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Wayne Herschel hidden records



This breakthrough release deserves being accorded over 100 pages of repetitive but essential cross referencing evidence and in-depth explanation because of its complexity. It involves a whole series of groundbreaking comparative discoveries made around the world in archaeoastronomy to validate it. To include them, there are over 100 pages of material linked to this page to cross reference especially for those new to the subject. Simply use the 'ref' links after every big statement. It is recommended to do a first read without referencing, a second read with referencing for those passionately seeking the truth. Consider 'middle-clicking' to open each ref. in a new tab to avoid the inconvenience of losing your place.

The ref. links are a must for those wanting to experience the full life-changing, inspiring and uplifting truth of what has been hidden from us since the very first monarchy system on Earth chose the commoner as 'not worthy'. Special thanks to researcher Márton Molnár-Göb ref for investigating the clues first hand in Paris and for the findings he too has added to this mystery. Enjoy the journey.


The star veneration mystery of Paris gained momentum after Dan Brown's ‘The Da Vinci Code’ identified portions of it as the place of the sacred feminine Holy Grail. Especially where the story ended by the glass pyramid at the Louvre.

Paris has been the subject of many mystery novels claiming it holds a valuable secret linked to either human origins or a place of the gods, but mainly... secret society. Perhaps due to the conditions publishers set out when printing new books on the topic, it seems every public release to date including ‘The Da Vinci Code’ itself, only speaks about the real clues, with such clues then swung into the direction of fiction and chaos. Explanations pointing to the star Sirius abound. What on earth is that about?

I have first hand experience of claims that publishers have vested interests. My work interested a few of the biggest publishers in the UK in 2001 however an advance of GBP 50,000 would come at a dear price, a route I implicitly refused to go: In the end every offer consistently insisted I drop the Mars chapter, include a Big Dipper correlation as an option with the Pleiades, incorporate the celebrated claims of other authors that revere Sirius star gods and a pledge not to refute outright, the well accepted traditional Sun worship theory

In the end self-publishing with investors who felt it was important was the only path to take. Long story short... it has been hell... we have lost a fortune. The book and work is constantly sabotaged and interfered with especially in the USA ref


Many of us know already that Sirius can't possibly be important because firstly who would obsess in a worthless star that scientists confirm has absolutely no planets or life prospects and secondly since all the clues speak of Sun veneration and Sun gods that sailed down from the heavens. Sirius is not even close to a sun-like star to match ancient sun-star measurement on horizon rituals.

So why the Sirius claims in so many authors’ works? Some conspiracy theorists claim it is a cover up of a valuable truth trying to get researchers to follow Orion's Belt to Sirius rather than the real direction the opposite way towards the bull of the sky area. This area in the night sky was common globally to almost all ancient civilisations and its significance has it beginnings in Egypt ref. I have presented a my claim since 2002 that the cosmic bull of Taurus, repeating itself globally in the knowledge of all civilisations, is the area of human origins. I have discovered and catalogued 3 real 'G' class sun-stars over and over again using different ancient star maps. It identifies a real solar trinity legend that can be measured, compared and studied ref.

The mystery of the Dogon people was made famous by Masonic author Robert Temple who more than a decade ago chose to take the same Sirius approach as records on the Dogon originally made public in the 1920's. At the time, the famous Rockefeller family funded a Dogon expedition for two historians to put Sirius in the spotlight. The official take on the findings had everything to do with Sirius, yet once revealed the papers of the explorers showed that their findings had nothing to do with Sirius at all.

The Dogon mystery involving Sirius was exposed as fake a few years ago by the well known author and researcher Phill Coppens who sadly passed away recently ref.




Let's start this journey where Da Vinci Code left you believing the Holy Grail was Sophie, a lady who was the youngest living descendant of Mary Magdelene. Langdon was standing at the point between the Glass Pyramid at the Louvre (yellow) and on the glass floor in the first circle of the 3 white circles in a row in the image above. Let's now imagine you are in place of the fictional character researcher in Brown's story but you take this story further on that starry night in Paris on the magical period of the year the ancients measured this secret. Just after midnight like in Rome ref on the pre-Christian date of Sol Invictus... ref 25th December

Dan Brown left a clue he really knew the truth about the real Holy Grail perhaps against his publishers wishes or higher powers that be who decide on these matters.

The choice of the sacred feminine name as Sophia that Brown gave her was not by chance. It is the name of the real sacred feminine human genesis secret ref.

I claimed in 2014 to discover the real Holy Grail ref after following a mind blowing set of new clues after my earlier breakthroughs in Scotland and with another piece of Da Vinci Code puzzle revisited with the stunning Rosslyn Chapel star map ref.

After proposing the Sang Real sacred human bloodline was a star map message as referenced, you will see clearly how this new Paris claim I make here is consistent and sound and perfectly fitting all the other surrounding linked mysteries.




In the image above it is clear the 3 circles represent Orion's Belt stars as it even has one circle slightly offset ref, just like their heavenly counterparts. I am sure author Robert Bauval must have recognised this Orion's Belt offset layout and previously presented it in his book Talisman, even though if I remember correctly he also offered Sirius as a grand solution which I dissagree with.

Let's imagine now you are magically there at the Paris site as the movie ended in place of the fictional story character standing between the Glass Pyramid seen above walking towards the 3 circles and the real story continues.

It's now time to leave the fictional account of that massive profitable and accepted fit for public view dramatisation and look for the truth.

Beneath the first circle's glass platform in the story where the inverted pyramid ref was the clue Dan Brown offered for the "As Above So Below" sacred feminine depiction which was true with two converging triangles, one in the sky and one on ground legend with the combination of sacred feminine womb of Egyptian cosmos Goddess Nut ref and the pyramid/obelisk/blade as the Male aspect as a symbol for the Holy Grail ref. What he didnt show is how the two triangles depict the hour glass symbol for Orion ref which is part of the Grail secret and when the symbols converge you form the star of David which is the primary Sol star in the star map as decoded in the Jerusalem star map ref . All ancient civilisations knew and protected the same star secret.



Imagine you are now walking towards the three arches (ringed in red in image repeated below), your mind is primed with the wisdom of the Orion clue of the two glass pyramids below ground in the Louvre from your research and you are at this site on a special pre-chosen night of Sol Invictus when the ancients measured the star secret.

The hourglass shape of the two glass pyramids as you know from the image above encodes the Holy Grail precisely so, ref and you know the Holy Grail is far more grandure than a single Christ descendant lineage. From all the 35 cases of the star map you have seen ref , The Holy Grail lineage includes the entire human race. BUT this human lineage secret hidden for millennia encodes the secret to peace in the world, that we are ALL of a star visitor human origin arrival on Earth ref, from this Sacred Femine womb that is a place encoded somewhere in the sky on this night of sacred ritual measurement of the historical elite. ref


You have your collection of Google Earth images in your satchel, you open it and check if you are standing in the right place. To the precise West direction you can see the Eiffel Tower illuminated as in the image below.

Suddenly you see a major second clue... the place where you stand is part of the historical Tuileries 3 circles ref and realise from other authors research that these three circles appear to mirror the 3 stars in a row of Orion's Belt that show the way in the sky as the Greek legend of the Chi-Rho ref.

But if true what is the next clue that needs to be solved?

You look again at the image of the 3 circles and realise that if there is a viewing secret here then one needs to stand in a correct viewing position to see the secret. You glance again at your image and see another pattern of 3's.

There is a strange 3 arch monument here in front of you (ringed in red) and from here a slight deviation in alignment occurs and it is along the most famous and controversial road of Paris, The avenue of Champs-Élysées, a title which is basically derived from the legend of the avenue of 'the field of the gods' ref.

Ponder on this thought. It is also a clue since we are searching for the secret of Paris and yes quite accurately something we search for in a field/area of the 'star gods'.

Another clue appears... and it's as clear as day in the image you have with you... there are radiating lines here, like a blazing sun ray pattern radiating from this position where you are standing! This is the place to view the secret. It's aready near midnight Christmas eve but there is very little to see in the sky above the horizon even using your powerful binoculars as you look towards the Eiffel Tower and along the direction of the Avenue.




You realise you are looking along an avenue filled with monuments of sights you have seen in ancient megalithic places all over the world. Right in front of you like Rome... a real Egyptian obelisk with gold capstone is another wonderful clue ref.

The Egyptian obelisk is the male aspect that is a marker on the ground for the sun-star in other ancient sites. It is also the phallus of a personified Orion using his male anatomy and not his belt showing the way. This the obelisk representing the male aspect and a so called 'blade' in European history tradition as a marker at the same time of special 'suns'. ref . But since it is gold capped it reveals much more. There was only one confirmed massive obelisk in Egypt that was gold capped. It is the stunning ultimate sun star marker of Abusir in the Egyptian 50 pyramid field star map layout plan. ref .

What this obelisk means is the unfolding secret and will probably have a lot to do what was seen in the sky on Sol Invictus in the Vatican star map using the same obelisk ref. It is set in the famous site called Place de la Concorde ref



But as you watch through your binoculars in the sky above the obelisk there is nothing to be seen... yet.

Is this obelisk the marker for the grand ritual viewing experience in the sky? It surely has to be a prime marker but it can't associate in the sky with Orion's phallus .. or belt showing the way because we have a north west alignment here. It also does not align vertical on the horizon like it is celebrated on the eastern horizon by many ancient traditions. The ancients commonly celebrated it as 'birthing'... appearing stars as if being born on the horizon. Especially in Egyptian tradition and in Roman tradition on Sol Invictus.

There was only one other site that chose west orientation to have its monuments mirror the star secret in the sky... the oldest tradition of all dating around 17000 years ago. It was Gobelki Tepe ref.

All the others chose the eastern horizon. As you look further up the avenue you see what most say is one of the most famous monuments of Paris second to the Eiffel Tower. The Arc de Triomphe as seen in this image reference here with the obelisk position beautifully gold capped in foreground. In the image below you can see it from above.

Behind the Arc de Triomphe, another very modern construction, a modern arch building. Then I suddenly realised something I bet many authors found before me on what this whole layout suggested. It looks like a gun barrel where the obelisk is the pin within the arch, but this 'pin' reaches higher... emphasis is towards heaven. ref. This entire design is conclusively meant to locate a sky target!




The Arc de Triomphe ref is just like many ancient megalith sites sun gates... just like the most famous sun gate of all... The Gate of the Sun at Tiwanaku in Bolivia ref. The only thing I deplore on the claims of these ancient sun gates is that historians still insist it is 'our Sun' being measured. I insist it wasn't our Sun being viewed... it was another sun-star near the Pleiades.

The obvious appearance when viewed from above is the blazing sun motif that is on the ground. This is more identical to the sun tradition depicting 'a sun'. But it is the name of the arch that inspires reasoning!

Name speaks volumes because the name The Arc de Triomphe basically originates from the title "The Arch of Triumph of the Star" ref

This is huge support of my general theory. It is both a star and a sun. Here is confirmation that both clues need to fit. I think this has to be the ultimate monument in Paris fitting the global sun star mystery. There is no other theory that comes even close when viewed from above that depicts exactly what I am looking for; a star map layout plan. Later we will look at this all from above and see if Paris comes close to the Rome ref or Washington DC ref star map template.

The relief carving on the Arc de Triomphe has a bull depiction and it seems to hold clues to its secret ref




The sculpture has a deity holding a spear showing the way heavenwards like Horus as Orion in Egypt ref. The spear pointing to the sky has three rivets in a row like Orion's Belt and the opposite direction of the three dots aligns with the back of the bull's head/neck where the Pleiades and sun star reside.

The deity is on the back of the bull standing and in identical stance with Sumerian history when depicted with the historically accepted depiction of the seven orbs of the Pleiades in Taurus that astronomically can be found on the back of the bull ref (the bull's leg origin explained here: ref )

The deity has a breast plate that adds more... he wears cosmic serpents that I have proposed previously from my own near death experience documented here ref and in ancient depictions ref represent cosmic conduits the deities traverse the heavens in, cosmic wormholes if you will. Click the image for close up detail on the relief.

But there is one clue here in this relief mural that stands out more importantly... the bull has raised his leg like in the Dendera depictions in Egypt and like the Moses golden bull epic ref to beckon you to look for his leg interpreted as a Taurus star map ref ... and his leg that will be severed and set free as in Egypt and in Bull worship Mithrus tradition ref is astronomically made of stars ref

But I still believed if there was a Pleiades connection in Paris then there had to be something more convincing for the Pleiades than just a hint of it in this sun gate arch relief.




Between the obelisk monument and the Arc de Triomphe 'sun gate' there lies another fantastic monumental clue suggesting the grand design of the initiate sky view experience ritual involves the Pleiades.

This image above is of the landmark on the avenue alignment and placed almost perfectly between the two. The circle of 6 fountains, with an extra orb at the centre to make 7 orbs creating a special symbol. One depicting the Pleiades.

The symbol of seven orbs in this pattern is one German historians deciphered from the Nebra sky disc discovey. A star map they said could be as old or older than Stonehenge and one involving measurement of the sun and stars. I propose the Nebra disc as another Pleiades sun-star map in my book The Hidden Records in 2002 ref

This landmark is probably created to inspire you the initiate to watch for the collection of 7 orbs in the sky.

Márton Molnár-Göb my Hungarian researcher friend ref saw this symbol on his own initiated research as well and I would also like to credit him in this matter as he did not know I had found similar earlier when watching the Tour de France TV helicopter footage in 2005. This landmark also uses the Chi Rho symbol I decoded in 2003 as the cross of the churches as Orion ref. Mouse over the image above to see the Chi-Rho symbol that I propose is Orion's Belt showing the way in this mystery ref.

Having both Orion and Pleiades symbols as one, it can only mean we are on the right track so far.




Here is an image of all the clues so far. Before revealing the giant supreme being with male anatomy geoglyph with Eiffel Tower associated with the grand secret unfolding as seen in the collection of clues in the image above, there is one more clue to crack with this before the big breakthrough.

Between the obelisk and 6 fountain circle I almost missed this clue if it were not for Google Earth. This one is so big one would not see it unless from the sky. The Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées, ref commonly known as the Grand Palais is apparently not known by anyone I have spoken to that it duplicates a vast Orthodox cross ref. As per all church cross traditions, I have shown these crosses are most likely based on the secret of the cross Constantine was shown in the sky by 'angels' ref one I have a good case concluding high probability it can only be Orion as a 'way shower' to the Bethlehem star ref ... star of David... ref... star of the Maya... ref... the Sumerians... ref... Stonehenge... ref... and more.

Is this a coincidence? Well let's say perhaps it is for now because even without this clue we have a solid theory on what is about to be revealed here.




I realised the tower as a male symbol surely will be a major landmark in this story and was fortunate to realise it is a star marker of one of the Sol stars in my global star map template I call Sol 2 when viewed from above. But it was Hungarian researcher Márton Molnár-Göb ref that discovered this site had two ancient features that will completely 'blow your mind'. I realised this site when viewed from the air duplicates a living being, not just any being, it was one Márton found was tied into an ancient Supreme Being cult ref.

It was celebrated long before the Tower was built or surrounding buildings. But here are 5 massive findings Márton made.

1) There was a man made mound ritual

2) The mound in the leg area of the human form I propose was named:

"A field like Mars"!

3) The mound had a pillar on top of it like in the Freemason star map ref

4) The mound also had a Tree of Life celebration of human spirit on top of it ref.

5) A crescent shaped building was built above the head, a symbol for exoplanet in my research.

A 'field' like Mars! This is huge because field suggests a terrain area like somewhere on Mars where the early society here knew of pyramids on Mars. Here is what it once looked like and notice also a grande secondary marker with spire in the background ref. There was some sort of Helios Sun deity/sacred feminine/Liberty ref carried on throne ritual there too some say as seen in the referenced image ref.

This Mars connection is sensational due to the biggest star map finding of my life I made back in 1997 that Mars is the ultimate star map. Look at this next reference link also to see they knew what was on Mars from some sort of ancient hidden discovery. It was long before probes were sent to Mars revealed accidently perhaps in 1958 by two famous people, one was non other than Arthur C Clarke! ref

Márton and I were unsure if the crescent on the head of the deity depicted horns like Egyptian and Sumerian crowning tradition showing they are of Taurus or if it was celebrating planet in crescent. But we are both sure it is more likely celebrating the exoplanet, like with Horus in the image.

Let us return to you imagining you are there in Paris. Here you stand in the image below at this stage of research debating the exoplanet and sun-star correlations with the Tower as SOL 1 and the arch as SOL 2 showing each... but not yet quite there in decoding the complete star map. Mouse over the image below to compare how similar this part of the story is to the German Nebra solution I decoded and how the template so far includes Orion's Belt, a sun-star and its exoplanet world and the Pleiades.

Speaking of Pleiades... in rendering this image I saw the final clue! The missing piece of this puzzle and it had to be a grand one or all the work so far will fall flat in this new theory... behold... the leg of the bull is here!




In the image above you can see the early gardens called the Bois de Boulogne ref.

The leg of the bull pattern that I discovered originates in Egypt and it refutes historians' claim of representing the Big Dipper. Provided in this link is the evidence that it depicts the Pleiades: ref. You can see it is also the blueprint layout of the city and Star of David in the Jerusalem star map ref.

It is also used in star map Washington DC ref.

It is also the star map template at Lalibela Ethiopia ref.

It is the 'Central Park' so to speak of Paris as a very easy to recognise pattern generally shaped like a leg of a bull. But the shape seems more refined by the carefully placed roads within it highlighted bright green in the previous image and below.

I was going to ignore the inner pattern which is more impressively a leg of the bull shape until I realised it has more occurring with a special alignment road to the Arc de Triomphe.

The interpretation of a pattern design garden surrounded by buildings was something I already discovered was a way the early colonies of Cape Town where I live set up the very same star map with their colonial gardens ref.




Mouse over the image above to see the star correlation secret. The inner shape formed by the garden roads I realised is absolutely no coincidence as a symbol, it has a special alignment avenue that aligns directly to the 'x' that marks the spot in the star map where the Arc de Triomphe is a sun-star Gate like ancient civilisations, and hence why I added the Inca variety in the image to compare.

The very elite of Paris live along this avenue called Avenue Foch. It is where some of the most powerful controversial elite families of the world live... like the Rothschilds ref.

It links the leg of the bull shaped inner pattern to the Arc de Triomphe 'x' that marks the spot sun-star correlations in my star map theory. Paris is without doubt a star map matching all 35 of my strongest cases... this now qualifying as a new strong case no 36.

Did they know the star map secret? Did they build here hoping advanced returning star visitors will recognise those that know the star map, see their grand mansion and land here? Just like I propose for the Washington Monument placed interestingly on a pathway across from the most powerful leader in the world?

My thought is their residence position is just a coincidence here and these folks haven't a clue about the star map knowledge, just like the Vatican and just like all modern secret society and modern monarchy whose ancestors encoded it so well even today they see it as attractive mysterious allegory and that's all.




We have Sol 1 as the Arc de Triomphe and Sol 2 as the Eiffel Tower correlations as referenced here in my star map photograph ref. But in such an elaborate city presentation is it possible for some reason Sol3 is missing which should be somewhere above the Gardens.

Mouse over the image to see how it looks wihout my highlighting and making the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe larger.

This is the complete star map (on its 'side' so to speak) as compared all along each case in my work in animation and you can see Orion function as 'way shower' and Sol1 is the most venerated as in Paris as the primary sun-star and similar in most traditions and Sol2 another important sun-star and where we should look for Sol3 if it exists in Paris as it is very important in the American Indian star map of Cahokia ref.




In the image below it was the last finding I made and it was quite recently following the leg of the bull discovery in Paris. In identical Roman DaVinci Code fortress tradition ref and Cape Town fortress tradition ref... Paris also has its most famous star shaped fortress called the fortress of Fort Mont-Valérien ref.

It correlates as a cosmic Marker for Sol 3... see below!

Paris has almost everything in the ancient star map legends. It has the Orion interpretation and 3 sun stars with Pleiades. Now comparing apples with apples in this star correlation mystery with other authors offering Sirius as an answer...

The first Pleiades clue was the Arc de Triomph bull relief sculpture...

The second Pleiades reference was the circle of 6 fountains pleiades symbol...

The third Pleiades reference was the colonial gardens as a general leg of the bull with a defined option also within it

Also in fairness in comparison we have much more to add compared to previous Sirius theories. We have the Human form depiction, the Mars reference there, the 3 sun correlations with the Pleiades, the Arch de Triomphe title was star like and sun-like in depiction. My presentation answers the title precisely.




But we are missing one last thing... what stars are measured on the horizon here in Paris... NOT at some general meanigless date, to 'make it fit', it must be at Sol Invictus, the 25th December like historically documented and in the other star map presentations. This period in time is the only period of the year where the pre Christian era ancient sun worshipers measured a primary important 'sun-star' position in the sky that I suggest is found near the Pleiades. What are the odds against chance here we find this occur in the sky measurement?

I left you hanging in Paris in the story earlier imagining you we like Langdon of Dan Brown's DaVinci Code novel waiting to see what was going to occur on the horizon.

Let's continue from there and imagine it's a clear starry night and Paris coincidently has a power failure as you are standing back at the three arches viewing spot ringed below. It is way past midnight and early hours of the morning 6am and suddenly the sky brightens as your eyes adjust to the city darkness. At last you get to see the secret of the layour plan of Paris!




There they are! Yes... wiping the sleep out of your eyes, no doubt freezing half to death at this time of year too... but you see it!

The Pleiades magically sets above the obelisk and the primary star seems pretty much in true alignment too... now and virtually unchanged the last few millennia!

Now you suddenly realise that the Eiffel Tower is playing its part as personification of the Male aspect where his tower is with Orion's Belt... and it is lined up on the horizon from its counterpart human code as Orion like the Gilgamesh Sumerian tablet ref and the whole star map is on the horizon!

Google Earth now has a star view program with 3D city building layout... try it yourself.

Set the date to Christmas morning 6am... both modern arch and Arc de Triomphe in the image here. Pleiades magically visible above Horizon.



Close upview of the Arc de Triomphe...

The obelisk is so tall it towers over the Arch... but in this graphic I present a new conspiracy theory. Somewhere in the west wing of the top floor of the Louvre there will be a viewing room and a telescope.

It is quite possible the obelisk will be lowered into optimum gun barrel alignment. But it needs something that occured 100 years ago that does not occur today. Less light polution and clear skies.

The conclusion of the star map... what does it mean? How does one interpret the layout plan message?




Mouse over the grand secret message of Paris in the image below.... as it is on Mars... as it is at Stonehenge.

There are 3 sun stars near the Pleiades that are catalogued and measured here

The Third sun star is not in the image below but you have seen as a late addition to the story... it also exists.

The message is a match to the Mars decoded message exactly.

Sol 1 of the Arc de Triomphe is the place of human ancestors

Sol 2 incorporates the personification message of a supreme being as Orion man teaching the way to find the secret and of humanity with Orion human code. It's not Orion's Belt showing the way in some traditions, it is like in Washington DC... ref it is the male anatomy as sacred masculine... the Tower. The Sacred feminine is the arch... the vessel... the womb and combined they form the Holy Grail secret ref

Sol 3 is include as another solar system correlation found very important with the ancient American Indian, ref and Maya traditions and Angkor of Cambodia ref.

The star maps of all the other sites now can be compared to Paris and deeper meaning references are here ref.



NOTE: There are probably many author finding references left out in this story and since there are many old books published on this topic, as the authors references are identified they will be updated here. Please contact me here if you have a valuable reference to credit such missing references ref





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Credits - References - Copyright - General summary of ancient alien star maps proving star ancestor human origins explored in The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel. A Pleiades and Orion correlating pyramid star map interpretation was published in 1997 newspapers, followed by a Carte Blanche TV documentary in 2002 now on youtube. The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel released in 2003. (See book synopsis on website for more detail of The Hidden Records). There is a Pleiades correlation with Cydonia Mars, Stonehenge and Tikal and his new 2021 published Atlantis discovery show the same for Atlantis in Donana Spain. The site of an alien crop circle message with swastika and cross. The ancient alien human origin theory by Wayne Herschel claims humanity replaced Neanderthal. The ancient star maps of Orion and Pleiades correlation including three sunlike stars are all Wayne Herschel's copyright protected discoveries.