INCA INTI PUNCHACO QORIKANCHA star map of the Pleiades



(Scroll down to the bottom if only looking for just the Inca fragmenting comet 'prophecy' fitting with Fragmenting asteroid P/2013 R3 released by news agencies 7th March 2014).

The greatest legends of the Inca are without doubt the magical way they cut stone as they did at Cusco and Machu Pichu and the mystery of the Golden Sun disc legend that showed the way to the stunning most sacred place of the Inca, a place called the Qorikancha and 'the golden star map'.

When I completed my book The Hidden Records in 2002, I first started research on the Inca, I had read many books on their obsession with star 'gods', but what surprised me the most was how strange it came to be that it was one of the leading enshrouded in secrecy ancient civilisations on record. So many inspiring stories that all begin with amazing clues then ended with dead ends. Was it a cover up? Were historical secret society involved with the Spanish invasion under Monarchy order or Vatican orders to hide the secrets? Has it continued to this day?

This story has long evolved since my book publication so I will reconstruct it here with the updates and with more sequential flow and exactly how I have pieced the story together. Starting from the basic clues and work through to the landmark breakthroughs I have made.

First things first; the legend of the Golden Inti Punchaco sun disc artifact. The most sacred of all Inca artifacts is the massive and beautiful gold disc that went missing during the Spanish Invasion in 1532. It occurred just 3 years after their king Wayna ref died of Small Pox pandemic outbreak with the thousands of others infected from the Spanish invaders. The Inca realised at that very moment that they were in big trouble and that these Spaniards were after their gold. Would they hide their dearest treasure or were they too late? That's the big question.

The most sacred artifact of the Inca was a large gold sun disc called the Inti Punchaco which means Sun disc. Note just like the Egyptians they call it a disc and believe this disc also came down from the sky. The golden disc has many theories attached to how it went missing. The most popular theory of historians is that it was saved by the Inca people and taken to an Inca city that is coincidently also missing today called Gran Paititi. The gold disc was even called the Inti Paititi by early researchers supporting the theory. But since there is no Paititi city discovered to date, I believe that that claim is probably just a cover up story. One concocted perhaps to exclude this artifact from being melted down to be a part of the plundered well catalogued cargo to go aboard ships to Spain. I believe it could have gone two possible ways. Firstly either secretly to the King of Spain or secondly, one now favored by modern researchers, that it went to the Vatican especially due to very revealing detail found on it.

I have been involved in a project reviving the lost star map artifact history of our past and the latest project, made possible by some very dedicated people involves rendering some museum quality replicas of the most controversial artifacts tied to the star map history of our world.

Here I am holding one of the largest artifacts reproduced and reconstructed for the 'road show ancient alien artifacts' expo referencing ALL the records of what the disc looked like.


INCA INTI PUNCHACO QORIKANCHA star map of the Pleiades



I insist that to date there are no other reconstructed versions of this art work anywhere on the planet that are as accurate as this piece. I will be presenting these new renditions available to public and collectors. All the other previous attempts out there strangely avoided some of the main details, perhaps intentionally due to its connection to the Face on Mars. ref.

The most obvious detail was that the face on it was oval and not round and the face had tapering 'goggle eyes' like that seen with their Sun deity Viracocha, ref It gets a bit confusing here because there are two Virachochas: One the deity and the other was the king ref at the time who named himself after this deity claiming he was 'son' of the 'Sun' deity.

The King Viracocha of the Inca empire claimed he had encounters with the 'gods' and it was his son Inca Patchacuti ref was the builder of the advanced stone cutting empire of Cuzco ref of a special cosmic Puma geoglyph design plan (lower down on this page). For more background on the Incas and the treasure trove of clues on Cuzco, click this reference here


INCA INTI PUNCHACO QORIKANCHA star map of the Pleiades



The detail illustrated above in green is the well known detail repeated in story upon story who speak of the Gold disc, all of which reference other books who then reference an 'inca elder' who I was unable to trace historically. The detail in purple is the detail that the previous reconstruction artists chose to ignore, perhaps commissioned by elite who wanted such detail to be omitted. I have replicas available to the public on this full sized 60cm disc ref .

Oval Face: There is one carved in gold reference of the oval face and it cannot be ignored. The elders who spoke of the legend actually made a gold art piece decades after the Spanish invasion showing the secret of the Inca star knowledge. They made an art piece duplication of what the temple wall looked like before it was plundered and pillaged. The Inca star map piece I call it, is shown lower down on the page where I reconstruct for the first time in history the actual temple room itself.

Tapered goggle eyes: Most reconstructed versions show oval goggle eyes but legend claims its Viracocha the Sun deities face. All Inca art work shows Viracocha with very slanted unnatural eyes as seen below in this earliest golden artifact example of the being. I believe in this earliest example all the symbolism is clear. From this moment onwards the detail of Viracocha altered.

Here Viracocha is the primary sun himself with its world and both apparently near Pleiades. He is holding the secondary and tertiary importance suns of a Trinity system. I propose this eye depiction is including goggles and inspired by witnessing a real star visitor who came from above. The being would most likely be wearing eye protection. Hence the version of the Inti Punchaco correctly altered following all clues.


INCA INTI PUNCHACO QORIKANCHA star map of the Pleiades


The Viracocha artifact in the Mexico museum as the Inti... with three suns and three exoplanet worlds. I have replicas available to the public on this full sized piece ref .

The rest of the detail is more simple, the entity was bearded as per the elders claim and because ALL Sun deity records found around the world show the Sun 'gods' bearded and oval faced and square forehead so this needs inclusion. ref

The addition of seven emphasized sun rays is reasoned due to the fact the legend speaks of triangle decoration around the face and the common fact that the Dogon tribe have it as so ref as well as the legends of Helios and the statue of liberty history following the Freemason historical blazing sun with seven rays. ref. The rest of the detail completed a little further here is inspired by other ancient Sun 'god' records, for example the dot at the side of the mouth recorded by the Maya which I believe appears like a communication microphone as we use today and as seen in all the Maya art.

Speaking of Masonic history the legend of three Suns of the beings of the heavens is another typical shared issue the Inca have with Masonic history. Here is why I proposed that three orbs in correct orientation are placed at the top of the disc with one on the forehead which was the important one. It is this important one that has a human form holding it which fits the Inca elder's claim. I completed the star map here having Pleiades and Orions belt matching the Qorikancha artifact added to the bottom of the disc as it occurs on Sol Invictus in the Roman and masonic historical tradition. See this image below... click image below for full story.


INCA INTI PUNCHACO QORIKANCHA star map of the Pleiades



Its absolutely amazing how this next piece of the puzzle unfolds and it was reasoned by two interesting pieces of the legend. One detail left out on reproducing the Inti Punchaco was inclusion of the legend of emeralds being added around the edge of the disc. Firstly it's not only very intricate and costly changing fabrication design to have inlaid jewels around the edge of the rim but after long discussions it was decided to keep it similar to the common reproduced versions also because a plain gold artifact alone would still be stunning without jewels.

The jewels around 'the rim' are another clue to add to the legend that this golden disc came down from the sky and landed! Something DISC SHAPED that shone like the sun that flies actually landed. The Jewels now speak volumes. It mirrors the biblical texts of Ezekiel's flying wheel on its side that had 'eyes' all around 'the rim'. ref.

A strange thing I realised when holding the disc and viewed it from a side elevation is that the design of this disc reproduces the dimensions and details of all historical accounts of flying discs... as in ancient alien flying discs.


INCA INTI PUNCHACO QORIKANCHA star map of the Pleiades



After the legendary visit of the Sun deity Viracocha who came from the stars, the man to record the secrets of the star visitor teachings and build Cusco ref was the Inca Patchacuti ref. Using what experts today are beginning to agree was the super technology of the 'gods' of stone moving, cutting and placement like nothing else seen on the planet to this day, he began his great task. Here we see some of the beautiful haphazard technique that screams out the obvious conveinient cutting and ease of placement stone building examples in Cusco:


INCA INTI PUNCHACO QORIKANCHA star map of the Pleiades


Patchacuti probably started with the most sacred enclosure on the side of the hill where they could place what would be a collection of records and teachings from Viracocha and display them as priority as urgently as possible for all to see and admire.

They named this place the Qorikancha ref and it is spelled in so many ways it was decided to use the spelling that is today on show at the site displayed in large gold lettering on the building cluster. Some spell it as Corichancha, Qurikancha, Koricancha and as such. The Spanish invasion established their hold by building their church of Santo Domingo right over the whole complex! They did however keep some of the building and enclosure intact. Now here is an amazing piece of the puzzle. The enclosure shape appears to be in the shape of the Leg of the Bull of Egypt ref the curved hoof part of the bulls leg shape protudes from the front of the Church complex as seen in the wikipedia image here. ref. I am looking for more proof of the church plan but as per all research on this story so far, records are almost impossible to find. But here is a simple sketch made by one of the Spanish scholars who documented its history before it was transformed by the invasion. It is simplified perhaps hiding its secret under orders. But it was an enclosure of a 'cluster' of six buildings... seven rooms in total with the main center larger building has two rooms!

This is where I realised the collection of seven rooms and the layout was just like Angkor where the area of Rolous built the identical seven temples of the ancestors just like this! ref. I believe this was the ground zero sacred place because it represented the Pleiades stars.


INCA INTI PUNCHACO QORIKANCHA star map of the Pleiades



UPDATED 2013. But there was more to the design plan around the Qorikancha. Patchacuti was inspired to build the city of Cusco as a giant geoglyph to be seen from space and it was to be in the form of a puma, the respected ferocious feline of their forests.

The legend of the reasoning of why it was a puma acccording to the last great elders who told the story through word of mouth was because it was something visibly seen as a dark figure in a sacred part of the sky. Which part of the sky was sacred? Can we see it today?

Sadly we cant see the clear shape of this dark cosmic puma today because of a continual pollution level that is far from perfect viewing, permanently. For it to be dark patch means it is in contrast obviously to a part of the sky where there is a cloud of stars... the Milky Way.


Let it be said right here and now that what you are about to see is my discovery that places the REAL Cosmic Puma in its place unlike the ridiculous scholars claims of the confused Cosmic Puma. Scholars ignored the head part of the Puma and chose to try make its front leg become the face of the Puma. It sounds almost intentionally trying to hide the story. When tourists are in the area by the front paw the guides there point to the zigzag wall and say that the zig zag wall is the teeth of the Puma. Its actually the wet fur of the Puma!


INCA INTI PUNCHACO QORIKANCHA star map of the Pleiades


INCA INTI PUNCHACO QORIKANCHA star map of the Pleiades


INCA INTI PUNCHACO QORIKANCHA star map of the Pleiades



Firstly, look at the inca art above for what a puma's head looks like with their important art style. I I am sure I have found a match! It is accepted now by historians and researchers that the layout of the city of has been built to emulate a ‘cosmic’ puma. Although I am in agreement with the general theory, my interpretation of the way in which this representation occurs is very different from theirs.

I believe I have discovered the true representation of the actual Puma head and front leg with fur hackels!

I have added labels to the satellite image to show my own interpretation. What I find interesting, is that the city is a mirror image version of the sky, and that the temple, which houses the Inca’s sacred Pleiades astronomical map, is positioned exactly in the area of the city that correlates with the Pleiades

One of the most well-known cosmic myths of the Inca may be the definitive proof that they knew of the significance of the 'mystery' star that is pivotal to 'The Hidden Records'. This age-old myth speaks of a celestial puma in the night sky of the Northern Hemisphere.

Among the invaluable clues about this puma that the ancient Inca texts propose is: that it has a "bright eye"; that "its genitals are in a very sacred cosmic area"; and last but not least that it is a dark puma and can be found in the heavens where "the sky has no stars". Scholars have yet to identify this pattern in the sky.

Looking at the area in the night skies that I knew to be the most sacred to all the other ancient civilisations, I set an advanced computer star program to mimic a very bright and clear ancient night sky.

BREAKTHROUGH... the result is the remarkable image above. The dark area (further enhanced by me for greater clarity) forms what apparently looks like the shape of a feline. In astronomy the darkness is explained as being formed from a dark Nebula cloud of dust in front of a very bright region of the stars of the Milky Way. Could this area indeed be the ancients' Cosmic Puma? I believe there is no question about it. The Pleiades... and in particular the 'mystery' star.... form the puma's "genitals". The dark nebulosity truly resembles the shape of an animal, with the feline's eye correlating perfectly with a star, as the ancients had mentioned.

A Milan professor has been doing his own research on the Inca's Cosmic Puma. Professor Giulio Magli mentions that the feline is mimicked in the layout plan of the city of Cuzco.

Cusco is the city where the Inca's most sacred temple was located. It once held the secret of the golden star map shown below (reproduced by the last surviving Inca shaman) that I decipher in great detail in 'The Hidden Records'... but a summary on the interpretation follows in the next image.

The ABC news release revealing Professor Giulio Magli's latest research although he was just like the others and insisted the paw was the head of the puma. It can be found on this link here


In Qorikancha Cusco, where the Golden disc once rested was part of a large wall mural star map. It is time to see the complete star map and the obvious.

The image here is the Golden star map which an Inca elder was told was a map of the sky where their ancestors and Viracocha came from. It has been investigated by scholars over the last 70 years and although they couldnt decipher the star map they did agree it was a real story. Its detail reproduced on one gold hammered sheet were one many large gold pieces placed as components on a full wall size rendition of the star map in the ancient temple. Note the wall and roof shape of the artifact.

Here is the reference image source showing the original artifact in the Qorikancha in Cuzco which is almost a meter high ref.


INCA INTI PUNCHACO QORIKANCHA star map of the Pleiades


Starting at the top of the gold star map:

This should have been easy for any astronomer to recognise but strangely no scholar ever managed to see this very simple piece of the star map. The detail of the top of the artifact below literally screams out the easy to recognise importance of identifying three stars in a row with two other stars on either side of it. A typical cross formation but with just the three joined with a line beckoning the observer to follow alignment to that which is below it. Orion... and its view as it occurs above a Western horizon

It is no coincidence that it is a cross on top of a temple just like a Christian church. It is also no coincidence its detail itself looks like the Christian cross of early churches where it is shown as stars. Absolutely no coincidence here because I discovered this star formation is measurably the secret of the cross of the churches and the Christ. A secret that Constantine encoded in his symbols and historical records of his encounter with a being that came from the sky that taught him about the Cross of the Christ. ref.

This video below includes deciphering the artifacts of Viracocha, The Sun Disc and the Golden star map from Cuzco. The museum duplications are also on sale to the public to raise funds. Click the gold disc at the top of the page above the menu.


INCA INTI PUNCHACO QORIKANCHA star map of the Pleiades


The secrets of the Christian Cross I have posted on this website bases its foundation on this identical star alignment knowledge following the way in the night sky of the 3 kings to the 'Bethlehem star'.

Even more... Follow through the big oval beneath it. Perhaps a way to say this is what the three stars will take you to, the sacred place of the sky 'ringed' with importance with this oval. Inside the oval a preview where it takes you ... to a crescent world of the 'gods'.

There is even a title for this artifact to the side of it having the same repeating Orion's belt with stars and another smaller oval. Its literally titled pictographically saying:

'Orion shows you the way to the place of the 'gods'.

This star map is catagorized AA for good reason. It has virtually everything to proove the star map. There is a star and something that undeniably looks like a world associated with the star next to what scholars accept is the Pleiades. We have a cosmic orientation match with Orion above the western horizon and crossing the ecliptic also shown. A world with firmament (atmosphere) and what appears like continents and oceans. There is even a journey path of the ancient star travellers, our human ancestors. The Incas worshipped the same star secret as all other ancient civilisations... it was a global obsession!


I could not place any significance with the 'anomaly' not yet spoken about on the golden Inca star map labelled 'comet'. Up until October 2013 it remained something mysterious. I was preparing a museum quality duplication of the artifact from the artifact expo for shipping to a project donor.

I was dusting it off and gently wiping the 'anomaly' area while thinking why on Earth would they show a cluster of stars so weirdly and there are no stars in this position. Some have curved radiating light bursts and there were different styles for depiction. I was wiping more to the left of it and wiped the two streaks that were behind this anomaly.

I suddenly realised something profound... this anomaly had a comet tail!

But this was no ordinary comet... it appears to be one that looks like a large fragmenting comet!


For some time I was convinced comet ISON was the probable match because it was the only fragmenting comet on record since the Shoemaker Levy fragmentation that hit Jupiter. It even had correct path match with the Inca golden tablet position of it. But the correlation date in April came and went. This was not the comet the ancients are referencing.

Coincidently while all were watching for fragment of this ISON comet... another fragmentation event of another Asteroid/Comet was mysteriously occuring. While scientists argue if its an asteroid or a comet... it has a tail... two now. This new comet is not part of ISON at all. This new anomaly thought to be an asteroid very strangely just fell apart.


INCA INTI PUNCHACO QORIKANCHA star map of the Pleiades



This is just a theory for now but important to cover if there is any truth to it so it will help all understand the magnitude of not just this prophecy but the other prophecies that all seem to record a similar thing. The article study on Prophecy here

Let us look at the comet in context on the golden tablet that is found in the Qorikancha temple in Cuzco. The star map message depicts the identity of Viracocha as a star visitor entity. The Incas believe he is the great one of their ancient star ancestors. But something amazing now appears a lot clearer. The interaction between one from Earth speaking to this one with the title of 'Viracocha' the star visitor seen at the bottom of the gold tablet.

The Maya and many other ancient civilisations claim a day in the future when the star visitor ancestors return and up to now the Inca have no public recognised records of prophecy due to no written records.

Let's look at the golden tablet. Consider the main story feature here. This appears to be a story of star travellers showing their journey from their world on the left of the tablet near the Pleiades and a line that probably went right around the walls of the temple to touch the other side of the front of the temple. As depicted on the golden tablet here it is on the right side were a cosmic dragon opens over Earth because it teaches a dot connecting to the continent of what looks like South America according to my interpretation.

Now... a whole lot of 'ifs' need to be considered as well as the very rare chance we make first official contact with alien life in the universe. If the comet fragments in the first week of December 2013 and if the unthinkable occurs, and we make first 'official' public contact with star visitors in our seen sky then consider this. If the star visitor event is a reality and if it qualifies as appearing a non evil visitor event, then the message given by such a visitor needs to be taken seriously and with trust. (See the logic and reasoning way to qualify with high probability if any star visitor is good or evil here)


The first question needing an answer is the placement of the comet in the star map between Orion and Taurus. One needs to ask if this fragmenting Comet has passed this area or has any unusual identification associating the comet with this area of the night sky.

That answer is not yet solved


If the Inca prophecy of a fragmented comet is real and it is this new comet, then substantial fragments will be seen. But here is the thing. This prophecy does not involve doom and gloom in any visible way. It appears to be a time marker only.

It is my opinion that this prophecy is not a cataclysm sign but more importantly a reunion of Viracoch the star visitor once again with his people at an important time in our future.

But then one has to wonder why time it with such a unique thing like as a fragmenting comet unless a piece was expected to be a threat to the Earth.

So lets reason the threat of an impact possibility. Yes if the prophecy is real and it deals with a fragmenting comet then yes, a piece of it is probably a threat impacting the Earth. But then is this prophecy is real then it probably comes with a little help from above... or not?

The article study on Prophecy here .






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