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Wayne Herschel hidden records



No that's not Johnny Depp above as Tonto in the latest Lone Ranger movie, its a real historical picture of the Cahokia/Sioux bird man spirit/deity/ancestor. Click the image to see the historical source picture that was a black and white image with colour added.

What is the connection? What is a 'bird man'? I have spent over a decade researching the American Indian mound builders, especially right here at ground zero. Nothing quite gelled here in my attempts of recognising star patterns.

Only recently I found out why. A cataclysmic flood appears to have washed away two primary mounds down to their almost invisible bare foundations lost in the wild vegetation growth. That upset all star correlation permutations, until January 2014 when they were shown in the lidar radar photograph that experts sadly missed.

From here the first 'snowball' effect occurred... it solved all the other North American ancient site layout plans including the most famous site of them all... Serpent mound in Ohio. It records a genesis of the first people of North America encoded in a clear message. This will be the grand conclusion of the article here at the bottom of the page.


Serpent mound Ohio with Pleiades and spiral decoded


The first American Indian 'pyramid' city of Cahokia as shown below, is said by many scholars to be not just their first major city in North America but it was so massive 1000 years ago that it was one of the top 10 largest developed cities on the planet ref .

If this claim is true then it is here where all the secrets lie, with its mound layout plan and with the artifacts found here.


Gosford Kariong Park


It was a 'pyramid' building mound culture like the Stonehenge Barrow builder types in the UK and the sizes of the mounds compare with many average sizes in Egypt. This view below Looks from the direction of the primary solar mound I propose matching all the other star maps around the world towards the largest 'Monk's Mound' and its lost causeway. The causeway was magically partially visible in the Google Earth 2005 image (that follows later) Just like their earlier counterpart 'brothers' the Maya, they placed causeways between the main monuments.


Cahokia Pleiades star map



My book The Hidden Records, only had a short one page summary on the Cahokia Mound history sadly as it had absolutely no visible correlation with any star constellation at all.

It already had the bird man cult, star obsession and ritual matches as per many other ancient civilisations that I propose as Pleiades 'star visitor' ancestor civilisations.

To start with, the research claims by scholars on Cahokia on the layout plan and the history was strangely so conflicting that it clearly suggested the area with the mounds was either badly flood damaged and hence no longer clearly possible to conclusively categorise each mound. But as the years passed I periodically checked Google Earth images to see if they had newer or older overlays available to look for missing mounds.

Then Early 2014 I went online and had a look. Clicked the time clock to look for earlier layers and suddenly realised there were a lot more time options. There was an old 2005 option in high resolution! This was the earliest period and fortunately it had both a low sun angle and in a dry winter time slot where foliage in the tree area had no leaves.


Cahokia Pleiades star map


The largest Mound is called Monk's Mound and it was one I thought would be one of the three primary Sun stars in the star map if it fit the same world wide trend theme I have found so far. Ultimate monuments were the most grand in some ways and if not a sun star then it would possibly correlate with the largest star Alcyone if it were star correlating within the cluster I was looking for.

Something new suddenly caught my eye. The grass had obviously perished and the old causeway was now visible like a ghost! Scholars were right in one particular map here (see ref) that there truly was a causeway. This suggests right away that out of all the referencing maps maybe this map from here forward has the least number of errors. ref . But everything else seemed to look the same as before and I was about to close the Google Earth program. There was more...


Cahokia Pleiades star map

I nearly forgot to check the tree line are near the highway because the map just mentioned also proposed the Mississippi used to be right along this tree line in the North part of the site.

There were straight edged geometric profiles suddenly visible in the tree area!

I immediately computed these positions into my well trained mind in identifying the 'Pleiades pattern'... and it set off all the bells and whistles.


Cahokia Pleiades star map

The image above has the two anomalies 'A' and 'B' placed into enhanced rectangles that have at least 5 meters distance from the faint fingerprint of the lost mounds edges. Lines are added as well to show the edges.

This was all very exciting but one needs to physically go and check out the site before making any grand revelation claims or at least get an experts views on the probability of it being likely to be lost mounds.

A group tied to my research have now visited the site but sadly due to the recent unexpected early rains at the end of winter it has become too overgrown and difficult to photograph in the tree line area for anomalies 'A' and 'B'. I fortunately was contaced by a research colleague Márton Molnár-Göb studying for a degree at university with contacts in the field of geology and radar imaging. He asked if I knew that radar mapping of terrain topography is online for this area and did he know the mound signatures appear to basically correlate.


The radar image is available on line. Click the image above for Cahokia area on Google maps and adjust setting to maps, then at the top left click option for terrain elevation. There are defined light mounds confirmed by the radar image. Note how the 3D effect is created for raised terrain where a slight shadow occurs as if it were in sunlight angle where the light source is from the top of the image. The radar signature shows a slight shadow correctly for this long 'joined' effect where anomaly 'A' has a better signature for an individual mound.

Márton has confirmed that the joined effect can be explained by the ancient water flow effect from a cataclysmic flood of Cahokia identified by National Geographic. He said the water flow would create this effect with something called an alluvium depost from the meander effect at the time.

An earlier mound 'C' (now removed in images) was proposed for correlation but shows as non existent in the radar so for now the correlation option for Secondary Sol star in the other ancient star maps here would fit conclusively for the position of the woodhenge construction position.

For now I propose mounds that are of slight proportions... BUT... are these natural or man made? This will need more research by hands on archaeology teams later on.


Cahokia Pleiades star map

There is something else that occurred in history that raises the probability of the anomalies 'A' and 'B' being lost man made mounds. The fact that I was fortunate to figure out the last moments of this great city before it was destroyed in a cataclysmic flood and the set of events that would prove the removal of the proposed mounds.


Notice in the extreme close up image of proposed mounds 'A' and 'B' I have marked out two relief lines. One is along the highway today was the original Mississippi water edge and the reason this great city was built where it is. A perfect setting with water available. This is confirmed in the map here where it shows the water line was where mounds 'A' and 'B' have been proposed by the water edge ref .

But if the river once reached Cahokia as the experts confirm, then there must be evidence on Google Earth of the Mississippi's old path if one zooms out again. What would be visible? Can anything more be concluded? Is there any other possible way these mounds can be concluded before a research party goes on site?

The answer is a resounding yes! This theory of the original pattern match with the Pleiades not only sits strong just proving the mounds were removed with a defined flood, but the revelations of new findings by I set off from here finds the same mound pattern and Pleiades depicted artifacts in other ancient American Indian sites to confirm all reasoning so far.

Therefore knowing how this story unfolds, it is fair to say in telling the story more sequentially that even if the lost mounds here are impossible to prove when experts go on site, it is the new barrage of findings that follow here that place this star map theory on solid ground.




A recent historical interpretation by scholars has revealed that somewhere just before 1000AD the city was at its greatest. It seems to be inspired according to new evidence that some sort of Messianic visitor arrived. (more later) The reference from Examiner.com got the ball rolling for deeper research into this. Here is a great introduction to what is unfolding here. The records I show are about to prove here that the messenger who was titled "Sun deity" had nothing to do with our Sun at all who came from the cosmos. The messenger also gave seven commandments for living as well. See the article here ref

Before looking at all the controversial new findings and artifacts to substantiate this star map theory lets see how the anomalies appear in context with the other famous mounds and how I provide a possible measurable solution. The orientation of Cahokia park is now turned through 90 degrees simply to keep to the matching orientations of the other ancient star maps for comparison purposes.




The correlation probability now stands clear. Mounds that might be completely lost that might not even be possible to prove or disprove are about to stand incredibly strong as you read on here.

In the image ... mouse over to see the correlation...

The overlay here has priority for the closest scale match for the Pleiades cluster size and position of the Primary Sol star position. This Primary Sol position of a real measurable Sun star correlates with the mound that has a causeway between itself and Monk's Mound. The larger volume of Monk's Mound suggests it favours this Tertiary Sol star as their 'x' priority monument that marks the spot place of the American Indian star ancestors.


It is argued amongst many how close the civilisations of the American Indians are to the Maya. Many will say they are so close in history that they are virtually different tribes. Others say not just a different epoch but different in a big way. For me it appears close but for sure they are different parts of history.

But as per my star map theory I insist the whole human race is related to these star visitor ancestors so its hard to see differences when there are so many common historical ties globally.

The causeways are a big deal with the Maya ruins at Tikal Guatemala. The strange slight astronomical error in layout perhaps inspired by ritual of star measuring, the placement of Secondary star markers both seem similar in a 90 degree placement below Tertiary star marker. Perhaps the Tikal pyramid temple 43 also measured the rising of Pleiades in a similar way, but then why do they place a tiny little temple for Tertiary correlation? The tiny black dot is all that appears visible there for Tertiary star correlation. Tikal was obsessed with the Primary sol star correlation as per the world trend and in the lost ruins on Mars.


Cahokia Pleiades star map


The Mars star map Face monument has a similar profile to the Primary Mound listed as anomaly 'D' in the 2005 images. Not just in how it looks from above but also by volume profile. It is covered in trees but there might be a little more detail that needs checking out. It seems to have detail like the Mars face. I reason probability as follows. This is the choice of monument given to the Primary sol star correlation I interpret as a message "This is the Sun star system of the star visitors place of origins which is also our ancestors place of origin" It is the same face monument as that found on the River Jordan bank of the Jacob biblical story, a real Earth face monument. See story here: ref


Cahokia Pleiades star map

There are two other ancient civilisations that seem to prioritise the Tertiary Sol star as the most important correlating monument, and due to its size as Monk's Mound, it has to be far more important than any of the other smaller mounds including Mound 'D'.


The simple fact that the people of Cahokia built their own Woodhenge that duplicates the historical UK Woodhenge shouts out one thing and one thing only. There is some powerful inspiring connection here to the Stonehenge/Woodhenge builders as well. Impossible scholars will say and like the excuse for mound building and pyramid building obsession in history they will say it was just a part of human evolution like discovering the wheel.

Stonehenge 'coincidently' is another very high probable correlating Pleiades star map made from the same kind of mounds at Cahokia near the famous stone circle ref. The Cahokia were people that showed similar record of worshiping a sun according to scholars just like all the other ancient civilisations. But what is a Woodhenge and what is it used for?

A Woodhenge is a large circle with wooden posts (see below) placed as markers to watch the Stars movements in the heavens, or our Sun and their calender for planting and harvesting would depend on those who watch these changing positions. But why a large circle if the ancients were just watching our sun for the seasons? Here is where the star watching interpretation shines. It acts like a giant celestial globe and the ancients could measure the positions of the equatorial cosmic sign post of Orion in orientation with the stars in positions both north and south of equatorially placed Orion. Here is the best story reference on the Cahokia Woodhenge and its usage. ref.


There is another clue on the drinking vessel that decodes Woodhenge. It has the two lost causeways leading into the circle that complete the star map and match the Tikal layout plan with its well documented causeways. ref.

Mouse over the Woodhenge image below to compare Woodhenge with the Cross drinking vessel.



One of the most famous artifacts of Cahokia has a drinking vessel with the cross of Orion on it that I propose and where I agree with scholars that the markings around the Cross are the wooden posts of their Woodhenge. ref

In fact the Woodhenge position seen here, you will be looking East above Monks Mound and Orions belt would be seen rising here with the Pleiades as in the image. This is absolute perfect viewing for the moment when Tertiary Sol star rises to be positioned exactly above its correlating mound. When the Earth touches the 'womb' of the sky according to Egyptian myth.


Cahokia Pleiades star map


The drinking vessel with the Cross that I believe is Orion is second popularity only to one artifact 'icon', the birdman tablet. Orion is used by modern astronomers as a cosmic signpost due to its layout as a double cross formation and other stars located in reference to the lines of the spokes of this cross. But the reason it was chosen as the cosmic signpost is one I present with the article on the cross of the churches to locate the Bethlehem star ref and the cross on the ancient Freemasons referred to as Solomons Key and the star of David.

All ancient civilisations would use Orion as a key reference point especially to locate the Pleiades by following Orions belt to the celsetial Bull where the pleiades are found behind the bulls head.

The next most spoken about artifacts are the bird man artifacts. The most frequent icon in google image search with Cahokia artifacts is the small rectangular tablet in the image below bottom right chosen for the unique birdman with his 'beak'. Note here how the copper green artifact bird man has a cross in his one hand with symbol and how his nose also has a 'beak' like a bird. Was his nose really like this as shown also in the tablet at bottom right of the image or was there something else here creating the effect? A nose breathing device like I propose for the Maya? This is confirmed in the images that follow with the Gorget collections.

But here is one strange match to the Maya... the birdman of the Maya, note here Pakal as birdman has Quetzalcoatl ref on his head just like the Tonto character in the latest Hollywood film of the Lone Ranger seen at the top of this page. There are also depictions in the Quetzalcoatl story of the birdman holding the cross of the sky and directing alignment to the dove. Another symbol for the Pleiades. ref

But is it more than just a bird and flight teaching of the miracles of their star visiting ancestors? The Maya clearly depict that it involves a cosmic serpent wormhole and the star gods are seen coming in and out of the mouth of the cosmic serpent portal. A real Sioux birdman is the image at the top of the page. Note how the Egyptian birdman Horus has the Sun star on his head as a crown title and he too has a cosmic Serpent. The Cahokia claimed the cosmic serpent is part of the message here... identical to the other ancient civilisations.


Cahokia Pleiades star map


The artifact seen here is one that is privately owned by the Franke family some sort of remains of a bird statue with no head and just its wings but since it has a hole going through the middle of it, it is referred to as a pipe. ref

It is remarkable for one main reason. It has inscribed on the bird not one but two star maps. The first one is upon its chest. Like the Birdman statues and artifacts that follow a star cluster is depicted on lower chest area. Look closely at the pattern. Not only a good Pleiades correlation it is correct orientation when it is viewed from woodhenge above Monks Mound when heaven and Earth meet. I have highlighted the pattern. See the original if clicking the image. The small tablet with the Franke pipe is the Kassly tablet which is also well documented and privately owned. I propose that it is of the Pleiades as seen on a Birdman depiction.


Cahokia Pleiades star map

This depiction below is what is found on the base of the Franke artifact and the owner insists after speaking to experts that its important detail tied into the star obsessed history of the Cahokia people.

If this inscribed detail is not coincidental damage and scratches it presents a class A account of the star map. There is extra detail too that seems a bit too accurate to be a coincidence. Firstly orientation of the map is correct with the Pleiades star map. Secondly it has all 3 Sol stars (Sun-like stars) correlations with Primary sol star and Secondary sol star and the most important to the Cahokia people, Tertiary sol star. Here it is a ringed area. But here is the money shot. The Pleiades has two bright stars beneath it and just like in the Mars star map ref it is shown precisely as so.


Cahokia Pleiades star map


If there is a real Pleiades obsession by the ancient American Indians, then where else shold one look for their emotion expressions of such a thing?

There is one that stands as the largest collection of American Indian expressions and its their personal homes. Their Tepee's. A Tepee is a tent like structure made by placing stitched animal hides as the tent material supported by a pyramid cone shape set of wooden poles. A Tepee is also called a wigwam by tradition.

Although very little is available online in original evidence, there is one early 1800 images of a Sioux Indian who were descendants of the Cahokia people standing next to his Tepee. Click the image for the source reference.


Cahokia Pleiades star map

But is this just a 'one off' decoration situation here? What was the trend? Here are two online reference to the symbols often added to Tepee decorations. The common symbols are as follows

1) Stars
2) Crescents
3) Ra symbols or Suns
4) Crosses
5) Birdman
6) Bulls

The next type of artifacts that were special to the Cahokia and in fact most of the American Indian tribes were the carvings of flat portions of very large shells into a disc motif called a Gorget and these were worn as a sacred piece of jewelery for important people.


Here are the most famous examples and of a theme repeated as perhaps the most sacred story of their Star visitor Birdman. At last one can reason the beak like traditional nose of the entity. I believe this is a classic case of the ancients trying to interpret advanced technology. The entity if a star visitor teacher is from a world with different diseases and air-borne microbes. He would be at great risk breathing our microbe disease infested air, especially when talking to local people who would breathe on them.

The Birdman is adorned with a racoon belt it seems, and just like in the stone tablet versions seen earlier, here as a star cluster as well.

In his right hand he holds the Sun... or is it a Sun activated star gate I wonder. I reason this as follows. There seems to be a cosmic serpent or fish tailed sea serpent symbolism that I found common for interpreting cosmic wormholes. The Egyptians and people of India showed the opening wormhole more like a lotus flower however there were some showing the sea serpent analogy and the tail shape is how it opens. The far East of China and Japan prefered the cosmic serpent more dragon-like but its all one and the same thing. Click image for source ref.


Cahokia Pleiades star map


One Gorget stands out far more importantly above all the others in context as a star map. It is of the American Indian Cross. It is identical in teaching to the cross of all the churches of Christianity. ref

It presents what I interpret as Orion's Belt correctly orientated on the East horizon which was also an Egyptian tradition for measuring stars as they are reborn each day. It even has the top star of the three slightly smaller and offset. This is quite remarkable too.

But what makes this one a full presented star map is positioning of the Sol star of the Cahokia above it using the global common Ra symbol and within a racoon pelt. The racoon pelt seems also to match the tradition here with Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, an ancient civilisation measured as being as old as 17000 years old. ref

I now have all these easy to measure overwhelming clear ancient patterns of commonality here but be it as it appears, scholars are set at scorning it, other researchers set at twisting it, but worst of all, powerful society is set at attacking it and interfering and blocking publicity of it. Why you may ask? The answer is in the statement at the bottom of this page.


Cahokia Pleiades star map


Cahokia Pleiades star map


But if this star map theory is all true would it not be common in all the ancient mound builders, well... at least in the oldest examples before time would make the story so confusing that it got lost. The results are absolutlely astounding to say the least. Yes, the oldest mound sites duplicated the same cosmic template over and over. Click the images for their source records.

The Winterville Mounds that are positioned much higher up the Mississippi River are descendants of the Cahokia and it appears they carry similar artifacts too. After Cahokia was flooded ref

Google Earth location: 33° 29' 9? N, 91° 3' 40? W

Here is an amazing story where it seems this site had a similar flood and because the same mounds were placed near the river due to its important layout and river plan... similar mounds were destroyed in another less cataclysmic flood perhaps from a hurricane. Scholars did a radar scan of the area and found the slight mounds there too.


Cahokia Pleiades star map

The Kincade mounds below are not too far from Cahokia in Massac County Southern Illinois ref . They are estimated as a time long after Cahokia and about 700 years old. It has the same largest mound correlation with Monks Mound but there is not much more at these early stages of research to say much more.


Cahokia Pleiades star map

The Spiro Mounds have a similar layout plan and shape. The layout of the Pleaides each time from here forward starts distorting in each case. Not sure if there are Tertiary mound remains. But research has just started in these cases here so there will be updates.


Cahokia Pleiades star map

The Emblematic Mounds in Wisconsin are very difficult to relocate because this reference here originates in the Guntenburg data files and we only have a sketch of what was once carefully documented. Here is where a new type of Mound building becomes recognised. It seems since there are seven geoglyph characters here that each of the seven mounds for the Pleiades have character titles. Click the image for the source sketch.


Cahokia Pleiades star map

The Koshkonong Mounds take the emblem titles a little further but since these are perhaps not as old as all the others a little more change in the design plan developes. The title mounds of characters seem to begin to speak a little more pictographically about the history. The layout of the Pleiades now simplified to a row of seven stars. A being emblem mound holds three mounds in a row most likely celebrating how Orion is used to locate the Pleiades. The last detail here is the whole platform area might just be the last knowledge of the Pleiades symbol as the leg of the bull, but I think this might not quite fit this culture as it does the others. But too early in this research to conclude anything further. Click image for source.


Cahokia Pleiades star map


Found in Ohio, the mound geoglyph known as Serpent Mound ref has just had its mystery cracked wide open.

Fellow researcher Mark Scott in the UK contacted me and said he had cracked the meaning of the Ohio Serpent mound as seen below. He was researching another ancient site of the Hindu legends at Phrathat Nong Khai in Thailand persuing the earlier evidence that Hungarian researcher Márton Molnár-Göb had deciphered with a serpent and seven heads represents the seven Pleiades star area found in both an ancient european Christian manuscript ref and in the Angkor statues ref .

But Mark found a Buddha depiction like this Hindu verion here that showed the Buddha sitting on the seven coils of the seven serpents ref and he realised something profound.

Not just that that logic has it pinned that the probablility and reasoning obviously associates the seven coils with the same Pleiades correlation/representation, he realised almost on the other side of the world in Ohio... another mystery serpent anomaly also has seven curls depicted in its design.

Mark proposed the solution to the seven curls of the Serpent mound represents seven stars of the Pleiades and he offered a sketch showing the correlation overlay which sort of fits.

I completely agree with the curls possibly representing Pleiades so I set out to test the correlation and how it might explain the spiral tail that was still unsolved. Hoping for a better correlation I turned the correlation orientation through 180 degrees to see if it was a better correlation and couldnt believe my eyes!

It fits like a glove and more...

The correlation revealed a match for the spiral as I found with the pueblo homolovi petroglyph near Chaco Canyon ref having a petroglyph of a spiral in another American Indian star map for the Sol 1 primary correlation also having a spiral.

The Spiral I can now confirm depicts the opening of a star gate for this cosmic serpent! ref .

Mouse over the image below to see the correlation and message.



The message I am now certain is a dual teaching method for both the human sperm and the cosmic conduit wormhole star gate teaching as one. The message as shown in a mouse over animation for the correlation says it all:

The ancestors of all American Indian lineage were very advanced and originated from an exoplanet in the solar system depicted as Sol 3 and colonised an exoplanet around Sol 1 which is the place they venerate like all other ancient sites around the world.

Compare how the Pleiades image below correlates very well in layout with Serpent Mound curls and the real positions of Sol 1 and Sol 3 as analysed at ref .

But why are there no mounds positioned in each curl of the serpent to prove the Pleiades correlation with the said coils/curls? The answer is simple. Important members of the tribe would have established residence in seven sacred dwellings protected with the curls winding around them. The thing is the dwellings leave no ruins... they were built without stone or mortar. They are called Tepees ref .


Pleiades star map


I realsed the geometry and layout of this very elaborate mound was more than just another mound city. It was advanced and the image reference identifies the alignments of the curls in the serpent are advanced in its layout ref . Experts have measured the two main seasons alignments with the sun for planting and harvesting.

Realising the advanced intellect in the design I knew there had to be more star alignment representation here. The burning question here is there just had to be Orion.

What were the chance this site would depict Orion with mounds or ponds aligned 'showing the way' to the 'x' that marks the spot Sol 1 ancestor star? So I set out looking through historical maps since I favour early interpretation before the risks of erosion or flood damage.

I found an old 1920's era map ref and could not believe what I was looking at...

It had anomalies depicting Orion's Belt and it was in perfect position!

Mouse over the image below to see the complete star map decoded correlation I have made. I prefer the ancient pond theory for the three large basins for 3 reasons:

1) The builders could have the advantage of water storage and fish breeding since it was only a small creek next to the site.
2) It would still complete a profound 'As above So below' design.
3) It would provide source of material for the Serpent Mound.

Any fish breeder will tell you one needs at least 3 ponds to be efficient in fish breeding... small for fry... medium for juveniles and large for main stock and spawning.



The star representation now is measurable and compare it to the star map animation here to identify the match and Sun star positions Sol 1 and Sol 2 found in 35 ancient sites ref around the world.

Let it be said this is early research and more updates will follow and it will complete the claims made here.

This story on its own is nowhere near complete without seeing other sites and trace back history of the American indigenous lineages. The best cases are:

1) Chaco Canyon .

2) The Lakota Star Map

3) The Maya Tikal Star Map

4) The Cahokia Star Map

5) The Skidi Pawnee Star Map

6) The Cherokee Star Map

7) The Navajo Star Map