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Wayne Herschel hidden records



As bizarre as this might sound... I have possibly found the smoking gun so to speak proving ancient alien human beginnings explaining the missing link. Something monumental in complete support of my conclusions is revealed here supporting the star maps on this website, and all confirm now beating the odds by chance with statistics that humanity has its origins from the stars. A human genus arrival that completely replaced the existing hominids at specific time intervals on this planet. The 'grand human invasion' as a third wave of colonisation some 17000 years ago. (See chronology map here of the historical records of the Freemasons) ref.

An ancient alchemy manuscript shows the unthinkable as you see in the image above of the Sacred Feminine personification of Creation of the Universe brings forth humans as life onto Earth.

But its no ordinary Earth... it is depicted as the domain of the Apes!

Some have tried to argue the Ape depiction just suggests we evolved from Apes on Earth, but that falls horribly short because the primary message of the text and encryptions all shout out this is the a modern Human genesis story, and one from the very alien stars depicted in her right hand! The symbolism suggests very clearly the Earth was one that had a natural development for the hominid Ape but the invasion robbed the Ape of its destiny. The hominid records we see leading up to the Neanderthal up to around 17000 years ago suddenly show the last hominid, the Neanderthal became extinct and was completely replaced by a new genus, the human Sapines Sapines genus and it ocured on every continent.

This hypothesis of humanity having a star ancestor arrival is far better fitting into the mystery of our complex Homo genus records. The so called 'missing link' between ape and man is so vast some scientists say looks more like millions of years of missing evolution and by coincidence not even one linking fossil record fits at all.

Would it be a big shock to humanity if evolution is a reality, the result of a slow formation of life under a blueprint code Creator design but we evolved from apes from a much older solar system somewhere else before arriving on an early evolved Ape inhabited Earth?

But then where is all the modern beginning evidence? Its actually everywhere in the advanced pyramid and Megalith building era, but something cataclysmic literally wiped the Earth like an eraser removes chalk on a blackboard and reduced modern advanced beginnings back to the Stoneage. Ponder on that thought, or click this link to see the chronology and what would cause such a strange twist of human fate ref. Would it be difficult to swallow that life is created under some sort of universal radiant blue print Creation where life creation is a slow process and not measured in Earth days like religion tries to insist. It might appear like days measured from the centre of the universe in an altered time space condition, but out here its measured in billions of years.


Anima Mundi Rosicrucian Pleiades star map


The Anima Mundi Sacred Feminine personification of Creation depiction at the top of the page is precisely how it appears, but just simplified by removing the chaos of other detail placed around the image to disguise the obvious and placing the real cosmology in the background instead of a sketch.

Who is this entity in the depiction as the sacred feminine 'goddess'? What does she represent? Is she good or evil?

This will all be clear and measurable on this page here but what you should be asking is where is this manuscript and please let us be accurate now and analyse the depiction and the source of the depiction from every possible angle?


Anima Mundi is the title covering the human beginnings text in the manuscript which in Latin means "To bring fourth souls to the Earth". But on the page itself with the depiction, it has a page heading:

"Integra natura fpeculum Artisque Imago"

By tradition it is translated far less literaly and very simply as: 'The Mirror of the Whole of Nature and the Image of Art' ref, a title hardly fitting the image at all.

But in context here many scholars see these words speaking a lot deeper of the timeless tradition of the expression "As above so Below". I concur partly with this general mirror of the heavens legend theme and especially when looking at the title in context with the page image of a Creation Feminine entity in the heavens with special stars and watching down below as it is on Earth.

But in a precise and verbatim translation the words shout out:

"To Integrate/renew/refresh Nature on Earth defined in this Art Image"

A revelation on its own in just the Latin words, especially for the word "Integra" ref

The manuscript source is hard to trace back to its origins yet the evidence discussed here takes it only back to the late 1500's where it was most likely a copy of a depiction from a secret 'forbidden' manuscript. But here is the big mystery. Where was the original source? Was it sourced from a Monarchy owned library collection that got into the hands of an elite family member of the person who produced that which you see here? This famous person who reproduced the image as discussed below probably reproduced this ancient knowledge detail from a rare 'forbidden manuscript'.

The depiction is today a big part of the Society of the Rosicrucians and the mysteries of Alchemy and was published by one of the most accepted founding members of the Rosicrucian Society.


The important symbolism will be discussed as to what the binding of chains means but first a little more on the history.

The main detail extracted as seen at the top of the page here which I very quicky realised shows the sacred feminine as Nut/Sophia/Baphomet and poised carefully (although chained) near her right hand is a cluster of seven stars. Now the immediate shock of this line alone is mind blowing. There is only one other depiction of an important figure head as a cross reference for this symbolism that is also depicted with seven stars poised near the right hand and this detail alone will probably send ripples of shock and anger all the way to the Vatican.

I have illuminated below the main detail that speaks volumes. To see a bigger image of the whole page, click the image below. This depiction is an extract from the 1598 secret manuscript now spoken of as 'The Anima Mundi depiction' which was reproduced by Rosicrucian founding icon who was also a Doctor of medicine Dr. Robert Fludd:


Anima Mundi Rosicrucian Pleiades star map



Born Robertus De Fluctibus in Kent in 1574, known also as Robert Fludd ref was a British Doctor of medicine, whose father was a prominent Monarchy associated elite member. How prominent one might ask? All I could find was that his father was a member of parliament and a close associate to Elizabeth Ist of Britian and it is here where one has to wonder how Robertus 'found' the manuscript that would at the time without doubt be considered heretic and not be available in any public access library of Britian.

Pure speculation on source here but fact is he was known as a person to have access to a 'special book', one he loved to display in family portraits. He often had one hand poised on his secret book and the other on his chest presenting another mystery. The secrets of symbols he became quite famous for.

The manuscript he loved was possibly one that was very ancient and with a great deal of lost knowledge on what I believe were the Monarchy controlled forbidden beliefs of human beginnings which was enshrouded or more likely cloaked in 'meaningless' alchemy.

Why would the monarchy want this hidden? Quite simply put... any doctrine proving the sacred value of peace love and unity and equality of all race definitely was not in the best interests of the monarchy who prosper in the attack pillage and plunder of foreign countries lands and people for the crown. This alchemy material perhaps very intentional to lure eyes away from the human genesis secret in the background and thus a clever disguise effect using 'chaos'.




Look closely in the image above. For starters his coat of arms speaks volumes. Embelished in monarchy family recognised symbols it goes one step deeper. Usage of the three stars in a row suggesting knowledge of the secret of the Rose Cross and the V shape symbol next to it takes the cosmic secrets even deeper. Is it just a coincidence this V shape object is identical to that found on a Maya Vase and in other cosmic mystery depictions of a strange celestial object that flies? To see what this object might be click this prophetic link here: ref

But the contents of his book? Here is the link to the public site where it shows just like in Freemasonry a ladder from Earth reaching up to a special star and quite diferently encoded too ref

He was portrayed in large portraits to lovingly place his hand on was often hidden from illustrations of him like the one above. The contents of the book showed the human form as a 'cosmic man' too, one where arms outstretched and legs apart are precise clues he knew there was a divine human blueprint code encryption that I have identified in ancient civilisations comon with DaVinci's Vitruvian Man... ref

But the hand on chest symbol... what on Earth is that about?

There is an entire study on it here ref where the famous secret society artist el Greco was known to proudly show exactly the same symbolic gesture. Some say its a Jesuit order because of the commonality of it with Jesuits ref some say differently, you decide: ref




Firstly the Solar Trinity theme that I have a special page on ref and the star map analysis. The depiction here has three separate presentations of the solar trinity identified in the other star maps shown on the astronomical analysis page here ref

There are three suns superimposed over each other forming the outer edge of the image that fulls a complete page. This is the first presentation.

The second presentation of the 3 suns forming the Solar Trinity is the actual star map that forms in the sky over Earth with Pleiades to the left of the image on the right side of the Sacred Feminine Deity. The right side of the image is our solar system with Sun and Moon and all the rings are of the known planet orbits with our sun and moon which have their symbols labelled on the image. The 3 suns here speak volumes and I have numbered them Sol 1 Sol 2 and Sol 3 which fit the astronomy proven positions that naturally form a triangle in the sky.

But since the depiction has little space provided for what Robertus wanted to show, he has spread them apart and the triangle effect is not possible here. Sol 1 is the most important as the Sun behind the head of the Feminine Deity. Sol 3 is closest to Pleiades which is correct and least important of the three, Robertus has also added planets!

Sol 2 is the solar system I proposed as the place where our ancestors actually evolved from Apes to Homosapiens. Here Robertus shows it all. Not just Planets but he places the human form with outstretched arms in symbolic Human Blueprint code stance ref and titles this area PERFECTLY as 'HOMO'.

There is more. In this area of human evolution (before it colonised Sol 1 which was the solar system which almost all ancient history seems to show as the place of our ancestors before Earth), this area which appears to be the oldest record of humanity has the Taurus area definition message. It has Taurus with its crown of three suns and a planet between its horns. It also has the 5 main stars of Taurus just beneath the head.

The third presentation of the Solar Trinity is within the Sacred Feminine deity body herself, and it is here where she identifies who she is. She is Sophia the goddess of humanity that births Sol 1 from her womb, she has Sol 2 and sol 3 over each of her breasts. All three of her sol stars are tied with a beam of light to the seven orbs I have identified as the Pleiades.

But the most important detail in the Anima Mundi star map is the deeper understanding of the identity of the sacred Feminine deity in the depiction. She is a lot more than the limited legend of Sophia Goddess of Wisdom. ref

This depiction where she is embodied with the 3 Sols firstly shouts out conclusively... She is identical to the Egyption Star deity that embodies the entire cosmos called Nut who also is one who gives birth to a Sun... but its not OUR Sun. ref

Secondly since Sophia has all three Sols embodied, and since she is poised above the Earth, another very controversial sacred Feminine deity is recognised and needs to be identified here. One that the Monarchy perhaps demonised and altered the sacred geometry of her face into the only thing it could think of to make it look evil and destructive and to blame all things evil on... The Baphomet.

Once sacred and importantly showing the Trinity Star map with 3 planets, this entity was holy to the Templars and after the Templars demise when most were caught and burned at the stake for the taxing and profiteering from society, this is probably where the powers that be found it fit to encode this secret as a goat headed entity. From here forward this altered by human hand depiction has been seen important to the elite of the world who hold great power, just like the power they feel and propogate to manipulate humanity.

The power to abuse and profiteer from humanity... how sad this situation is in our world where over half the world population is in crisis... starving... homeless abused and many, even children enslaved. Right now there is a developinng story where the Goat head Baphomet has an inverted pentacle on its head which conclusively disrespects the human gift of life ref and being proposed today as a statue in Oklahoma in the United States by the USA elite ref.

There will be a full story on the Baphomet legend soon and linked to from here once it is completed comparing it visible in the foundations of Freemasons, Rosicrucians and Templars.




Who is binding chains onto the sacred revered deity and why? One has to first recap who was in control of our society around the 1500's when it was rendered by Robertus De Fluctibus. What was he trying to leave as a message himself? But more to the point what could he publish in his time. His era was a society controled completely then as it is today. Control of what we see, read, watch and think. One word comes to mind ... The elite powers that be. In his time it was just the Monarchy. Today it is more complicated in our world where money is king.

Now this elite control aspect is clear one can go further in looking for the motives of Robertus and why he showed Sophia/Nut/Baphomet in chains. Robertus wanted to convey a sacred message but it was definitely one he arrogantly decided neeeded encoding so the commoner would make no sense of it at all. A depiction that only his elite society could decipher and keep for themselves.

Before going further its time to first acknowledge something critically important.

After 20 years research into these mysteries I have found one thing that has become completely obvious. He is absolutely convinced all historical secret society of the past made such a good job of encoding all these secrets that over generations of alterations and changes of protocols the obvious has occured.

They have completely forgotten the fundamental big Earth shattering secrets. The Rosicrucians, the Freemasons and the Templar societies active today have all forgotten the star maps and human origin secret.

I state quite often something quite unexpected when I am often asked if the Monarchy or elite heads of the powers that be today are intentionally hiding the secret of the star maps and human origins and the secrets of the nature of God Creation? My reply is as follows:

"I believe every powerful society on the planet today does not know of any of these once protected secrets... the Elite billionaires in control of the world with their Monarchy based systems of today are so preoccupied in profiteering and wars over the last 2 centuries that they all have forgotten the secrets... they havent even the slightest clue"

I am absolutely convinced all elite society have forgotten the secret, including the Vatican and since the Popes continually change as they do you the reader think each one is trusted to know what is in the archives. Some will without doubt argue that there might still be some that know the basis of the hidden records before I revealed it in 2002 in my book 'The Hidden Records'




Historical Monarchy were the cause for Robertus De Fluctibus to depict the chains. Here is my decoding of the meaning of the chains. If it was a protocol to show the Sacred Feminine in chains like this and because its clear the chain on her right hand is holding her hand away, pulling her hand away from the star map.

Robertus is obediently showing the powers that be are keeping the secret away from the commoner while elite society could decode its meaning. But look closer.

This particular chain pulling her hand away from the Pleiades star map is actioned by a hand from the heavens. It can only be one of the following:

(1) Is it God Creation of the universe preventing commoner from the truth?
(2) Is it Robertus arrogantly insisting its God's will preventing commoner from knowing the truth since commoner are not worthy, but he is?
(3) Is Robertus under Monarchy law and sworn obedience showing that it is taught that it is God's law to hide the truth and this must not be questioned?
(4) Is Robertus just showing that he believes for some reason unknown that it is Gods will?

Each person reading this will chose differently. I have a little more to add here. Since I had my near death experience and what I believe was a God Creation interaction experience ref I believe the reason for the chains on her right hand was reason number (3).

That it was a historical Monarchy inflicted lie to hide it all and blame it on God's will.

The other chain where Sophia/Nut/Baphomet holds a chain onto the Ape who holds a star map globe and measuring 33 degrees of arc (like in the Freemason star map ref ) on it is quite mysterious. I believe it is almost the same reason as the other chain on Sophia with God. That it symbolises the secret of the invasion of star ancestors invading an Ape world was a secret locked with chains again by obedience to the Monarchy orders although it is intentionally made by Robertus (by Monarchy order) to look like the visitors told our leaders to hide the secret from commoners.




Another amazing piece of the puzzle here that matches the Second Coming of a Messiah predicted as prophecy in the Bible seen in this image above. There is a theme match to the Rosicrucian depiction, and identity match? The portrayal of Sophia is the same using her right hand, or should one say, 'trying' to show with her right hand the area of 7 stars. The symbolism of using ones right hand with seven stars is monumental. There is one and one only depiction on the planet where an important entity/person has been depicted in this way.

That depiction is of the second coming of the cosmic messenger who is on record in prophecy in the bible under the texts of St John of the Book of Revelation.

But what does it mean using the right hand in this way. Some scholars have commented it can be interpreted as meaning an important conection to a real cluster of Seven stars and the only historical famous cluster of seven stars is the Pleiades.

I believe this is the universal language of symbols on meeting a very important being. the first question any encounter would ask is 'who are you?' and the Messiah depiction begins exactly in this way.

Is this not the only logical and reasoned way one can identify where they come from if they are a being not of our world?

Ponder on this important symbolism. It is absolutely fantastic awe inspiring symbolism and human uplifting of every race and tribe to realise this being is of OUR historical cosmic lineage as this website repeatedly presents measurable evidence for.




The image above has ONE OF the oldest cross depiction with roses and a star with three dots at its centre but it is not the earliest. Is it the same cross of the churches? Absolute resounding YES. Members believe so too although many have never spoken of it as the constellation of Orion showing the way to a special star.

The roses here are placed in positions of the stars of Orion, but the direct meaning of the Rose has multiple symbolism and cleverly encrypted too.

Compare the Rose Cross here to the ancient 6000 yr old petroglyphs of Val Camonica in Italy that Márton Molnár-Göb of Hungary decoded. Famous more for its ancient astronaut depiction very few film makers like to show what is poised above the being. Are film makers under strict manipulation? Most likely. Many followers of Waynes work believe the popular program Ancient Aliens might be under similar protocol. So far they have taken portions of my work without credit and presented it in the most questionable way that it definitely appears to prioritise less clarity. Some viewers believe these producers would not want to solve any mystery. It risks ending the series. Many believe they need to present more 'questions'.

The depiction cleverly shows how Orion is a cross and one can follow three stars in a row and it actually has an arrow with it to show you the way in the sky to where these beings come from.

The star in the centre of the Rose Cross has three dots in a triangle. I proposed some years ago this is of the three sol stars as seen in the holy trinity article ref .

But the Rose has more to offer and to the right of the Val Camonica depiction the stars are filled in and a visual rendition of what I believe a blossoming rose is most symbolic for... right where the most important sol star 1 is located.




Chartres Cathedral in France ref is well known with its codes and secrets thanks to authors like Dan Brown. It is also well known for its interesting Labyrinth it has on its floor. ref.

It is without doubt the Rosicrucian rose Cross.

The labyrinth beckons the seeker on a journey to the secret stars of the Christos. ref

One begins with the labyrinth of chaos symbolically speaking that the Rose Cross secret is shrowded in. A simple way to express the way the star secret is encoded only for the dedicated searcher. But while one is supposed to follow the maze, the real spiritual truth is following through the base of the cross pattern. Note how it is intentionally designed with a small hourglass Orion pattern too. This is no coincidence.

Follow through the cross of Orion... the 'way shower' ... the secret cross of Christ and the churches that mankind has been blocked from knowing by our monarchy powers that be over centuries past.

Follow through to the blossoming Rose... it has seven aspects... 6 petals with its centre as the seventh element. It has 7 small patterns like smaller blossoms that glow in blue here in thee iamge above. This I am certain is representing... the Pleiades.

If you look at a close up on the floor of Chartres Cathedral ref they have small constellations added too. Look at the pattern at perfect centre of the rose... it is the pattern of the Pleiades!

Look at the Rose blossom:

It has seven rows of seven petals... symbolism again for the blazing star that is usually depicted with seven rays of light to show it is near the seven stars of the Pleiades.

I am sure now that the rose blossom itself is the symbol for one thing and one thing only...





Here is where clarity begins in the Rosicrucian order. The stem of the rose has the cross. It grows from terrafirma up to its beautiful blossom. This is exactly how the Cross of Orion was measured in ancient Rome from Vatican city on Sol Invictus... the 25th of December. ref .

The inclusion of bees being drawn to produce honey here is a big debate.

Theories on this are rife.

The most compelling theory so far is that humanity under Monarchy control and manipulation is likened to the symbolism as busy little bees obediently working themselves to the grave. That humanity has been forced to follow this natural design proven effective in order and it is natural. This couldn't be further than the truth for the human spirit. There will be a special article on this identifying how human life could be lived more efficiently without the profiteering destruction and where the elite manipulation is making billionaires into trillionaires.

I agree in the theory identifying the manipulation of the human race as if it were one big 'beehive' under control of its 'Queen', a tyranical leader secretly in power over all humanity as head of the highest of high people of power today.




The coin or sacred medalion ref you see above, found by fellow researcher Mark Scott, now has its secret meaning revealed and compared to its flip side and how the two fit together precisely with what I offer in the depiction. The Pleiades appear as seven dots depicted on the coin with 3 suns, and on its flip side, Christ with sun halo as Sol 1 and the two others connected in a cosmic conduit.

But the stunning evidence is shown with the correct title for the Sun star in Sol 1 position in the collection of star maps to date... behold... the title 'SOL'

This eight pointed cross is no ordinary cross either. It has Templar origins and found on a rock not far from the legend of the treasure of Oak island where it is presented right next to another star map there ref .

It even has the rose sun at its centre defining its title as a specific sun star opening withing the petals of the cosmic conduit wormhole.

The cross with this very unique geometry I believe has its origins in its earliest reference again as a star map in a forbidden Christian based manuscript that is used as an actual symbol title for one of the three sun stars there in a puzzle that correlates with the stars. Mouse over the image above to see the full star map. It is a manuscript on the Revelation prophecies that a future queen appears to have hidden ref .

The full decoding of this coin with Globus Cruciger and astrology planets is explored on the Oak Island article here.




This is an actual photograph of the Pleiades area with the leg of the bull pattern added and with the 3 Sun stars shown in correct positions and correct yellow spectral color but just enlarged for purpose of measurement of its layout pattern. These 3 sun-like stars are in contention according to the repeating accounts ref of the ancient star map cases I have proposed as the place of our star visitor human ancestors due to the ancient clues found with each case.

These sun stars visual sizes, since they are of G class star catalogue type would be pin points here and not important looking at all to interpret in their layout positions.

Few people realise that Sun-like stars like the size of our sun out there in their thousands are not possible to be seen at all in our night sky. Not even one!

What you see as stars with the naked eye are 95% giant class stars that are nothing like sun stars, apart from Sirius and Barnard star and a few other 'no planet' and too extreme for life' stars which are our next door neighbours in the Milky Way Galaxy.


The ref




The so called cradle of civilisation by tradition in historical circles is the area of Sumer of Sumerian history which is now modern day Iraq and Iran. They used ancient scroll seals that venerated their most valuable identity traditions. The most comon star theme according to scholars at the British museum on these scroll seals is the Pleiades ref .

But in the image below in the British Museum we see a cylinder seal made of Chalcedony showing King Shamash venerating his teaching of the star secret using the Cross of the churches. But in this example one has to wonder how the rose depiction of it when viewed above the west horizon came to be. Was it from the same cosmic teachers who taught the builders of Stonehenge ref where it evolved through the monarchy systems of Europe?



Look closely at the most repeated cuniform sysmbol here. It is the symbol that is extracted. Is it just a coincidence it resembles the Chi-Rho of the European churches that Emperor Constantine presented to repesent the Christ and what he saw in the sky when he had an angelic encounter ref .


In summary here and with great respect to those of the Rosicrucian Order of today, I propose the beauty of the Rose Cross is the opening of a cosmic wormhole from the star of our ancestors. There is one more piece of the puzzle to add here and it is being prepared.








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Credits - References - Copyright - General summary of ancient alien star maps proving star ancestor human origins explored in The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel. A Pleiades and Orion correlating pyramid star map interpretation was published in 1997 newspapers, followed by a Carte Blanche TV documentary in 2002 now on youtube. The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel released in 2003. (See book synopsis on website for more detail of The Hidden Records). There is a Pleiades correlation with Cydonia Mars, Stonehenge and Tikal and his new 2021 published Atlantis discovery show the same for Atlantis in Donana Spain. The site of an alien crop circle message with swastika and cross. The ancient alien human origin theory by Wayne Herschel claims humanity replaced Neanderthal. The ancient star maps of Orion and Pleiades correlation including three sunlike stars are all Wayne Herschel's copyright protected discoveries.