scholars but that is all about to change.


My claim that I found a UFO depiction in an ancient papyrus caused a big upset some years ago ref. I also launched it on a CNN online public news article to secure a stronger copyright stance and all hell broke loose! My emails were full of threats and my computer was hacked so badly that it had to be set up again from scratch.

The full story on the papyrus is here

I have actual size rough edged prints of the papyrus available for the public that can be mounted behind a glass sheet for a wall here .

Mouseover the image below and look at my proposed interpretation. The text speaks of the first time of the 'gods' on the land and that they came from the stars.

I set out to prove that where it landed is the actual Sphinx on its strange flat back platform. Also identifiable is a lost door behind the Sphinx’s head and explaining it further are many tomb depictions ref.

What cannot be refuted here is that it is the Sphinx and the appearance of bright colours as radiant light from a dome object at least 30 feet wide with a tripod landing gear. But more importantly the celestial ship is shown as coming from the womb of sky goddess Nut as explained in the reference article. The utterance noted in the womb area reads something along the lines:

"From a Sun here life (on Earth) Established/Birthed"

You can clearly see the pictographic aspect of the Ankh ref the symbol for life (that came through a star gate according to a recent breakthrough that you will be shown shortly). Also note the Cosmic Serpent, the Ra sun symbol and three dots in a row vertically, which I believe has pictographic origins for Orion's Belt. I cannot get Egyptologists to agree on this yet or officially comment so for now I leave it open to be challenged.

The papyrus also depicts the leg of the bull constellation I proposed was the Pleiades in 2003.



The same finder of the celestial ship wormhole depiction might also need to be credited for the cosmic lotus flower symbol, including what appears to be the same lotus cosmic conduit found in the records of ancient India.

When one considers just how much obscure material and hidden history is now suddenly in full view of the general public thanks to the internet, then it would seem that a whole new protocol on the part of the powers that be is playing itself out. As already touched on, elite-owned Hollywood has its own agenda where lost truths are turned into chaos, their validity smeared and twisted under the guise of fiction. It was about a decade ago that they realised that it was just a matter of time before a scholar actually proves the star gate evidence.

I believe this could have been the drive that inspired the release of the movie 'Stargate' because the elite knew it would not be long before a historian would offer a solid paper officially identifying it. So the most effective way to relegate this subject to one not taken very seriously was to make a fiction movie on it. Even if it worked for certain academia, for me believing that big media have a chaos agenda, it inspired me to look deeper.

Seven major discoveries are covered in this star gate presentation here, which are already under academic review by a few open-minded scholars. It is now a race to see which scholar will take the risks writing about a topic that carries serious repercussions.


The next artifact I searched for my whole life. I found it one morning by accident while google image searching Sumerian Pleiades seals. I couldn't believe my eyes! It is probably also the most ancient record to date supporting my star map claim. More importantly, it is a more detailed star map showing EVERYTHING that comes together in this new analysis. It shows where our ancestors came from in greater detail, where they locate our solar system, how they got here, how they founded three ground temples for each sun star.

The ancients also show something seen in the other star maps and the reason my book only covered two of the sun stars. One sun system was often left out and the reasons now are becoming clearer. It shows which star gates were operational and which were shut down. All this in one grand pictographic depiction and with a text explaining the beginning of Sumer where the 'gods' founded their temples.

It will be analysed in depth and I will compare the IDENTICAL very complex detail theme that I found repeating in SEVEN SOLID OMEGA CASES and matching in completely separated and different ancient civilisations around the world:

The Sumerian 'Genesis' 3 sun stela with star gate.
The Maya codecies and Labna temple 3 sun star gates.
The Hindu Jambukeswarar 3 sun star gate temple.
The Inca golden 3 sun star map and star gate.
The Egyptian Ankh and Shen 3 sun artifact star gates.
The Rodney stone Pictish and Celtic 3 sun star gate.
The Christian 3 sun codecies and star gates.

In most of the above, there is a complex 3 sun star map with Pleiades using the same cosmic conduit portal secret symbol. This is going to take what scholars insist is a 'wild crazy theory' to a whole new level. Scientists and historians alike will not be able to refute the fact that detailed patterns and precise symbols are repeating with the same messages, same stars and the means the heavenly beings got here.

If it were only simple patterns occurring, then one could say it is just a coincidence. However they occur with complex matching star patterns and complex matching symbols. In fact repeating in five separate remote civilisations in matching complex symbols and complex star patterns that can only spell out a feasible theory. No doubt this is going to set off a storm in the academic world when reviewing my complete story. 35 solid repeating star map cases ref added to this new work now present a new scientific element of measure. The statistics calculation against this entire claim being pure chance is very unlikely. Calculating the probability factor of it all has never been more important than it is now in this age of chaos.

I need also to identify another factor that prevented this material being made known previously. There are still powerful restricting world academic protocols that have prevented this type of work study being taken seriously right up until today.

This Sumerian/Babylonian piece however I believe will change everything from here forward. It is in my opinion one of the strongest pieces of 'written in stone' evidence that is about to rewrite human origins history. It will show the unthinkable:

HUMANITY DID NOT EVOLVE HERE ON EARTH but evolved somewhere else, on an exoplanet solar system, one of three recorded sun systems near the Pleiades. Our ancestors appear to have arrived on Earth and colonised our solar system replacing the Earth evolved Neanderthal.

In other words: If you are still in doubt, it is highly likely due to new insight that we evolved in an alien world exoplanet and solar system near the Pleiades M45 cluster with apparently (as we will measure) a lower gravity than Earth. An ape-like genus evolved there in another world from simple cell life following current known evolution science into an advanced homo sapiens.

We, homo sapiens sapiens (in correct definition of our species) did not evolve on this Earth. This star visitor being lineage who evolved on another explanet then colonised the Earth, thus robbing the already predominant Earth-evolved ape of his destiny.

The modern fear of Earth being invaded by aliens is actually something that appears to have already happened. An event of ancient history!

'Alien' ancestors replacing the last of the resident primitive apes is also encoded clearly on a Rosicrucian image record which adds another piece of the puzzle here. It takes this alien invasion claim much deeper a little further on in this article. It also has its own study presentation link ref.

Please note: I have had to generalise with the term 'Sumerian' for all things Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian for good reason. Firstly it is hard enough for readers to make sense of each historical area in a complicated subject. Since Sumer was where it all started and Babylon is the greatest city founded by people who were basically descendant of Sumerian people one has to keep this as simple as possible ref. I have done the same thing for the Maya title covering all things Olmec and Aztec. This gives the reader a chance here to keep this difficult subject as simple as possible.

Seen below is the ancient stela of the first time in Babylon in Sumer and with use of an exclusive replica seen up close which I have coined "The Genesis Stela" ref. Replicas of this exclusive artifact will be made available to collectors ref. The replica will be used in close up images showing its components and on the promotional Youtube video

It will be completely decoded further on in this analysis since it is the highlight artifact that shows all. But for now see if you can immediately identify the 3 suns and their 3 worlds near the Pleiades... the cosmic conduit down to the temples being established on Earth... and most importantly, the star gate symbol I reveal conclusively for the first time.


The artifact reveals the true nature of the Cosmic Serpent and how it functions. The easiest way historical monarchy could steer eyes away from this most treasured secret was to 'demonize' it.

To present it as 'work of the Devil'.

In fact... the very word 'demon' I have discovered actually has ancient Hebrew ties in the earliest Testament of King Solomon book which I discovered means... 'stars'!

We have been lied to for so long it seems. I have an article on the Solomon Key star map where King Solomon uses his ring with some sort of laser device and he teaches about following the stars of 'Ornias' (Orion) and seven 'demons' in Tartarus (Taurus) to measure his house in the heavens. My article on it and Solomon's cipher puzzle star map here.

This also begs one to revise the interpretation of Mary Magdalene being 'possessed' by seven demons ref1 ref2. If they are stars then this encoded message shows she was one who promoted the Christ secret of the seven stars.


It is therefore of paramount importance the reader reviews how the star secret was demonized and encoded in so many ways to hide it. The most favourite style of encoding cosmic conduit symbolism was first seen in petroglyphs as spiral symbols and Cosmic Serpents. Then from China a dragon which carried through to ancient Europe. The lotus flower from Egypt and the East to roses in Europe... especially vines.

The lion of the Sphinx of earliest Egypt will now speak its true secret. I previously thought its symbolism was only of the star constellation Leo as shown in my book and website ref. I now believe now it has a dual interpretation encoded as both Leo and the Cosmic Lion as it is also symbolic of the serpent/dragon/lion conduit. And the exact theme with the Cosmic Lion is also found in an ancient site of ruins on Mars ref.

The Cosmic Lion in the same context again was found throughout ancient kingdoms too. Even the unicorn represented the same thing.

As commoners started to figure out the codes, kingdoms tried even harder to encode it differently.

Many inanimate objects became rife like funnels... wreaths, floating capes, floating banners, conch shells and trumpets and so forth encode the star gate secret .

But the strongest evidence in the most defined cases of teachings of religious secrets from over 3000 years ago globally used something spectacular. It used a special symbol seen poised in the sky as seen in the Sumerian Genesis stela.


genesis stela pleiades star map



The original 'Genesis Stela' seen above, now in the Berlin Museum is a boundary marker stone of earliest Babylon called a 'Kudurru' stela ref: VA3031 with genesis cuneiform texts in The Metropolitan Museum of Art Volume IV: The Ebabbar ref. Online articles on it here: ref and here ref

I have a replica of it which I will use for close up images. Castings of this copyright secured exclusive replica are available to collectors if any readers are interested ref

There is a video of the Kudurru breakthrough explained and compared to other ancient artifact replicas from other founding civilisations that all show the same thing in the grand conclusion of this presentation.

The Sumerian Kudurru presents an indisputable pictographic star map that led to decoding the Omega symbol. The detail in this stone you are about to see is so important it ties 7 separate ancient civilisations' matching Genesis artifacts together.

Seven megalithic separated civilisations all make a claim of a Genesis that scholars say have no common ties. All knew the same human origin secret and special way to teach it. This stone adds more to my Pleiades star map claims decoded from some of the main star maps located in other ancient sites not previously seen in this part of the world. It has everything explained of an arrival event of our ancestors on one stone!

It has the 3 suns with 3 exoplanet worlds near to the Pleiades which are real and documented stars. It has correlating monuments placed below the sun stars that confirm the origin of a Freemason document ref showing the Hermetic legend of ''As Above So Below'' ref.

This Babylonian stone depicts the arrival of the 'gods' in the earliest epoch of humanity and it holds the key. Scholars prefer to believe it is only 3000 years old. Some say its detail is from the Sumerians’ earliest epoch and therefore much older. Mouseover the image to see the interpretation I have decoded. The area where the serpent touches down proving it is our solar system and the complete stone are decoded further on.



It depicts in short (which will be verified further on) what I define as (in support of the great writing pioneers before me): A Cosmic Serpent wormhole conduit that is as clear as day. The wormhole conduit is traversed by the 'gods' who I am sure are just advanced technology flesh and blood beings not of our world. Its point of origin appears to be one of 3 human genus populated sun systems near the Pleiades. Look how clear the depiction is.


The Maya temple ruin site of Labna has an identical depiction shown in the Sumerian Kudurru stela. When I first saw what it had, it had me jump out of my chair. I realised it was so important that it would not be worth the risk to discuss it with my growing research team in unsecure social media online.

But it did not take long for my fellow researcher and star map Omega hunter Mark Scott to see it too. He couldn't contain his excitement and wrote to me in an instant. We both agreed it was a big deal, but that's a norm for findings for us in this subject that scholars just shrug their shoulders and turn their back on.

Using reasoning and logic and considering statistics of similar unique detail odds against chance of it repeating like this, you have to be amazed. These civilisations supposedly had no contact yet they obsess in the same star 'gods' and Cosmic Serpent from 3 suns teaching.

Not only is the face emerging from the serpent mouth just like the Mars Face monument, but Mars too has its Face monument presented in the same cosmic conduit scene. On Mars there is a giant cosmic lion which can be compared to further on. I propose that this odd square face usually with a forehead marking designates a 'sun god' in Egypt and in the Inca Empire and perhaps in most old traditions, globally ref.

The Omega symbol and three suns like in the Sumerian artifact are seen below. It has been reconstructed in a graphic that is based on the conclusions I have made on the Codex Zouche Nuttal depiction and Borgia Codex which are both about to make their entry shortly to verify the reconstruction.

I have placed a reconstructed Omega symbol in complete detail and it is correctly inverted as you see in a mouseover action which will be explained from the Maya perspective. Notice that the Cosmic Serpent is coming out of the Omega where 3 Suns reside! This is of huge importance!

The 3 sun symbols are almost identical in comparison to the flipped image of the Sumerian stone!




Another ancient civilisation in India records some of the same detail we see on the Sumerian Kudurru stela. It can be seen on a wall relief at the Tamil Jambukeswarar temple in Tiruchirapalli Nadu and it shows the identical Kudurru Solar Trinity.

Not just similar symbols chosen for the 3 suns again but it is in triangulation with the most important sun at the centre. This sun star is being enveloped by the cosmic dragon's tongue and I propose 2 exoplanet worlds are in contention here!

But even more... it shows evidence of the 'Yoni with Lingam' tradition (womb with male anatomy as heavenly conception symbolism). I discovered this represents the meaning of the Holy Grail mystery itself as the cosmic womb that I have identified in star map India ref. The male anatomy as Orion's Belt shows the way to the Solar Trinity and it has an opening of the 'womb' above it where offerings are made ref

The Cosmic Dragon I established is the same as the Cosmic Serpent both representing the star gate wormhole and it has the open mouth conduit just like the Maya temple!

How is it possible that in so many different civilisations this precise obsession is recorded so clearly as if coincidence? What if the Egyptians and Inca Empire recorded the same thing too? Would this be enough for scholars to stop shrugging their shoulders and consider that a cosmic teaching of paranormal magnitude is on record, namely the teaching of our cosmic 'alien' beginnings? No, they have tough protocols and I guarantee they will prefer to choose the easy way out and say: "No comment!"

The Omega is found in these depictions as trying to portray an important part of the cosmic link of Heaven and the Earth.

To try to conclude the Omega as the symbol for a star gate at this stage will not make the cut. We first need much more supporting evidence matching from other ancient sites. One has to first show convincing material that it was a global ancient knowledge found in virtually all ancient civilisations. But the only way to achieve a convincing and conclusive claim will require much clearer depictions and texts of actual working devices.




I mentioned the Holy Grail in the Jambukeswarar Temple just seen. This is a good place to mention the importance of what some experts are starting to agree, might be the real original Holy Grail teaching origin. A discovery I was fortunate to uncover a few years ago. It has its own full article online so I link to it here ref

In a nutshell: Yes, there were grail rituals taught by many ancient teachers celebrating the celestial communion of holy blood with the use of a ritual involving holding a gold chalice facing the eastern horizon where sacred stars rise. It is no ordinary chalice as it is made of a combination of the male anatomy, the blade as its base, and the sacred feminine aspect of the chalice the womb of Creation. The host, a disc referencing the body origins of humanity as a 'sun disc' is birthed in Egyptian tradition from this cosmic womb of wine representing holy blood.

The tradition although it may appear to have been mainly ancient Egyptian, might have been global because there is an Indonesian ancient Sukuh temple that explains it... 'written in stone' as you see below. The male and female components appear to be stars personified as deities to celebrate the place of our cosmic ancestors. Click the image to see the real Grail.




Every star map I have come across to date except Gobekli Tepe has only a point of origin depicted in its pictographic message. But The Sumerian Kudurru stone has the best example of both point of origin and destination.

It comes across as what could be the first ever complete depiction of everything, but initially I thought it was incomplete except for the million dollar question:

How on earth does one traverse this magical amazing cosmic wormhole serpent?



The curved relief of the replica Sumerian boundary stone here allows you to see all the sharp detail that is shown by scholars in the sketch that follows it.

Pictographically speaking you will soon have the skills to decode it completely. For now I believe we have decoded the basic sky info except proving the Omega symbol as a star gate. The two symbols in front of the Scorpio symbol I offer as follows.

Notice what looks like a pointed toe leather boot. I believe this explains "to travel". My researcher colleague Márton Molnár-Göb found another stela showing it is definitely a leather boot ref. and here is one relic to show how this type of footware was used in earliest history in this part of the world ref. The boot designating 'to travel' is next to the bird which I find in all genesis depictions (more follows on this) which I believe designates 'founding' civilisation from the sky. Horus in Egypt and the genesis eagle seen in all the others. It became the eagle adapted by many war instigating countries too. No surprise.

The ground detail is amazing and the Omega will merge sky with ground and seal the claim conclusively as you read further.



There are two sides to the stela and this graphic below completes my theory of the Taurus star map. I believe it has Orion encoded in the biblical way. I propose that the 3 Magi legend is at play here and that the 3 kings are the 3 ‘belt stars’ that follow in alignment to the important star.

I am sure we have Sirius here too with the appropriate dog symbol for the 'dog star' and the 3 kings and 3 poles also placed on the ground as their title. Notice the oval nature of the three star correlations. This oval star correlation style might be a match with the Inca golden star map that will be compared to it in the conclusion.

It is a complete star map... as all the all stars represented are in correct alignments and orientations! Scroll back to the image of me trying to show hand symbols with the sky cross of the churches. It is a complete astronomical match but just adding our position to it in Scorpio!




Following my Gobekli Tepe Scorpio claim seen below identifying our cosmic address, my colleague Márton Molnár-Göb found that the Egyptian Serket symbolism in the Senmut tomb star map repeated the claim ref. I now have this third case defining where our Sun resides when being viewed from the domain of the 'gods' near the Pleiades.

At Gobekli Tepe, in the TAURUS mountains in Turkey which are argued by scholars to be the oldest ruins of civilisation, there is point of origin too on the side of the stela. It has Orion as an H symbol as it shows the way to a sun star symbol with its crescent exoplanet human origin world, but slightly out of view.

I propose that the same message is told of our human star visitor origins and their arrival here in our solar system by these possibly first settlement ruins in Turkey, by the first Egyptians, and by the first Sumerians using similar pictoglyphs. The first star visitors show from their view from the Pleiadeds area how our Sun is positioned in front of the scorpion's pincers !

Click the image to review the full article.



Any star program can prove this for home astronomers. Simply click 'view from here' in the star program in Starry Night Pro, then look where our Sun resides!

It resides between the pincers of Scorpio, identically to the Earth domain Goddess Serket seen here with the gold scorpion crown with Sun between pincers!



The Sumerian Kudurru stone has a lot more to reveal in the eBook . Especially the Omega symbol strangely poised floating in the sky near the Pleiades.

I suddenly realised the unthinkable... I realised this Omega symbol has an Egyptian counterpart!

Suddenly an amazing snowball effect occurred after finding this stela and a barrage of discoveries followed from one Omega symbol breakthrough clue to the next. But before we work our way to this 'Genesis Message' in more measurable detail, as well as revealing the other landmark findings, some more grounding needs to be covered.

We have now covered the top portion of The Genesis Stela basic star map which is poised above a ground depiction of all sorts of strange detail. I next realised now that the Omega symbol is placed between Heaven and Earth.

I will complete the 'First breakthrough' conclusion on the Omega and the ground detail further on when more is covered on the legend 'As Above So Below' ref. The ancients place markers on the ground to match the sky secret so it is easy to understand their story claims how they traverse from sky to ground. They built monuments on the ground to match the 'map of Heaven'. A pattern layout plan, some with mounds, some with pyramids... some with PILLARS.


How long ago did authors begin to write and identify Cosmic bulls, Cosmic Serpents, star gates and a compendium of mystery symbols that are found with them?

Who were the first groundbreaking pioneers here?

Bull worship traditions and symbols and the serpent depictions in old manuscripts correctly titled by authors as 'Cosmic Serpent's' for celestial gateways or doorways seem to date way back before the 1400s so it is impossible to credit who was first.

In simplicity ancient sites all around the world had texts or depictions clearly claiming they were doorway tunnels through space to the heavens. Scholars still insist that the ancients all around the world all coincidently chose to create the same lies. But what followed these authors' works revealing measurable ancient claims from the earliest epoch through time, is nothing short of tragic.

None have ever reasoned conclusively with a global collection of supporting evidence what they are and how they work, nor conclude all the fine detail and symbols with it.

Kings throughout Europe for example had control of published works and there was one way to deal with controversial ancient esoterica manuscripts that showed too much. The authors were burned at the stake as heretics and their books burned with them.


But if written by monarchy-accepted noble high society and presented with a lot of encoded complicated symbols then some works were secretly published and stored in secret libraries.

They were called ''illuminated manuscripts'' or ''gnosis'' manuscripts. But as kingdom leaders changed so did opinions. Often the libraries had copies go missing and were secretly reprinted and it caused a storm. Some say there were early Biblical editions that showed too much that had to be burned too.

The books were removed and burned in public with heretics found with the works as a warning to all to refrain from these forbidden topics that might threaten monarchy control over its people.

I was fortunate to track down one of these editions with a matching 'X' cover published at a time the new world believed a Messiah was coming.

Just its cover detail alone is a revelation




The image above is of the 'Illuminated' Hartmann Schedel Nuremberg Chronicle 1493 XCIIV. Here is a record of burning bibles that correctly depicted the Solar Trinity with the Holy Grail that I have proposed a solution for ref .

Also to solve the mystery of the Bible seen burned with an 'X' pattern on its cover and what it reveals ref

The source link here for the manuscript showing the forbidden books on three suns being burned ref the image link here ref .

Notice how one book cover being burned has the Solar Trinity triangulation pattern in place of a cross?

The Globus Cruciger is the golden orb with cross usually seen in coronations in the hands of a king or queen being crowned. It has been decoded by my colleague Márton Molnár-Göb supporting and proving my 2002 claim the cross of the churches is Orion ref

I challenge any theologian or scholar to try to disprove the verbatim Latin quote about the meaning of the Globus Cruciger identifying and proving the cross of the churches as being Orion. It also shows the cross is used to locate seven stars! It quotes:

The cross is steady...

...while the world is turning.

Mouseover the image to see the second example of the quote as evidence for this. Click the image to see the article on the Orb and Solar Trinity.




During the last two millennia since the Christ era, historical records of deities wearing bull crowns (showing that they were from the cosmic bull part of the cosmos), were still deemed forbidden records.

Historical monarchy made it its mission to invent new protocols.

All bull horn crowned deities were claimed to be the "DEVIL".

We all know the earliest founding empires of Egypt and Sumer are depicted with their first arriving celestial beings shown as kings and queens with bull horn crowns but few know this ancient bull crown symbolism (as title markings) was once global. The most controversial account of this Taurus bull title origin crown was also used in some crucial biblical accounts then later removed

It was found in the first biblical records of Moses ref This is of utmost importance, after all, it was Moses who led a number of enslaved people from Egypt to found Israel and the building of the Temple of Solomon. Historically Jerusalem City was established and adorned with Taurus bull decoration ref. To add to this, the actual layout plan of the City of David appears to be designed as a bull's leg symbol for Pleiades ref , a city built in the cosmic blueprint legend of 'As Above - So Below'. Building their city as a "mirror of Heaven"... a "map of Heaven" ref.

The Rosslyn Chapel made famous in Dan Brown's DaVinci Code did not reveal this church's forbidden secret ref perhaps because revealing the truth was never ever really on the cards. It has Moses depicted the old way with the sacred Taurus crown and this rendition remained intact. He was not the devil, which means elite tactics to demonise history could not quite hide everything. Click the Moses image below for the Rosslyn Chapel star map secrets and symbols revealed.




It changed my life and I credit all my 'dedication' driven by a sense of responsibility. All that I learned from this light source I make freely available to bring it forward. I had to strive to secure copyright definitions on it to avert it being smeared and tarnished. Everything I learned there, and about it in earliest history led me to finding a safe way that one can measure and present everything about it.


It has been a risky journey so far on this quest writing on a forbidden topic. I could write a book on just the interference and losses this project has endured. I keep only these matters on record for legal purposes and have no intention of revealing anything ever endured.

Since I am no scholar by any means, a first safe mode protocol chosen has been the popular less serious New Age-style formats you see in my presentations. A second safe mode style chosen has been the use of very arty graphics that scholars would never ever consider. The writing style protocol is another that needs mentioning. It must remain easy to comprehend whilst avoiding a 'scholarly' tone.

More often that not, to the horror of my co-writers involved, I have thrown in masses of my poor writing style so the powers that be would be less inclined to take action in the interference of my work that can hence be taken less seriously. Only important pieces of material would get their 'special edit', so apologies in advance for a lot of my errors and some intentionally semi-encoded oddly worded segments. Also my intentional irritating repetitive material that I am guilty of inserting to an already edited portion of work. It is all an intentional SAFE protocol since we have to be as safe as possible on this daunting quest.

So effectively, I found this path ahead using a way with reasoning and logic that one can measure all ancient earliest claims in the context of what is 'good' and what is 'evil'.

It simply requires one to take any line of text depiction of literally anything and place it in context with a new created Earth environment of nature and people living in it in harmony with all things naturally created ref .

In this pure Creation environment if whatever you were measuring did not fit in harmony with all humanity or nature, it can be called destructive or 'evil'. If it fits in harmony with all nature and upholds the life quality of humanity as a whole, then it is 'good'.

Could such an important thing for humanity be more simple? Test this claim yourself ref.

I set out on a journey securely bringing forward the lost truth on our origins that have caused the oppression and manipulation of humanity. Two aspects of our origin:

Our sacred bloodline truth of ALL humanity as descendant literally from 'angels' or star visitors if you will, covered on website. And secondly, the origin of the soul from the Tree of Life as seen at

I set off with a secure protocol and safest possible modus operandi compared to the thousands before me who have most likely been murdered for this same quest. I was driven with this sense of responsibility to show references how to measure it all and compare it to the historical remnants of definitions of all that is found in the mysteries of civilisations and Creation claims made all over the world.




The image above depicts only the 3 most enigmatic encoded forbidden symbols for the same holy of holies secret presented by our historical elite as demonic.


If ALL humanity knew that both their spiritual sacred gift of life and their sacred bloodline was the same then it would be impossible for monarchy leaders to manipulate people into their profitable wars.

All 3 secret icons seen above that are the most common in history represent the same thing in different traditions encoding the actual cosmic conduit plasma ribbon 'hand of God' so to speak that advanced beings used to traverse the heavens. Yes, a plasma ribbon that looks conscious and serpent-like as it winds its way through space or in the sky like any scientific measured plasma ribbon would. I bet it makes a roaring sound too as its 'mouth' opens and dare I say... flesh and blood beings step out of it.

For all those of religious devotion or Christian readers right now thinking, what utter shameful blasphemy! I assure you there are Biblical records and Christian Gnosis records that show the Christ interacting in important ways in different codices choosing either Serpent or Dragon teachings. Depictions that I will cover in great detail that can only be interpreted as cosmic portals. These works have been hidden in the past obviously for the reasons explained so far.

In more emotionally expressive words, this symbol is the very essence of 'God Creation'. Please read on and be open to challenging what I say and measure and reason each important claim. If you find you feel uncomfortable with any proposed claim then first read the documented work I have offered of the Place of Creation I have set up on a special website called


The Biblical Genesis chapter of Creation has a traditional interpretation as God created Adam and Eve on Earth in God's likeness and had Cain as their first child and so forth. But if you take each Hebrew word in context it encodes something profound.

The beginning of 'humanity' (In Hebrew the original spoken word for humanity is 'Adam') presented in front of a place where there is a mysterious Tree of Life in a garden called Eden.

'Humanity' given 'life' on Earth (Hebrew spoken word for life is the word 'Eve') through 'childbirth' (Hebrew word 'Cain') where humanity has its 'beginnings' here using the Hebrew word "to bring forward" to "begin on Earth". Then the Bible uses a plural word for God comparing Adam and Eve in THEIR likeness and THEIR form. Scholars argue what this means. I insist it is the key word in identifying there are encoded texts here.

Did you get what I have just written? Or did you miss it?

In simple words... 'Humans' - 'begin' - 'life' on the Earth by the 'Elohim' in their form and their likeness, i.e. many beings from above are referenced here as AN ARRIVAL on the Earth and to continue as a species here through 'child birth'.

Using original Hebrew spoken words for the Genesis epic you have something quite different. You have Humans who evolved somewhere else in the cosmos arriving and taking dominion of the Earth. Thus replacing the entire ape lineage that evolved on Earth and hence was robbed of its destiny to inherit the Earth.

I found a document that I believe encodes this very thing. The Rosicrucian records have what I believe are encoded star maps depicting this celestial human arrival using the Egyptian tradition personifying the cosmos as sacred feminine with her womb in the cosmos and where the rose itself can be decoded. The document shows the unthinkable that has already occurred in history:




This second major breakthrough covers the arrival of an alien species on Earth over 10,000 years ago. It is a finding that is encoded in the sacred feminine of Sophia and the teachings this deity’s womb is associated with. This second breakthrough goes on to define the 'alien' genus on Earth.

The aliens are us... we are the aliens!

Our homo sapiens ancestors are 100% alien genus. Quite remarkably, encoded in this arrival symbolism, is the secret of the chained deity. In fact one of the chains links to the ape sitting on planet Earth. The ape that turned out to be the creature that was robbed of its destiny and did not stand a chance of survival.


The link above carries this breakthrough on its own article page, however the eBook covers much much more and weaves it all together with the other mysteries I am uncovering.





In the image below: No... its not the Face monument on Mars which I decoded with the star map on Mars which will be looked at more closely shortly ref ... Instead it is the secret 'Face monument' that I discovered on Earth near the historical Israeli border and to which the masses are completely oblivious ref .

Scholars do not recognise this mound as a face. However, they agree that it is a Bronze Age manmade hill and they say it is over 5000 years old. Still it remains a 'mystery' to them as to what this mount represents. What is more, it turns out to be the location where they found the earliest usage of the word that became accepted... as 'God'.

It is where the first text of the ELOHIM was discovered on Earth!

A few years ago, I proposed this mound to represent a human Face monument matching the same form and meaning of that which I propose for that found on Mars ref .

The link above carries the shocking connection between the Mars face and The Earth Face monument on the Israel border, but the eBook will show far more convincing material that goes with it.




I reveal now something most will say is the most important part of my work, way above that of the first half of the human origin mystery of the human blood line from the stars.

The place of origin of our soul... the spirit ... consciousness. The Place of Creation as a cosmic nucleus of the Universe. The lost identity of the place that all religions call 'God' Creation, and it is not a man but something far more pure, omnipotent, all-seeing, all-knowing and of purest light.

The Tree of Life according to all ancient civilisations holds common ground. It is some sort of legendary mysterious place of the beginning of all life, a place of all human record and it has ties to all traditional interpretations of God.

For me, I speak from my own experience with it.

I believe I have been here in a NDE Near Death Experience so my research on it might seem biased as I choose only references which highlight that which I witnessed ref .

We briefly covered the Serpent conduit detail earlier found at a place holy books claim where God resides, where they propose is 'near' a mysterious Tree of Life.

The truth I believe is the Tree of Life itself... is God Creation!

I had a NDE near death experience as mentioned and believe I found home... The place of God and was able to find proof of it everywhere in ancient records on Earth.

In earliest history of all civilisations you will be able to trace records of 'God/Creation' and in these same texts the mysterious Tree of Life teaching is there unexplained in the background. What is this Cosmic Tree?



I have a dedicated website to unveil the secrets of the soul and The Tree of Life at and the eBook will show how important this Tree of Life is in connection with the end times, dates and how it all fits together with the Alpha Omega mystery.


The Alpha and Omega secret you are about to discover has to be presented in the context of the secret of God Creation. The biblical Revelation has the wording as follows:

Revelation 21: 6 ref

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end..."

I discovered that the line here is telling you a grand secret, the way you can find God Creation:

It is a clue defining the only two places in the Bible where the true Creation as the Tree of Life is written in encoded detail... the first part of the Bible in the book of Genesis and the last part of the Bible in the book of Revelation!

In the BEGINNING of the Bible, the Tree of Life in the Genesis chapter has valuable detail of a Cosmic Serpent coiled around the Tree of Life. The only other text teaching more hidden detail about the Cosmic Tree of Life is found in the book of Revelation.

At the END of the Bible the book of Revelation has these potent clues to the sacred importance of the Tree of Life.

Revelation 22: 2 & 3 ref
2 - "On either side of the river was the Tree of Life" ".... and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations."
3 - "There will no longer be any curse; and the throne of God and of the Lamb will be IN IT"

Revelation 13 & 14 ref
13 - "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end."
14 - "Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the Tree of Life, and may enter by the gates into the city."

The Alpha and Omega clue encoded here is the next portion in this story and its encoded meaning makes for a "Major Breakthrough". There can be no doubt in any theologian's views that the Tree of Life is something ultra spectacular and sacred because the traditional throne of God is IN IT... in the Tree itself. I have argued this with many scholars. Verbatim it may be more difficult to make a case for this text as being written in the context of the Cosmic Tree.

You are now a witness to something profound... sacred... decoding God Creation.

Creation of the universe, all-knowing all-seeing consciousness is in the Tree itself because:

... the 'Cosmic Tree' IS CREATION...

... a living conscious Tree of Light ref.

Biblical scholars have indeed discussed the throne, but they prefer to believe that God is somewhere else in this city of light and not within the Tree itself. I decode the shape of the mountain as a throne both from ancient records and my own experience as I claim at .

Early biblical text is solid evidence so far in this explanation, but I invite you to reason it further:

There is one extraordinary feature found with the text on the Tree of Life. It is proof of the Tree itself as the Cosmic Tree that is potentially able to communicate with those visiting. An all-seeing, all-knowing conscious nucleus of life and light that has the 'forbidden fruit' analogy of the 'Akashic Records' ref ... the truth about anything and everything amassed by all created life.

The Bible calls it something that reveals a new clue:

Revelation 12 -15 ref

"The serpent with the Tree of Life which was once known as a DRAGON" ref .

Here is where most followers of the biblical works will stand strong with me because firstly it is a place not of the Earth but of the cosmos. After all it 'is written' that the cosmic dragon is the same as the Cosmic Serpent. I will show you how to measure and define the Tree of Life in all earliest records that were least manipulated.

However, I personally first need to reinforce my own clarity on it since I believe I have been to the Tree of Life in a near death experience ref

Here is my reasoning to be compared with the evidence unfolding right before your eyes from the ancient texts. I make this statement in my own words:

I experienced a beautiful plasma ribbon streamer of living conscious all-seeing, all-knowing light that 'appears like a serpent' that reaches out to communicate with you. It emanates from the Cosmic Tree of Light itself, from coil portions around its base as it were. This likeness of a serpent is part the Tree of Life itself...


The biblical 'serpent' is not the Devil in any possible way, shape or form.

Those of religious inclination will no doubt cringe with fear and doubt that this is even remotely possible. I insist it is high time that any doubting readers prove this truth for themselves. If you care about finding the truth and why it has been hidden by the hand of historical monarchy then I challenge you to read on and research this more seriously and appease your need to know what is true.

The truth will set you free!

If the plasma ribbon is part of the Cosmic Tree itself with its interactive serpent-like connections to visitors, then its branches that branch out through the cosmos are one and the same. This in the context of its 'snake-like' bound coiled ringed base seen in many ancient depictions has had many very confused ref .

It is all-seeing and all-knowing and it is a living consciousness of the highest-of-high. What else can it be? Call it what you will! 'Creation'...'God'... 'Home'...

The interactive 'serpent', 'branches' and 'roots'

The Place of Creation of all matter, life, time and space itself... home to all souls... where your soul I believe like many is a tiny piece of 'God' itself from the Tree of Light here in the cycle of life.

I believe the study I have compiled here and at is the most measurable definition of God Creation compiled and shared with humanity to date. This is a study that adheres to reasoning and logic and should hence stand in much higher regard when pitted against all versions of religion presented throughout history up until today.

Some say that nations today have their religions and wars and governments controlled by manipulating corrupt billionaire-sponsored elite influences.

Some also say these elite are using the differences of religion to provoke these religious wars for their own profit.


Historical monarchy professed that all the ancient Taurus origin deities that had bulls’ horns or that were linked to serpents were "the devil". After years of research I am absolutely convinced that in truth we have all been conned. The time is right for what might soon be coined:

'The Great Awakening'.

And if the elite powers that be prevent humanitarian change for all, the desperate mass protests against corrupt elite seen already will probably go the next level worldwide. I feel ill just thinking of this. I believe if this happens it will become known as:

'The Great Human Uprising' ref.

I urge all for the sake of the best future outcome possible that the masses seriously consider rather keeping cities free from activity and instead conduct peaceful protests outside the buildings where the richest profiteers either reside or work.

Try to find a way to avoid harming any property or the buildings owned by the rich. But most of all avoid compromising cities’ valuable buildings and instead make a peaceful stand against the world elite, using protests only as a last resort. I believe some infiltration agents on the elite’s payroll will try to destroy property then blame the public or specific activists.

All protests must have some sort of tough monitoring system by security teams who will quickly arrest such violent infiltrators. My belief and hopes are pinned on such a stand being led by an event prevailed upon by a cosmic messenger ref.



Imagine watching television one night and your signal begins to fade and then suddenly the screen clears again and you see something like this. A benevolent cosmic messenger transmission to the masses.

Why do I think it will be this way? Simply because no cosmic being would last longer than a day if it set foot on Earth. Such a being will be arrested 'in case' it poses a threat or worse. Arguably the powers that be, in the interests of retaining their power and profiteering through the world of chaos they have orchestrated, would want such a messenger removed without wasting time.

The prophecy of Revelation claims part of the detail seen above.

I have compiled a study comparing biblical prophecy to other prophecies and what the message might identify. The time of the cosmic event, following specific clues, seems soon. Click the image for the comparison study.

Without getting off track, let us return to the methodology and reasoning of evil in opposition to the benevolent being as seen in the image above. The question that comes to mind: Is there evidence of an evil demonic character in ancient records as well?

The 'Devil' character it seems was most likely created by ancient monarchy to blame one's destructive sin on someone else. And for the elite to manipulate and terrorise humanity for profit through chaos and fear of this character.

The closest character fitting such a title as 'the Devil' or the one Revelation prophecy mentions 'Riding' the cosmic dragon (demonised as 'the Beast' if you will), has to be a mortal one. The Whore of Babylon they call her perhaps who is the head leader above all the other alliance leaders of the countries creating the most hardship, murder and manipulation of the largest masses.



The Cosmic Serpent can be found in the basis of almost every founding civilisation with different traditions all saying the same sacred thing. The works all are also enshrouded in ancient symbols and pictographic depictions.

Each monarchy ruler through each epoch felt differently on what was secure for only their learned family initiates of the secrets. But as rulers changed and commoners became more studious, earlier works were seen as too revealing. It resulted in the burning of many books as seen briefly with the 'X' Orion cover edition Bible.

But what about church ceiling murals that showed too much? One cannot just destroy a publicly adored ceiling mural masterpiece by a revered artist.

Here is where more revealing clues lie in decoding the decorations of all churches.




MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH: Decoding the first symbol in the Alpha and Omega God code ... the 'A'. This massive finding by scholars is accepted as historically accurate.

The image above is of Christ with the Alpha and Omega on the ceiling of the Evangelical Church of the Ascension in Bethany Jerusalem ref.

The two most revealing encoded symbols in Christianity are about to explain the basis of The Christ connection to it. We do not only have a Christian story here, it is how all religions had similar knowledge and use of it before it was hidden by historical monarchy in most civilisations.

By now you the reader have browsed through the links I have given to present my claims thus far. You have now also seen some of the star maps showing how it appears the Pleiades area and how 3 suns are tied to our human origins ref.

Here is the 'Big 4' religions article link that will now help define how civilisations all started with similar human origins legends ref. It explains how the ancients in the hands of their war hungry leaders manipulated their people away from human uplifting truths. Why? So they could change the mindset of people into ruthless soldiers who would actually believe they are slaughtering foreigners for God or religion. In fact the benefits were exclusively for the king's family only.

You can reason as well how they all suddenly, as if in agreed arrangement, moved their people's belief away from bull veneration (of stars inTaurus). The area of the Pleiades where the three special sun positions reside. Of special significance is the shared basic truth that remained unchanged. The 'arrival' of Abraham ref and a once shared bloodline shared by all four religions. These four religions were ALL once founded on the star map secret that goes with it, which is the basis of my work.

Now you are ready to take this all to the next level.

To recap: All the kings of great kingdoms all over the world once knew the star map secret of the celestial origin place in the sky of our ancestors from the stars near the Pleiades. The global monarchies either secretly agreed to split up the star map pieces for their religions’ icons or the icon split up occurred naturally ref

Without doubt, a key motive behind this split up was that all kingdoms wanted to look different in belief, so they could get their armies to murder and plunder foreigners to take their land and treasures for the benefit of 'the crown'. Or to be more accurate, for the benefit of the acquired wealth of each region’s monarchy family.

What each religion appeared to have done is honour just one separate piece of the star map area depicting our origins ref

Each kingdom it seems encoded the star visitor origin history in secrecy no doubt for the prospects of the spoils of war.

Orion was the encoded secret of the Cross of the Christian churches. It shows the way to the 'Bethlehem star' using the cosmic alignment with Orion's Belt or the Gold Grail ritual ref to find the area in the sky of 3 sun stars where our ancestors ostensibly came from ref

See the link for the full story of the cross of the churches. I only cover the smaller Constantine Orion cross version that followed the original long cross version, as it offers the first hints of the revealing encoded Greek alphabet symbols.

The stars seen in the image below are how earliest Egyptian and Greek mythology have shown Orion and the cosmic bull in interaction with one another. They are in their upright state of interaction. Let’s analyse their encoded secret.

Is Orion poised like this hunting the bull as tradition begs you to believe? Or is Orion with his Belt alignment and Lion pelt showing the way to the bull? And why a lion pelt?

What secret message does Orion portray holding a lion pelt? Read on whilst keeping your eyes peeled on all symbols feline!

Now that we get deeper into the origins of secret symbols, notice the specific orientation tilt of the bull's head as per how star tradition tends to depict him when Orion the cosmic man is perfectly upright.




The first letter in the Greek alphabet is perhaps the most revealing in our hidden records history on its own.

The Roman letter 'Alpha' originates as the first letter in the Greek alphabet from 'Aleph', which mentioned earlier is a portion of the Hebrew title for 'Elohim' which most likely encodes the name for those that come from above. Or to be more precise, Aleph is the first letter of the Semitic alphabet, including Phoenician 'Alep' and the Hebrew 'Alef', the Aramaic 'Alap', the Syriac 'Alap' and the Arabic 'Alif' ref

But here is the amazing finding. All speak of something pertaining to just one place in the sky. An encoded map of Heaven?

Scholars have officially decoded the first fragment in leading me to decoding the complete Alpha code because it was concluded officially in academia that:

The Alpha symbol itself has one primary origin...
It is derived from representation of the Bull

Scholars however have not said more than 'it is just a bull' that defines the source of the letter 'A'. Implications in doing so would begin revealing far too much and I bet those who made the claim realised it. However, scholars do admit that the importance of the bull was that it was a bull of the heavens that they all venerated! I have an image rendered for more detail based on the wikipedia images of the scholars' analysis: ref




To date scholars inadvertently insist that the ancients worldwide obsessed in worshipping a bull and a sun for no apparent reason. Here is where my finding takes the Apis bull claim by scholars to completion.

I insist from so many accounts that it was a bull of the sky. From Egypt to the religious icons of the Hindus’ OM and swastika to the Cathars’ of Europe watermark ref seen below and many more. So many show a special star and sometimes a world in crescent for the place of their ancestors’ origin behind the bull’s head/neck area. This would make for a very emotional reason and motive to obsess in the bull and the sun in every founding belief system if true. This is exactly how world history has it.



TAURUS is the bull of the sky and the place of human origins. I have covered my reasoning with over 20 different depictions of the cosmic bull with a sacred cluster of stars in my Egypt star map discovery here . It is supported by 35 other strong cases found worldwide here .

Taurus is without doubt the Apis bull and the Aleph symbol claim by scholars will now complete the connection.


Notice how in the image of the Alpha how the Aleph symbol is depicted with the strange tilted angle orientation before it was adapted for use of the upright 'A' Alpha symbol. This is the final clue and it is cosmic! The reason for that I believe is because in the cosmic bull depiction when both the bull and Orion are in mythological upright orientation, the bull’s head tilts at this angle.

There is more. Notice the V shape of the stars of Taurus. The bull’s horns and head orientate identically with the V shape that make up the form of the A symbol when ears are added to the bull and we have a match!

But there is still one more thing to add to the Egyptian Apis bull connection to reason it conclusively as Taurus. The one star position I identify in the star maps found all over the world show the sun behind the bull’s head. The Egyptians venerated this as the ultimate sun star in a small group of 3 sun stars (see further on).


It has horns tilted to the left (as if the bull is defined in a threatening stance) as seen in the context of the stars with Orion.


The two 'ultimate' Christian or 'God' symbols of Alpha and Omega are seen with two other revealing cosmic linked symbols in the image below. They are a pair in their entirety and need to be deciphered completely as a pair to decode the ultimate message. Also why in most depictions the Chi-Rho is presented within strange decorated 'rings'.

Early Christianity depictions of the Alpha and Omega are found more commonly with the Constantine symbol for what I propose is the 'minor' Cross of Orion as follows (not the earlier long cross version seen with me and the hand symbols image). Constantine designated this as the CHI RHO encoded icon ref with the two Greek symbols of an 'X' as the CHI and the 'P' symbol for the RHO.

In my publicly released article on historical hidden records of Christianity ref I offer part of the CHI RHO secret as a star map. In this star map the Cross is Orion with a 'P' since it often has an arrow effect added to it that it was a pointer. The Latin word Punctum is 'to point' and I previously believed this was all the 'P' represented, a symbol to portray the message: 'To point the way' ref but there is more.

The 'X' Orion showing the way... the 'P' as 'pointer' using Orion's Belt of the Three Magi to follow the way to a sun star near the Pleiades where our human origin secret resides.

The eBook will take this Chi Rho mystery further and show more versions of it in context as a star gate and solving other linked mysteries. However there is a lot more on the Chi Rho cross of the churches mystery that explains some of this and its origin ref

PART 3...