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The long awaited National Geographic documentary on the translation of the 1700 year old gospel of Judas was broadcast worldwide on Sunday the 9th of April 2006. For those who did not get to see it, it contained the very controversial claim that Christ had set up Judas to turn him in, and that Judas acquiesced to his wishes.

The entire English translation of the Judas gospel is available as a download:


Aside from revealing Judas' supposed disparate role, the documentary does not expand on a critical secret that Jesus may have shared with Judas in confidence that may have been for his ears only.

What inspired my reasoning in the crucial two lines that follows, is an interesting ‘coincidence’ that occurred during the National Geographic transmission of the documentary. They showed the stars in the sky exactly as in the image below, which I had theorised in ‘The Hidden Records’ saga: That the ancients seemed to suggest that one needs to follow the well known three belt stars of Orion in a line to find the location of the ‘mystery’ star integral to ‘The Hidden Records’.

The translation in the text below vividly describes secret knowledge about a single star that it refers to as being Judas’ star also. The quote is as follows:

Lift up your eyes and look at the cloud and the light within it and the stars surrounding it.

From all my research into the paranormal, to me this description has the traditional biblical account of what is designated today as an ‘unexplained flying object’, creating both cloud and light. What is even more important to the author is the next line that follows the aforementioned:

“The star that leads the way… is your star.”

Because the sentence makes no real sense in the context of ‘literal’ stars, I cannot help wondering if there is an alternative interpretation to this sentence. Perhaps the full Judas Gospel story will be published in a week or two by National geographic and will expand on the interpretation possibilities. I have a feeling that due to the visual depiction of the stars shown on the documentary the interpretation most likely reads:

“The stars that lead the way… to your star.”

If such an interpretation is found to be acceptable with the text… to me and the human origin theory I propose, this might be the last piece of the puzzle here.

The ultimate message here might be an indication that Christ’s true lineage is the same as Judas and therefore the same as humanity’s, thus concluding as Christ’s ‘ultimate’ secret that he wanted to divulge to Judas before he was crucified. In other words, we are all of divine lineage and there should be no discrimination between nations from here forward.

Was Judas handed the secret of the ‘Sang Real’… which became the ultimate secret also of the renaissance age?

It would be premature to jump to any conclusions at this stage but if this were indeed the case, this alternative interpretation would be totally on a par with the mystery of the ‘three wise ones’ in the Gospel of Mathew:

“The ‘three wise ones’ follow from the east to locate the important star associated with the birth of Christ” (see image below).

Click here for the video preview of the Judas Gospel documentary with evidence of the star depiction in the sky where Jesus takes Judas outside and points to the stars:


The image of the sky was focused on three times during the documentary. Could it be that the scholars have found tangible additional information on the Judas codex, perhaps as a sketch beneath the body text that would inspire the film producers to depict this cosmic pattern?

For my research on what the secret about the star in question might be, click on the Christ icon on the home page on this website. Also look at the prime star map at the top of the home page and compare the similarity of how to use the three star alignment to locate a very important Sun-like star in ‘The Hidden Records’ saga that is encrypted in just about every ancient civilisation. (It might look upside down to people in the northern hemisphere but this is how Orion looks from South Africa). For the secret of the Orion cross revealeed and the Holy Grail, the story continues:

Part 2 .



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