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4 star rating The Thrill of Challenging Viewpoints and Intellectual Stimulation, May 23, 2006
Reviewer: Grady Harp (Los Angeles, CA United States) - See all my reviews

Wayne Herschel possesses a magnetism in his thoughts, his devotion to discovery, his human vulnerability as one who has encountered near death or out of body experiences or paranormal light events, and in pulling his probing investigation of the cosmos into a book that feels like a gift to the reader. Whether or not every reader will greet his theories and substantial documentation with an open mind is something no one can control. But for those who like to think out of the box, who admit that there are so many possibilities to explain our existence in the universe, for those hungry and adventuresome minds this book THE HIDDEN RECORDS is a little fascinating feast!

Herschel, ably assisted by Birgitt Lederer, has followed his instincts in exploring the fact that all pyramid systems on the face of the globe have definite relationship to the stars. He is an archeo-astronomer and has been able to illustrate how the ancient pyramids of Egypt are aligned with the belt of Orion stars that are tangent with the Milky Way. He does not merely toss off this idea, but instead gives multiple colour diagrams, maps, photographs and other documentation that the placement of the pyramids correlate with the positions of the stars.

Herschel then takes us through the design of the pyramids of the Incas of Peru, the mysterious Stonehenge construction and yes, even to the face of Mars. Each extension of his relationship between the remnants of older civilizations and the stars is well discussed, well mapped, and well presented. But the most fascinating discussion in this engrossing book is Herschel's postulate that the Great Pyramids of Egypt may just provide us with information to continue to explore the concept that life on planet earth came from a distant star via a means of migration that is as bold in concept as it is exciting to ponder.

For centuries people have laughed at individuals with ideas that seem on the edge of credibility, finding that such concepts as gravity and the rotation of the sun and earth challenge our sense of security, that we must have certain pieces of information we hold 'sacred' and are taken on 'faith', only to find that in time the principles once thought bizarre actually are found to be fact.

Herschel does not preach his ideas, does not alienate spirituality (if anything his thoughts are closer to deity than to science), but he does simply unfold his years of thoughtful pondering in a book that hopefully will cause thought and controversy. This is a book to exercise the mind and the imagination, and reading it opens windows into understanding the universe in ways we have never wandered. It is a fine read and a feast for the mind.

Grady Harp (Los Angeles, CA United States) - 23 May 2006

I bought the book and couldn't put it down - carrying my prized possession in a clear plastic bag everywhere I go and showing it to everybody. Am so proud of owning such a wonderful full-colour book with perfectly illustrated star maps and pyramid maps! I am 100% convinced the star maps are perfectly mirrored by the pyramids and ancient sites when I look at Wayne's comparisons. 

I read Graham Hancock and Von Däniken and Bauval and then others refuting their theories - and about aliens and abductions - and Hoagland. But none of the books I read was ever so clearly written and so beautifully and convincingly and consistently illustrated with photographs and computer-enhanced images - it is so lovely, I don't have words to express my delight. I love the way you brought all these disparate phenomena and diverging explanations under the umbrella of one star map and one explanation. I like your theory on the grounds that you base it on so much solid evidence, and also because you bring divergent phenomena and ancient documents together and create an overall picture as a framework which provides for all the strange occurrences. And Wayne's research impresses me - a lover of New Age theories and strange phenomena and occult explanations, and an erstwhile philosopher and academic -- as impeccable!!!!. It is a pleasure and a joy to read the book, to follow the reasoning, to see how Wayne tried all possibilities before making a claim - and nowhere does he stretch credulity -- his evidence, especially the computer program moving the stars back into place as they were 17 500 years ago - is so clear and logical - whatever scholars zoom in on, whatever their criticism, whatever they do to cover their boring backs, nothing can take away the irrefutable evidence that the Pleiades and Taurus were recreated and that an earth-like star has been found that matches the image of the mystery star of the ancients.

I can't wait to hear about the reaction from academic circles, unless they give it the silent treatment because it is too well researched to be refuted without making a fool of themselves, but that is their loss and our gain. 

Congratulations on the most beautiful book I have ever owned. Yours is the first all-encompassing theory I have come across! 

Marilese Koch (Pretoria, South Africa) - 3 August 2004

I just want to say congratulations for writing such a bold, fantastic book. I have for many years been fascinated by the pyramids and after reading Graham Hancock's "Fingerprints of the Gods" I too was convinced that we are not from here. I have followed your theories, got a recording of the Carte Blanche episode that you featured and this weekend bought your book "The Hidden Records" which I devoured cover to cover. 

I too have had some "Life changing experiences" which have completely led me on my path of trying to discover. Anyway what I wanted to comment on was that I really don't think that the pyramids (around the world) were built by their nations at all. For example the Egyptians wrote about EVERYTHING in Hieroglyphics, their "gods" their families, their language etc. If they were so proud of these magnificent structures that they built, then surely they would have told us about building them like they told us about everything else. In other words I haven't seen any hieroglyphics of architectural plans/ sketches/ blue prints of any of the great structures being built by the Egyptians-why? 

What I have also noticed which you may have already observed is that everything, star maps, the tops of the pyramids the Sphinx were all view from above, like as if there was a satellite watching down on everything like there is today? If planes were only invented in the 19th century and they only put a man in space in the 60's then how could this be possible? 
In Graham Hancock's "Fingerprints of the Gods" he talks about a map that was founds to be THOUSANDS of years old but yet so accurate. We know what the continents look like (today) on maps because satellites have taken those photos from above. So you mean to tell me that a couple of hundred years ago when people thought that the earth was flat and if you sailed over the horizon you would fall off the earth, they knew what the world map looked liked?- Impossible! Thousands of years before explorers "set sail" maps of our planet had already been drawn with very accurate lines of latitude and longitude? 

In a way this all suggests that most things, even crop circles and the positioning of Stonehenge, the Pyramids that line up with star maps, all had to be viewed from above to be so accurate. It’s like "the ancients" have been looking down on us for years and years and maybe they still are? 

Once again keep up the great work and thanks for such a fantastic book! 

Joanne Crawley (Durban - South Africa) - 2 August 2004

I am busy reading your book on ‘The Hidden Records’ Firstly just to comment to this from your website: at Spiritual pledge: 

"Although it may appear that the findings revealed in 'The Hidden Records' are heading away from the belief in a single Creator of the Universe, or Christian teaching... this couldn't be further from the truth. " 


"The time has come to get back to the original teachings and hidden texts that the early 'scholars' had rejected. The truth is found in many pieces of the puzzle spread globally, all of which contribute to this valuable study. " 

I was wondering these same thing when I started to read your wow-book - ‘The Hidden records’ that if you believe in the Single Creator God of the Universe... I am glad that you still hold on to the belief in the One Divine Creator because that I believe is "calling us back" to the Source of all things - where we originally come from - and on our journey finding these amazing findings as star maps - as you put it: awe inspirational !! I totally agree that it is time that we "wake up" the sleeping humanity and get back to the original teachings and hidden texts that early scholars rejected. I, being a student at the Academy for Future Science - my mission is also to be obedient to my calling and give the teachings to all who are "hungry and thirsty" - for the “upliftment” of mankind. I believe by working together, we can bring this to a new "focal-point" that will be contributing to all of mankind! The Truth will set us free! 

I believe all that we are busy with, is very sacred and must be treated with the uttermost respect at all times...... 

Your books has "opened up" and confirmed so many of my questions - especially because of the "visual" way you explained it - thank you for that! 

Riana Smit (CapeTown, South Africa) - 30 July 2004 

Thanks for a well researched, beautiful book. I have read the books of Bauval and Hancock and others and find your book fascinating. (Still busy reading it). Hopefully one day archaeologists will find the Book of Life of the ancient Egyptians and I am convinced that there is more to discover. Keep up the good work. 

De Wet Nel (South Africa) - 29 July 2004 

I bought your book yesterday, and would have read it already if I were not too busy today. I can't wait to get stuck into it, it is most beautifully produced and looks interesting too. 

Best wishes for the success of your book and any subsequent ones. 

Charlotte Wagner (South Africa) - 27 July 2004 

I got myself a copy of your book today and although I have only paged through it as yet, it looks absolutely fascinating - one of those books that you can’t put down until you've finished it, and that you need to read 2 or 3 times to digest all the magnificent information. So if I can’t concentrate at the office, it is because you were keeping me busy burning the midnight oil. I hope to meet you someday so that you can sign my copy. 

Congratulations!! I know that this book will be doing well for you. 

Robbie Botes (Johannesburg, South Africa) - 26 July 2004 

I wish you and Birgitt all the best for bringing the truth to us. I got a definite YES when I read the book. It is strange that people can still be so ignorant as not to believe that we are not from here. The mere mention of it brings out Blasphemy, Blasphemy!!!! Shame, should point out to them that the Bible is full of proof. Genesis 6:4 talks of the Nephilim on earth and that the sons of god had sexual relations with the daughters of men. The book of Ezekiel talks of the Cherubim - winged heavenly creatures with animal and human faces. I can go on and on and on. I have been classified as a rebel because as a child I had too much questions regarding the church. I basically devoured the Bible in search of the Truth. Found it. People love being taken care of and it is not much different now than then. These wonderfully intelligent beings from outer space came to earth and people worshipped them and saw they were powerful. They became Gods. 

You can be assured that I will buy all your books. We are distributors of books and will promote your book to everyone that's out there looking for the truth. 


Ingrid Jorgensen 

Ingrid Jorgensen (Helderkruin, South Africa) - 19 July 2004