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The Skidi lineage of the American Pawnee Indian tribe are known to have had a complex religion of which astronomy was a large part. Their obsession with the night sky went so far as to design their lodges and villages with astronomy in mind.

Scholars have often said that their Villages were laid out in the position of the most important stars in the sky. They also built pyramid like burial mounds that I am presently exploring.

In the bottommost corner of the village was a shrine to a special star and in the west was another shrine to a second important star. The doors of the lodges always faced east to the rising stars and the Sun, and four posts representing the four important directions (northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast) were used to hold up the lodge. The domed roof of their dwellings represented the sky. Part of their creation myth says that Mars, the red morning star warrior, mated with Venus, the female evening star being, to produce the first humans. I must say that it is quite an interesting thing that they mention Mars here. Scholars have commented that to the Pawnee, the solstices were not that important to them although they like other ancient civilizations measured the seasons purly for planting and harvesting.

All their ancient records show an obsession with the Pleiades and they instead worshipped a star that appears to be located near the Pleiades star cluster.

Their ultimate star was considered to be a chief protecting the stars and the people.

The Pleiades were often depicted as a circle of five or six stars with one in the middle of it much like the Hebrew and Maya traditions. The most famous ancient ceremonial drum skin seen here is well known in Pawnee historical research to have accurately depicted their sacred stars in the sky.

I was told by an American Indian reader of my book who wrote to me in 2004 saying that he has known the drum skin throughout his life and actually seen the drum skin close up sometime in the early forties. He commented that all the stars were depicted in black ink probably made from charcoal and tree resin. But the exciting thing scholars have not mentioned on the drum skin was something important that he was told in the past. It was detail probably created with the actual blood of his ancestors… a red round pattern of circles all on its own near the middle of the drum skin.

No scholar has commented on what it meant because it was unlikely to be the moon because it had two smaller orbs within it.

I am convinced since the red blotch not only fits the exact place on the star map of my proposed human ‘genesis star’ in the direction towards the Milky way as all my other ancient examples, but it shows more. It follows the same pattern from Orion’s belt, visually identifying the position of the Pleiades cluster first, and then aligning from the Pleiades cluster with the correct angle to the ‘x’ star that marks the place on the star map… a nearby sun-like star.




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