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This day in Cape Town the article here launched in public and it times with the very same day Cape Town turns on officially its magestic 10 storey high 'Sun Star' light to illuminate high above Cape town city as seen below.

To begin here, I ask you the reader to consider the likely possibility this illuminated project and its symbolism synchronicities with the real sun star secret of the ancient star maps found all around the world, is just ... a coincidence. It is the charity LED art project design by Chris Swift ref and although funded by a corporation... its for a good African charity cause where after Christmas (which coincidently was the time this Sun star was celebrated as sol Invictus. ref ) will donate all the lighting to impoverished African charities.

It is probably just a coincidence that the Project is called 'Sun star' too which is a unique name for the 'X' that marks the spot in the star maps. A coincidence perhaps as well the project was also called project X in some media, where coincidently the Sun star in the ancient star maps is the 'X' that marks the spot AND the 'X' cross of the churches identifying Orion as the 'way shower'. ref

But it is no coincidence it was inspired by an ancient Egyptian light house illumination legend of the Pharos lighthouse illuminating the Seas to guide sailors to the port. Hence a great idea for Cape Town

Its probably just a coincidence it illuminates the image of the Six pointed star that is part of the Jerusalem 'leg of the bull' star map legend ref . A coincidence also perhaps that the beautiful display includes an illuminated orb as the counterpart to the star to complete it as a 'solar system' A coincidence too that the legend of two triangles merging is depicted, one of the sacred feminine of the heavens with monuments on the ground. The 'As above So below' legend here:


Cape Town sun star map decoded


Its probably a coincidence the illuminated 3D star experience resembling a Merkabah (a celestial travelling chariot or in simple terms a UFO) ref is one today celebrated with the soul and this appearance ref , is shown above our Cape Town Sphinx, just like the claimed landing of the very same thing seen in a papyrus that occured on the back of the Egyptian Sphinx:


Cape Town sun star map decoded


Putting the coincidences aside for a moment, lets not forget the African charity cause is what drives the artist and I support this objective in every way shape and form. ref

Sure coincidences seem obvious its is the real Sun star in my theory, but so what if its not a coincidence.

The real Sun star secret revives human uplifting all race origins shared with my human origin from the stars hypothesis.

This is what my home city looks like right now in this image below of our 'Great Sphinx' of Cape Town and I have to say for me its a coincidental sign of hope and changes for all where the poor and suffering of not just S.Africa, but the whole world might see a real celestial illuminated Merkabah return soon with a celestial 'savior' when studying prophecy ref .


Cape Town sun star map decoded



Cape Town was established around 360 years ago when the five pointed Star fortress castle of Good Hope ref was built as its first port by the Dutch East India trading company. ref

The next priority developments to establish Cape Town as a potential city for immigrants included the building of the great Water reservoir and the company gardens development ref

Now... its no big mystery the Dutch East India company was one of the biggest first world corporations run by very famous Freemasons. It flourished as a trading post for some time waiting for future development as a wonderful city. But it was only two centuries later when the big immigration attraction really occured.

One of the worlds most powerful people, a famous Freemason who was also the richest man in the world at the time came to Cape Town. He made it his home where he would set off and proclaim discovery of his own new hinterland country that he would call Rhodesia. His name was Cecil John Rhodes ref

Even at this point in time over a century ago if you could view the city from above it would like the image at the top of the page where this strange 'leg of the bull' shape is quite obvious in context with the star castle.

Those not familiar with this symbol and its representation of the stars of the Pleiades need to first see its origins in Egypt ref

For Example Stonehenge here ref has barrow mounds and geoglyph shape forming the 'leg of the bull' of Taurus correlating with the Pleiades stars and Stonehenge itself is the 'X' that marks the spot Sun Star correlation. A solar system of our star visiting human ancestors.


Cape Town sun star map decoded


The two big water dams are on the thigh part, at its center the beautiful Company botanical gardens with Rhodes statue and near the hoof area of this shape, the St Georges Cathedral. ref

Although the records are hard to find it is no mystery as well that Rhodes, the worlds richest man at the time as a famous Freemason would know the reason for this city design.

He would know the Freemason star map. ref

He would know how Washington DC has the same design plan ref . He would also know how the template originated from Egypt and more importantly used in Jerusalem. ref


Cape Town sun star map decoded



In the image above, now that you the reader have seen the reference links proving this city design template known well by the ancient elite just mentioned you will see the star map secret. The Leg of the bull symbol represents the Pleiades and the star castle the 'X' that marks the spot place of our human ancestors explored on this website.

Some might argue well this is not enough evidence for such a hard to swallow human star ancestor theory.

There is more and it is representation of that which fits like in the Sumerian star maps ref as the world that completes the star map, a world in crescent light of its sun star. The second biggest fortress was constructed called the Amsterdam Battery ref and its position is seen as a crescent at the top of the page. Sadly just a portion of its magestic wall remains at the water front of Cape town. But is there an more tangible evidence to add to just a pretty pattern and a lot of theory seen so far? Yes there is.


Cape Town sun star map decoded



Look closely at the star castle fortress above. The most important object in Freemasonry is the Blazing star and its secrets as seen in the freemason star map. ref

But look closer... notice it has the symbol for Grand Architect as God at its centre. Below the 'G' symbol in the star, a pair of dividers.

Is this marker of the Blazing star a common ancient pattern?

Yes... as you can see in this common depiction below.


Cape Town sun star map decoded


But the St. Georges Cathedral beautiful church has all the strongest evidence in support of this case for the Cape Town star map.

Placed at the hoof of the star map, like in Maintz in Germany (story soon) it is the way shower to the Blazing star which fits as another solar system near the Pleiades that appears to be the place of our ancestors.

Rhodes probably had a big part to play in its rebuild that took place in the last few years of his life.


Rhodes probably in his last years of his life watched over the final pieces of the puzzle of the sacred story. Just a walking distance away from his statue you will find the historical church and its secrets. From the gardens following alignment of his statue beckoning you in the right direction with his hand to the church and the alignment of the leg of the bull geoglyph as a 'way shower' to locate the star... you find the Cathedral.

Inside the Cathedral on your right as you enter, a beautiful stained glass window just like Rosslyn chapel. ref

Behold... a bull depiction ... with another star map!


Cape Town sun star map decoded



This bull carved depiction seen above was first identified by professional photographer Kym Penrose.

On first inspection of it I could hardly believe my eyes. The Sun was behind and it was well illuminated in every sense of the word physically and spiritually.

This sacred depiction has every detail beyond coincidence.

Just like the famous and oldes artifact of bull 'veneration' of Egypt it has the celestial bull with complete stars of its eyes as Aldebaran and its counterpart correlation shown as two stars on each side of its face.

It has a complete solar trinity interpretation and worlds as blue orbs.

It has the Pleiades in great accuracy too.

It places one sun as the most important in a downward facing triangulation of three suns as a solar trinity and Christ halo over the Christ sun star and for the first time... an Exoplanet of a cluster of 4 planets with bull depiction. ref .


If you thought the Pleiades interpretation is just my need to interpret the Pleiades here then think again.

Below you can see in the Mary depiction with the Christ in the biggest stained glass window to the left of the altar. She has seven stars crowning her head like in many depictions around the world. But here they form the pattern of the Pleiades!


Cape Town sun star map decoded


There is also a powerful clue to tell you how Cape Town is built in the secret pattern like Rome using the ancient Egyptian male aspect obelisk. ref

This feature is very out of place in a very religious church of 1901 and I can imagine many first visitors here thinking it is out of place.

There is more to add soon.... watch this space





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