The Anasazi site of Chaco Canyon in New Mexico in North America is the largest and most stunning collection of advanced building city monuments and dwellings of all American Indian earliest history. Anasazi means 'the ancient ones' and this lost civilisation originated from people referenced as of ancestral Puebloan culture ref that split up later primarily into the Hopi tribe in the area of Chaco Canyon and spread out through Arizona and New Mexico.

According to rebuild models ref buildings four storeys high were once built here near the cliff base along the curved cliff-facing half-moon-shaped enclosure at Pueblo Bonito ref as seen in both the image below and above.

The mound monuments of the Cahokia ruins ref for comparison are much bigger, but they are mere mounds compared to these ruins which are literally the remains of small compact enclosed cities.

The first question that comes to mind is did the Chaco Canyon American Indian tribes have the same Pleiades star ancestor obsession as seen much further south-west with Cahokia in the Mississippi River settlements of St Louis and Illinois? ref .

The answer is an obvious yes. The largest round buildings in the plaza area of the enclosure are the sacred buildings called 'kiva' ref and they were carefully placed to mirror sacred star positions. I found an image of what a kiva used to look like inside with the roof structure restored in this link ref .

Their log supported roof had a mud composition with some special proceedure possibly adding buffalo fat to it to keep it water resistant as many argue it would have once been a little greener here for these people to survive with both hunting and water supply from the river. Each kiva had a ladder to access the roof to dry out hides, and as a place to do many outdoor daily survival chores ref .




While looking at the Pleiades star correlation potential of Pueblo Bonito seen below, (mouse-over the image), I instantly recognised that most of the primary star correlations of the Pleiades would fit. Note that there are also smaller round kivas placed between the easier to build rectangular buildings, but these all seem to be less sacred and not in the main plaza area but generally represent the tiny stars in the Pleiades cluster.

But it initially fell short of a complete correlation missing the two primary stars of Atlas and Pleone. This problem is what placed this mystery on hold for over 8 years. I was waiting for a much needed ground penetrating radar project to publish their results but nothing transpired. But then recently I learned Pueblo Bonito was virtually completely covered in sand and this suddenly changes everything. Here is a 1890's image of how it first appeared ref 1 and ref 2 .


I pondered on the fact that 100 years ago the site had been almost completely buried, which meant that my two proposed kiva ruins could have been completely overlooked because they fell outside the enclosure. Why would they be outside the enclosure in the first place? When comparing images of where the soil was moved in its first excavation projects I realised another problem. All the soil was placed in front of the flat side of the half moon enclosure thus burying my proposed ruins even deeper.

I suddenly figured a possible design pattern. Given the positioning of the inner kiva correlations it would mean the two missing kiva for the stars Atlas and Pleone would have to be positioned as two perfectly placed equal size kiva on each side of its centre line. It would enhance the main entrance way as well in front of Pueblo Bonito.

Armed with the new reasoning of the ruins that I had arrived at, I felt confident it was time to release the story. I had only to compare this finding with that of the Cahokia site findings which had also caused me delays due to missing correlation components, but for which I discovered the two missing lost ruins in 2014 ref .

Mouse over the image below to see the correlation match.




The star correlation potential of Pueblo Bonito at this stage which I noticed some years ago was still at a status not quite worth writing about with its missing important two correlations. But then recently when reviewing new research here the curved half moon design of the enclosure suddenly made sense to me.

I realised I was looking at a correlation match with the nebula appearance curved 'half moon' shape as seen in most astronomy images.

It has the same positioned curved nebula shape matching Pueblo Bonito!

Here is an astronomy sourced image link on the Pleiades with high nebula illumination camera exposure setting showing what clearly appears to be its 'half moon' shaped character ref .

This image still has a lot more detail than the eye can see even with clear nights in the old days before city lights and air pollution changed everything.

I am sure the knowledge of the nebula shape is more than what a human eye can see. Think about what this means. The ancients all over the world made the same repeating very bold claims about their star visitor ancestors like in this story, and because I have found this a global repeating theme I dont think they all told the same lie.

I am convinced this nebula shape is something that was taught to them by their cosmic ancestors. Would this site have the 'X' that marks the spot ancestor Sun-star? Would it be something conclusive and unique in some way?


In this remote setting of this lost civilisation found here in Chaco Canyon, there are at least another 5 smaller enclosure ruins of lower importance than Pueblo Bonito's grandeur design in the canyon setting.

It is important now to mention right away that there is one site at Chaco Canyon that scholars refer to as the ultimate sacred site in contention here at Chaco Canyon for the 'X' that marks the spot correlation. It is also on record as the largest kiva that exists in Chaco Canyon.

As seen in the image below, here lies the site of Casa Rinconada ref .

Casa Rinconada is situated on a small long hill across the river from Pueblo Bonito. Here is the best fly over image of the site ref , the best layout plan analysis of its ritual components ref .

Here are some of the best references on line that consider this site as the most sacred for ritual purposes and of extreme cosmic importance:

ref 1 , ref 2 , ref 3 .

Mouse over the image below to see two clues explaining what the design of the sacred site represents. Two petroglyphs from the Mc Conkie Ranch in Utah present a personified solution with armless Kachina style square head eyes and mouth ref and the one has defined legs as well! ref .




Before exploring all that is known on Casa Rinconada as the 'X' that marks the spot Sun star correlation that I believe is the solar system of the star visitors that I have found in so many many famous ancient sites, lets see where this most sacred site is positioned in context with their biggest city enclosure of Pueblo Bonito.

In the image below the correlation alignment direction and distance compared to the size of the Pleiades correlation is impressive to say the least.

It is a conclusive match to my blueprint star map template like other ancient sites found all over the world. The same as Stonehenge, but more of a match to it in its scale layout plan ref . There would be another big Stonehenge match 'coincidence' later as we look at the inner design of Casa Rinconada just now.

Mouse over the image to see the correlation breakthrough.




Cosmic serpents and ancient astronaut deities with strange faces are important beliefs in the Hopi tribes that originated here.

The Hopi tribes called these star visitors Kachinas ref .

One common type of Kachina style ref found in famous museums are of the variety seen in the image below when you zoom in with a mouse over action with your cursor.

The Casa Rinconada site to me looks like the most famous Kachina style riding a cosmic serpent! If so it is repeating the typical claims of the traditions of Egypt and the earlier cousins to the Anasazi, the Maya civilisation.

Casa Rinconada shows where the Kachina star visitors come from and how they got here, in my opinion, riding a cosmic serpent wormhole.




In my research into the secrets and mystery of the Key of Solomon I came across something of remarkable value to add to this Chaco Canyon mystery.

In the study on the Seal of Solomon symbols I decoded a 'T' shape symbol called the TAU ref . It identified the Solar Trinity, the secret of the Holy Grail itselfg and the greatest Christian Trinity secret ref . A secret of ancestor origins of all humanity using astronomy to show where they came from. A star pattern which is made from the star pattern of 3 sun stars near the Pleiades.

I realised Chaco Canyon also venerated the 'T' Taurus symbol for the 3 sun stars with Pleiades seen in the image below as the sacred womb of the Egyptian Goddess Nut tradition of Egypt ref .

The very same Taurus TAU obsession I also discovered is found using 'T' shaped monoliths at Gobekli Tepe in the oldest on record megalithic ancient site in Turkey which is also a blueprint layout plan of the Pleiades ref

Casa Rinconada had the identical 'T' shape TAU doorway and I believe it is about to reveal its deepest secret!

Due to the depth of ancient alien sounding material here scholars prefer to call this ritual doorway an unsolved spiritual mystery.




The image below of Casa Rinconada has an internal layout plan of detail virtually identical to the trilithons at Stonehenge ref

For me this is a major linking piece of evidence because both these sites have correlations with Sol star 1 ref .

The experts agree with this basis here that I will now take further and build on it. They agree the site is the most sacred ancestor ritual site and it had a fire at its center to illuminate it. Here is a clue rituals were at night involving the position of stars. Secondly scholars are in a strict protocol in order to keep their jobs they need to have an official denial of any alien theory so they need to offer the next best explanation that it is just a spiritual ritual and archaeoastronomy site watching mainly moon and sun.

Scholars choose mainly moon and sun because of the wall decorations like a kiva wall depiction we will look at just now. Many of them depict a crescent world of their ancestors bathed in the light of its sun, positioned between Pleiades and Orion's Belt.

I am now convinced the image below of the Kachina star visitor ancestor from the Brooklyn Museum is the message of Casa Rinconada as:

Human form originates from this Sun star and they arrived here through a cosmic serpent wormhole.

This is what I have extracted in the symbol or pictographic messages in all the other star maps so far. The star visitor Kachina below also has his Sun star depicted on his outfit ref . In comparison now to the Casa Rinconada kiva the Kachina is shown with same strange mask created in the kiva desiggn itself. It most likely personifies the Sun star in the correlation, where both Kachina and Casa Rinconada here are showing the same thing. The fire would illuminate the circle in its perfect sun-like orange hue as it comes alive in the night ritual.




There is now enough evidence to begin reasoning this building design. There is a path leading from the kiva to the 'star viewing' room that has both an east and west viewing window. It is highlighted blue in the center image.

The reason one needs an enclosed viewing room means it blocks surrounding light pollution and darkens the environment except for the view of the rising or setting of important stars.

But what stars are they viewing?

Consider the clues so far. We have the Pleiades correlation with their biggest enclosed city, the 'x' that marks the spot sun star correlation like 35 other cases around the world ref . We have the linked Cahokia civilisation same obsession with this star map ref . Then there is the TAU symbol special window in the kiva representing Taurus deciphered from the Solomon Seal ref . I also have a mind blowing accurate wall mural of the star map that follows shortly to add here as well.

In my opinion this ritual here is where the initiate becomes like the deity Kachina and he walks the path following Orion's Belt as a personified Orion Man so to speak in the direction towards the TAU window. But he enters beneath the TAU Taurus window through the symbolism of the underworld which originates from a spiritual teaching of the Tree of Life human soul records ref .

The initiate then sits in a specific position at a specific time just after Orion rises in the east so he is able to measure where the position of the ancestor star resides. A star to tiny to see but important to pin point and know where it secretly resides.

Here is an amazing thought... I am certain this exact ritual happened all over the world and especially as seen in Chaco Canyon at Stonehenge. Its causeway aligns perfectly with Pleiades rising vertically positioned above the horizon on special dates, like a pre Christian ritual called Sol Invictus in Europe on the 25th December ref .


I began to wonder since Chaco Canyon had such a well presented case for my Pleiades star map theory then it surely needs to have Orion correlations here to complete it.

Would there be more ruins in the right positions to include all of the Orion stars?




The design of Chaco Canyon is amazing. It has its life giving river running along the canyon along the top of the image above. But to enter this protected hidden city one needs to enter the area through a long valley that is set at a right angle to it in the centre of the image here.

I suddenly discovered why this place was so perfect before the climate change that ended it.

This site is just like the ancient hunting grounds of earliest man. They would be able to herd Buffalo by getting large numbers in the southern valley to stampede and funnel into their area and they simply climb up to chosen vantage points and pick them off one arrow shot at a time.

Then I saw something I wasn't yet aware of.

Chaco Canyon itself was a giant TAU 'T' Taurus symbol on a grand scale!

If Pueblo Bonito is Pleiades with its apparent set orientation, then Orion's Belt should be set up along this North South aligned valley entry to Chaco Canyon.

There they were... three little dark patches! It had three anomalies that have not been excavated along the valley floor. I now had three more anomalies to uncover as well as the two at Pueblo Bonito, 5 in total! Here they are below up close if you zoom in with a mouse over action. Two large anomalies and yes... one small one just like Orion's Belt true magnitudes!




There is a complete Orion correlation possibility with two large hills equally positioned on both sides of the valley that was historically used as an entrance to Chaco Canyon in the bottom of the image below. It also interprets two other hills on the edges of the mesa plateau as well.

I have added two more important possibilities for all three Sun star correlations to complete the Solar Trinity pattern that seems world wide common history ref .

Mouse over the image below to see the star correlations.

There is a small round anomally marked with a question mark covered in sand that correlates with the very general position placement of Sol 2, There is also a substantial correlation for Sol 3 correlation.




Just like I had found important at Cahokia ref , there is another sacred enclosed structure called Pueblo Del Arroyo ref that correlates for the Sun star I reference as Sol 3.

It has the second most sacred Kiva as its primary design but it has something that I imagine is purly a coincidence. It has a tripple walled kiva. Three walls, and I found this as the third most popular venerated sun star in context with how important other ancient sites seem to prioritise them.




I am not completely convinced my full Orion interpretation just covered is the best solution to add to the very obvious Orion's Belt correlation part.

I heard from a Navajo friend who has walked this valley who told me of two markers you look for to know you have the right valley entry. He said the anomalies I claim are not quite visible from a distance which should be an important thing. But if you look to both sides of the valley there are two rock points equally positioned on both sides of the valley and he believed both once had three boulders/stone piles/nodes in a row.



This makes a typical Christian cross compact formation match for Orion like I found in Europe ref .

If you mouse over the image above you can see the one on the right still has the three stone piles (and maybe a sword of Orion included) but the other has almost nothing left.




In the image above recreated from an unknown location kiva wall decoration of one of the Hopi tribe as referenced from the paper published by A.M. Stephen author of "Hopi Journal".

For years this source was online and with images and study discussion. It was strangely removed and now only a book link is available. I am still trying to find out which kiva it was found in and if there are any decent images to study.

Mouse over the image and consider the layout sketch value. Orion's Belt and Orion's Sword are sketched conclusively. Orion's Belt accurately aligns to the ancestor star. The star cluster is obviously a good rendition of the Pleiades and it is correctly positioned generally on the other side of the cluster concluding Sol 1 is the ancestor star possibility. But for me the recognition of a crescent symbol in context with what we have here means one thing and one thing only.

The crescent world solar system of the ancestors bathed in its Sun star's light.




Without revealing to much on the exact site of the rock due to the risk of further mutilation harming the star map it holds, lets just say this famous rock has been presented previously in questionable ways.

To begin with the highest ranking website has a fake petroglyph photo leaving out 3 deep cut cup marks in a triangle. From that point right away I knew something had been covered up. It turned out once finding the 'real' rock, ref that I discovered the missing detail was a perfect rendition of the the star map in my work. It depicts size priority of sun stars venerated in other native North American ancient sites perfectly displayed and how it fits with the main 'arrival' part of petroglyph.

I then began listening to oral tradition comparing different interpretations of some elders. There were common themes and they express some differences. For example one elder here ref mentions the petroglyph looks like it shows just two bright stars in a row but the faint third star in the row is forgotten it seems but some elders refer to as following the direction of the stars.. follow an alignment to the place of beginnings matchiing the Christ 3 Magi story that I previously identify as Orions Belt ref .

My favorite oral tradition account is the video below and the elder explains the door symbol I refer to as a cosmic door. He refers to it as 'a device'. Something I believe identifies a star gate.

But putting oral tradition differences aside, focusing on its main components, I will now add the missing detail and reason how obvious it all fits together.

The main part of the petroglyph begins at the top right of the images here with a zig-zag line journey where the star ancestors arrive from the cosmos. This is repeated identically in the Inca golden tablet prophecy with same zig-zag journey line and same orientation from upper right travelling down at the same angle and direction ref

The zig-zag then splits into two lines ... one I have highlighted as a thick straight line where it show the arrival of a group of people (with two hearts) through a cosmic door as ancestors and one line I have shown very thin that goes through the deep cup mark labelled Sol 3.

Starting with the line with group of people and two hearts. The elders say they were first good and later became evil. Evil just as in all society humanity has become greedy and warlike. Since the elders speak of an arrival event and a future return event then chances are the thin line traversing through Sol 3 is the return of the ancestors as a messenger in the future event of purification. Mouse over the rock to see the correlating extracted detail...



The amazing thing for me here is the thin line teaches that it is a return journey down to the Earth but it is from Sol 3, the most important sun star system in all the native American star maps, it has the next important cup mark as Sol 1 position too. this is all the same in North america including the Maya civilisation. ref

While speaking about the triangle formation of three Suns as per Christian tradition hidden history ref and small dot remains suggesting a cluster of stars of the Pleiades one asks well where is Orions belt?

Orion's Belt is in my opinion depicted along a third line that the one elder ref claimed were stars to follow direction to the place of beginnings as in the Christ story ref . It is the only way to find the Pleiades in the sky... follow the three in a row Belt stars heavenward as they rise in the East.

Along this line I am convinced matching the Tikal story is the corn bringing ancestor ref who is the messenger, the one from above.

This just leaves the wisdom teacher depicted with the Earth beneath the cosmic door star gate in typical beam of light down from heaven seen in the Masonic star map ref and the Senmut tomb ref . He has an arrow pointing down perhaps showing his travelled path down to Earth.

The Earth has a cross above it positioned precisely. The monarchy use this iconology as the globus cruciger ref which is the secret teaching of the 'cross of the churches' as Orion as I have decoded and it is seen above the Earth in this orientation.

Finally the prophecy content carried forward by the Hopi that is told with this story is without doubt a return of one from the heavens, a messenger, one holding the star map in his right hand identifying who he is, is debated with a special prophecy study article here ref .


Gary David, a writer in this field is one who proposed the Orion constellation in the petroglyph shown below. I completely agree Orion is correct here. This is about all I agree with proposed by this researcher who has recently found it entertaining to smear me in person and my work. The image below is a sharpened and contrast enhanced re-rendered image computing a series of small image overlays to build a bigger view. But all the precise detail 'data' was mainly 'extracted' from one of the best source images that was sharpest ref. I agree the three dots could be bullet marks. Lets consider this possibility too.

Interpreting the end message without the three dots: It makes little difference as the inscribed line path from the vacinity of the cross is still a reality so it still reads with the same result.

The writer got the 'V' symbol for Taurus and the Canis Major symbol right as well labelled in white font and credited where credit is due.

I have labelled all my new interpretations in yellow font. I noticed immediately the most sacred place on this star map depiction is the Sun star area which sits between the 'V' symbol for Taurus and the curved shape with dots which I believe is for the Pleiades.



Compare my star map animation showing precise star positions and sun-like star sol 1 listed as 'Star of the 'gods' with this petroglyph image below to see the spiral area is the 'x' that marks the spot in context with Pueblo Bonito and with my Pleiades proposed symbol solution.



Now that I have recognised Pueblo Bonito as a curved enclosure with a cluster of kiva, this symbol with curved line around dots suddenly makes sense with a good match and hence represents the Pleiades.

The spiral has a lot to reveal if you look closely. It is most likely repeating the reasoning of Casa Rinconada firstly as the same 'X' that marks the spot but more so of the means of travel riding a cosmic serpent. I am convinced the cosmic serpent and the spiral are both symbols without doubt for the cosmic conduit wormhole.

The spiral has a path originating from three dots in a row. This is probably explanation of the Orion special feature that seems to initially inscribe a mark going towards the Pleiades, then turns sharply towards the complete spiral. There is also a scratched mark between Taurus and Pleiades teaching it is one sacred area of the TAU. We now have enough detail to decipher the message in this star map.

"Follow the three stars of Orion's Belt to the area near the Pleiades where the spiral is positioned to find the star of their ancestors."

There are literally hundreds of petroglyphs with what look like star deities and standing with one arm against a large spiral found all over the world.

Is this not the perfect way to depict a cosmic wormhole that bridges space and time? A long distance line made short is achieved in drawing a spiral!


While comparing interpretations here with this petroglyph findings, its also important to compare the Mesa Orion correlation theory Gary David also proposed. He offered an Orion's Belt correlation theory interpreting the layout plan of three mesa in the Hopi Arizona Reservation settlement. He used this fundamental base to build a more complicated correlation theory of a much bigger area.

Correlation theories need to have solid foundation in good pattern matches as well as reasonable evidence for why it was chosen with star pattern importance.

Sadly after researching this layout claim, my researcher astronomer friends and historians and I could not identify any correlation at all.

The image below covers the three mesa sites allocated to the Hopi people comprising the complete 'Hopi Reservation' ref .

A 'mesa' is the Spanish word for table and in the case of the plateaus in the area, it refers to portions of the plateau occupied by the Hopi people. ref .

Here is the page reference identifying the positions of portions of the plateau of the three different sites. The names of the towns are identified on Google Earth and with gps coordinates ref .

No, there are not three independent hills at all that resemble any Orion's Belt pattern match.

An archaeology author and expert in this area tested the claim and found exactly the same ref . But for me, even if the portions of plateau were small single plateaus, the area positions are not positioned at all to match the important three in a row positioning of Orion's Belt. The distance scale layout is so massive as well. Consider this with the fact the target correlations chosen dont have common recogniseable form, it simply cant be deciphered from above at all. My theory on these ancient star maps is they are meant to be recognised when viewed from above. They hold a message to be deciphered from deep space showing advanced life out there our place of origins who colonised this solar system.

I do however completely agree the choice of naming the three areas after the three stars of Orion's Belt is very likely. The Hopi would carry the star map tradition as sacred and believe the legend "As Above ... So Below" perhaps just in naming the three areas. The reservation choice of land became under control of the invaders who wanted the Hopi far away from their new developing cities.



This story on its own is nowhere near complete without seeing other sites and trace back history of the American indigenous lineages. The best cases are:

1) Chaco Canyon (this article here).

2) The Lakota Star Map

3) The Maya Tikal Star Map

4) The Cahokia Star Map

5) The Skidi Pawnee Star Map

6) The Cherokee Star Map

7) The Navajo Star Map





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