My name is Wayne Herschel, author of 'The Hidden Records' and pictographic symbologist ref . The books written by Dan brown have been following a trend covering a collection of material heading in what should be an obvious a big reveal how it all fits together which you will be able to test and measure.

Or, is his material skimming carefully along the edge of truth and about to cover up and twist something so sacred and uplifting to humanity into ridicule and chaos. You can decide for yourself how this appears as we now look at all the old and new clues and what is shown on his book cover and in the story content.

Dan Brown is known for leaving codes and clues in all his book covers. Some are in the book, but some are not even touched upon as if waiting for a future 'grand finale' new book. Brown launched his new book 'Origin' on 3rd October 2017 and as we are now seeing... once again he leaves many open ends for the next book. He has left enough of a collection of clues to soon claim to later reveal something on our human origins that will shock the world.

Dan Brown's Origin promo release: ref
Dan Brown's Origin website promo: ref
Dan Brown's Origin book cover: ref

Dan Brown's 'Origin' novel has wording in these promotions claiming that this is what the next book will do. What else can possibly be seen as a grand secret on human origins? It screams out alien theory is all there really is here. But most of all, what can one really measure with reasoning and logic on all shown so far if they say he is going to release a follow-on to his usual theme story? It is apparently so shocking that the protagonist Langdon has something even he as a scientifically-minded symbologist finds hard to believe? The book has wording questioning alien answers but it does not dare release it just yet.

Dan Brown has previously launched book after book based on the primary secrets behind these topics below that his publisher says will all be covered again as the basis of Langdon's journey. 'Coincidently' each reference I add will show you links to my work on these connecting subjects predating Dan Brown's releases each time. What they contain is a general work hypothesis that actually already ties these subjects together with a grand awe-inspiring ancient alien human origin conclusion:

Secrets of religion... ref
The Circumpunct Sun symbol ... ref
Da Vinci and Vitruvian man codes... ref1 ref2
Architecture codes... ref
Washington DC layout codes... ref
Freemasonry symbols and secrets... ref
The encoded Rosicrucian Roseline... ref ref
Secrets of the Vatican... ref
Secrets of Rosslyn Chapel... ref

Not to forget, the entire manuscript that was pulled after almost a year-long media countdown to what was going to be a grand shocking conclusion. He then announced he would take another year to rewrite a new angle and he would call it "Lost symbol". It turned out also to be his least entertaining story written to date and critics said the same. A movie version for this book was also dropped. ref.

The manuscript that was pulled was called:

Solomon Key ... ref

The Key of Solomon history coincidently involves the most cryptic mind-blowing ancient Hebrew cipher puzzle of all history. What caused it to be dropped? See the link and decide for yourselves. Now before discussing what all these topics have in common with my work, we also need to consider the latest releasing new clues shown below for where he and his promotion team all say his new book 'Origin' is about:

Dan Brown's promo releases and his website claim:

"... a breathtaking truth that has long eluded us"

"... the mystery begins in the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao"

But the main clue that ties everything together:

"... one that will answer TWO of the fundamental questions of human existence!"


In other words: All the clues so far suggest a shocking secret on how all of this has a grand alien human origin conclusion. With all seen so far it sounds highly probable that the next book will carefull introduce the same alien star visitor human origin tied secret that I have uncovered in history that all the ancient civilisations claimed over and over. The ancients all made up the same massive lie or...


The last quoted line shouts out loud for me that he is going to cover my two greatest findings of my 20 years life's work. Humanity actually has two separate mysteries about its origins. The secret of our star visitor bloodline, and the secret of the origin of the soul which has its own website oneism.org

He might choose to define the second human existence mystery on how we got here through star gate devices ref. .

Some say he might one day deliver an alien human connection, perhaps twist the truth by using the usual elite favourite bad alien agenda just like all the other works in this genre. Going the way of the elite controlled matrix world that has protocols that keeps the subject of aliens and UFO studies swamped in complete fictional chaos. We wait and watch but my feeling he is under publishers demand to just touch on a few more small pieces of truth, and set the way for getting closer to the truth in far later books.


The Circumpunct symbol has been a major symbol secret he has not completely revealed as yet. It is the 'x' that marks the spot sun system in all the Egyptian and Freemason star maps so far. I even went as far as sending the explanation to his literary agent at some point. My objective was for him to get it right rather than turn it into worthless fiction. But the result seemed to put a spanner in the works. 'Coincidently' 6 months later after my sending the files he dropped The Solomon Key that has a cipher puzzle that can be deciphered that explains the symbol in the context of a star map. He then called his replacement book 'Lost Symbol'.

'Lost Symbol' was all about how this symbol has been lost in meaning. It ended with an obvious tone that a later book might go deeper. He does say human origins is the theme in the new book so it seems likely he is going to do the deed.

The first clue on the new book cover is that the word 'Origin' uses an 'O' which is a Circumpunct, a dot with a circle around it. This is the only clear symbol on the book cover. The rest of the clues on the cover are blurred and make for a less obvious mystery. This combination speaks volumes in support of the possibility that he will explain the alien human origin findings I have written about.

I have found the origin of this symbol has 3 possible roots. Firstly either on a star map sketch of many dots for stars, the sun-like stars were ringed to show where they were. Or secondly they have a ring around them in ancient star sketches to show they have an orbit of an exoplanet with them. Thirdly there is one more possible origin of this symbol that holds the biggest possibility.

The ring around the dot which is a sunlike star 'target' and the ring is the star gate portal to get to this far away star. The full article showing ancient star gate devices is here.

In the 'Lost Symbol' book cover he also showed the As Above So Below symbolism of Freemasonry in the Freemason star map here.




There is one massive clue that people will find when they research why Dan Brown might like to start his mystery in the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao for his usual theme of a murder plot and hidden records needing decoding.

It is a fact the Guggenheim Museum has run a popular theme for Dan Brown supporters. See the link. A special exhibition on secret symbols of the Rosicrucians called "Mystical Symbolism: The Salon de la Rose+Croix in Paris, 18921897" ref.

Here is another 'coincidence', in 2014 I launched the Rosicrucian star map. My discoveries here coincidently out of all my work had one very new breaking theme. The human origin star visitor ancestor arrival theme stands far more convincingly above all the others. It ties the alien star map I have repeating in many cases with pictographic evidence of the Sacred Feminine chained in a heavenly secret seen below. One where she is portrayed in how the Earth was invaded by heavenly beings (our ancestors) during the time of the apes. The Earth was basically invaded by aliens... us... we are the aliens! ref

Mouseover the image below to see the Rosicrucian depiction decoded...




The biggest probability of the main plot of Dan Brown's future books are the going into the most common symbol in Rosicrucian order. It is the Rose Cross seven petal star map . Here I show that it is the same as the Chartres Cathedral floor pattern with seven petals that actually has dots as well that look like the Pleiades star pattern. But both the floor and the rose cross depictions use the cross of the churches as Orion that shows the way to find the sun star (human origin star) near the Pleiades ref

For those who do not know how Orion is my answer to the cross of the churches secret then here is the article: ref

Or go straight to the Rosicrucian star map human origin article ref




The big breakthrough artifact in my recent Alpha Omega article and eBook is finding the Egyptian shen artifact seen here in blue faience and the Ouroboros papyrus. There is more on this story proving they are star gate devices ref.

The Dan Brown new 'Origin' book cover seen at the top and bottom of this page shows a lotus flower and it is strangely also in blue like the Egyptian star gate artifact seen below. In Hinduism I found the star gate and star map with lotus flower depictions were everywhere ref.

The lotus is also an ancient Egyptian symbol for the same thing. A cosmic conduit opening and the initiate emerges from it ref




There is one artifact on this planet that stands well above any other that shows everything. It is Babylonian and it is the Kudurru stone seen below that I coined as 'The Genesis Stela" early last year due to its ties with how humanity got to Earth in an arrival event in the first time ref.

Brown's latest book cover also shows the two twisted swirls for the Kudurru symbol for 'an open receiving star gate' I proposed in the link below that is here on Earth using a symbol that looks like two twirled horns ref.



Finally, the Golden Ratio Fibonacci spiral on the cover in context with a spiral staircase on the book cover 'from heaven' speaks volumes. This is the 'God code' I discuss with the human blueprint Vitruvian man code found in three ancient star maps ref .

I also noticed the hexagonal tiles of blue background pattern on Dan Brown's 'Origin' book cover as seen below. It hints of the human carbon molecule code and flower of life code which is also addressed in a previous article here.

The human code under a universal radiating Creation source is the big deal here, but I cannot see Dan Brown going this route as work elevating Spirituality above religion is not in the best interests of the world powers that be. I cover my source from my near death experience where I believe all that I have uncovered so far originates from ref.