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IMAGINE - It is 2027 and you are watching TV and the signal starts going fuzzy then your screen has an unusual looking person standing there claiming this is an urgent message during a hidden world crisis that most dont even know about. He says this message is being broadcast from a position in space near Earth. He claims he is not of our world and the whole world is receiving this message live on every channel. The Person introduces himself and explains where he comes from, and possibly that he is of the same human lineage ancestors as our ancestors. Then using a hologram visual shows where he and our ancestors come from.

How will the world react? Do you realise our elite manipulated society have conditioned our minds to reject this event if its real. Do you know why? Do know what it is they are afraid of?

TRUE... The prophecy in the Book of Revelation has the messenger hold seven stars like this image to verify the star map where his solar system originates. He explains that this address is also our ancestors place of origin. He arrived in some sort of star ship from the heavens.

TRUE... we have been spammed in every movie and documentary, magazine, newspaper and millions of websites to fear bad aliens and an alien invasion no matter how good the aliens appear. Historical monarchy in charge of biblical publications probably even added a few lines themselves that Satan will look pure and he should be ignored because the king even feared he would be exposed for raping pillaging and plundering for the crown based on lies. All will be covered here on this page.

Ask yourself when this day occurs will you scream "Bad aliens!" or "Satan!" as you have be tuned to do or will you think for yourself what can be measured about such a visitors claims?

The Maya said "sighting and messenger" not doomsday!

Written by Wayne Herschel, author of 'The Hidden Records' (ref) Star orientations viewed from S.A. 33°53'26.00"S 18°30'43.33"E.

This page has been constantly updating and altering dates due to available data and highest probability factors. The media networks were promoting globally that their experts were certain 2012 was the date on the Maya calendar on two themes, the dating and the message. This will be addressed below. They were wrong on both claims. The prophecy page here is also including 3 shocking new earth shattering prophecies: Something happened just before 2012 and it was completely unnoticed for months. An alien message overnight was left at the site of Atlantis where I was researching. The star visitors indented in the earth a 4km wide pattern and a decoded date of the real return of the cosmic messenger. They also placed a star map with it. Would you believe it, my established star map identifying the very same Sol 1 Primary position with it. Did they know I was researching the area? Unlikely. Did they know someone knowing the star map would decode the message. I would guess, they figgued this was likely. Let me stop right here and wait for the Atlantis book launch for the full story.





David Bowie sadly passed a few days ago and the timing of his latest works have the internet buzzing with prophetic encoded message claims.

He has always favoured cosmic theme lyric choices since he first started in the 70's and had famous lines we all know well, where he questioned life on Mars in one song and my favorite, the StarMan track ref using these words:

"There's a starman waiting in the sky
He'd like to come and meet us
But he thinks he'd blow our minds
There's a starman waiting in the sky
He's told us not to blow it
Cause he knows it's all worthwhile
He told me:
Let the children lose it
Let the children use it
Let all the children boogie"


The potent words seen in the lyrics of 'Starman' hints on not just the basis of The hidden records message but first contact. One that warns us we approach a point of judgement near blowing our chances of being saved and not to mess up the world any further.

He hints there is a chance our world can escape chaos and suffering and become civilised. But for me and my own research and my NDE (near death experience) ref , the 'Starman' focuses on inspiring the children of the world to be the masters of change and embrace the message of the Starman to the point of embracing the changes to dance and celebrate true human life meaning and life potential ref .

But his last released video and song titled 'BlackStar' ref takes his 'starman prophecy' to a new level.

BlackStar has a very eye opening catastrophic cataclysmic suggestive tone to it. From people with horrific tremor shakes like zombies to me suggests bowie had intuition or some source of insight that humanity might become zombies. Far fetched?

Is it too farfetched that if humanity is fed GMO food through a few generations, we will produce offspring that have shaking zombie-like symptoms seen in the video? Scientists have proven the occurence of massive cancer tumors with published papers but what else are they hiding ref

BlackStar video footage depicts a cipher puzzle in it and it reveals exactly what the BlackStar is. In the image below reproduced from the video footage he reveals the real Blackstar is a Sun and a planet in eclipse. Some will say moon in eclipse but that is unlikely because we dont commonly call our sun a 'star' in general reference.

He places next to this Star with planet in eclipse his cipher puzzle. Seven stars where is large one primary star with six smaller stars fragmented in a specific pattern beneath it.

The first breakthrough here was made by my Hungarian research colleague Márton Molnár-Göb who realised we had a pleiades potential star map correlation here. Seven stars and a sun star to the right side of it and its exoplanet in eclipse.

I realised he was right and it is presented in a way I have written about.

Firstly in the precise way the Sumerian 'Genesis Tablet' ref depicts the stars and the place of the 'gods' with their Sun and planet and secondly Bowie sings about the starman and the Sumerian depiction adds the starman with the exoplanet. The full story on the tablet is here. ref .

But the cipher Bowie has presented using fragmented stars had me trying all sorts of possibilities and it had me confused for the whole day. Then watching the news coverage and seeing his name, I glanced back at the cipher and realised he is using stars like the Solomon Key Cipher Puzzle ref which is a Hebrew star map discovery I made some years ago.

They most likely form a word where the last letter looks like an 'E' and the middle letter a 'W'...

Then I realised the most obvious six letter word with 'W' ending in an 'E' was one thing and one thing only. Mouse over the image to see the decoded message...




David Bowie placed his name with the seven stars cipher personifying himself as the starman. He is Orion Man as the human blueprint message found in the other ancient star maps ref .

No surprise as he played this role in a movie some time back as well.

He possibly endorses secret knowledge, be it by spiritual gift or membership of a secret society showing the secret star map in all my cases on this website. He shows the Pleiades with one star in tradition like the Carthusian order... six small stars and one larger star ref . The full story on this symbolism here ref .

This is just a theory here... watch this space for developments and compare the pattern to the other star maps and the Revelation prophecy.


Most confirm he was psychic. Some say he had a life changing UFO contactee experience having seen so many ufo sightings ref and hence his obsession for starman and cosmology.

But the biggest concern most worry about is if he was Illuminati or secret society and presenting messages of a destructive nature. Most celebrities of fame and wealth are invited to secret society membership and I believe he followed as others do. I believe he also got to see some hidden records of truth. But his rebellious nature seems to have held him high and he stood stong. I think if he was in this situation he then found his way out.

Now consider seriously the proof of all proof he is anti-elite of the highest form. David Bowie was about to be marked with the highest elite society order by the Monarchy. A knighthood of the highest order.

He told the Queen what to do with this ritual and status and its possible conditions.

quote: “I would never have any intention of accepting anything like that... It’s not what I spent my life working for.” ref.

It is not what he spent his life working for. How amazing is this quote. He is saying he is active in a quest not in the best elite order interests.

This is important in decoding his message here with the secret starmap hidden from humanity I have shown 35 strong cases of thus far. Secret human origin records hidden by historical Monarchy predecessors. He rendered a star map depiction of the place of human origins and he shows it not just accurately, but he personifies himself with his name as the Orion 'Starman' with Pleiades like the Sumerian tablet ref .

In context the star map is with his lyrics as messages of a cosmic messenger messiah. But the scary part is he also shows the greatest threat to future humanity health appears to be that we risk becoming zombies with terrible body shaking tremors perhaps caused by GMOs.

I have to personally ask:

"If our human body produces organ cells and brain cells and nerve cells replenished with GMO altered for profit inspired molecules. How do altered molecule genetics get digested and made into perfect new nerve and brain cells? I think it is soon to be proven catastrophic. " W.H.

Ponder on this life changing thought.


The Maya calendar prophecy made famous in December 2012 by a single researcher never happened because he never took leap years into account or the Round calendar count and secondly he probably dramatised what the prophecy claims. It was about the return of a messenger! Here are the Maya quoted prophecy lines of the message with a returning messenger that tie close to our current time period with new calculations:

It will be completed
on the 13th b'ak'tun.(see date debate)
It is 4 Ajaw 3 K'ank'in (early 2027?)
and it will happen a 'sighting' (in the sky)
It is the display of B'olon-Yok'Te' (Tree of Life Deity)
in a ceremonial founding of authority (messenger)

(Full analysis follows)... source (ref).

The date was never ever the 21st December...

New age writers tried to make it fit solstice tradition!

Scholars argue over time calculations... repleat with errors!

Was the 'doomsday' lie also part of an intentional global elite plan?

Do the global elite have sinister plans if the Maya prophecy is real?

These questions answered here and more. This page will evolve as the truth emerges. A recent Sumerian prophecy artifact now adds to the story at the bottom of the page Feb 2014 update. There are 5 prophecies that all seem to be merging as one. So much false information has been published and broadcast to taint these prophecy interpretations. Scholars calculations are now all in question.


There were recently 4 comets all at once in our skies and the naming of them by many as the 4 horsemen of Revelation is a little daunting but here is the reasoning. In the old days a messenger on a horse would gallop long distances to deliver important messages as it would no doubt be quite a sight as it passes by. Imagine the horse with a plume of dust behind it. Well, the Revelation prophecies speak of signs as messages to watch out for and if its a cosmic horseman then a comet with its dust plume is quite a reasonable way to speak of it. The worrying thing about this chance of fitting prophecy is firstly it is followed by a mountain sized object falling from the sky called Wormwood, but on the other hand, positively, it also speaks of a cosmic messenger return.

How would our elite society want to handle this threat that would no doubt expose their abusive profiteering on society? They would have to lie and say these visitors from the sky are evil aliens and want to attack us.. wouldnt they?

In fact in December 2012 the media already had exposed the elite had an attack policy in plan. But if the visitors wanted to attack Earth and take over our world they would do it the easy way and preserve resources and release a devastating pandemic bug without us even seeing a UFO. Like we really stand a chance to destroy an advanced star travelling super technology civilisation? Its like the Bushman trying to attack a helicopter gunship analogy. This is an ELITE attempt to stop public contact because they know the alien message to the world would be a call for us to remove the billionaire corporation profiteers who are destroying our society.


A claim of a "sighting" and "arrival of a cosmic messenger" from The Tree of Life some time soon (time calculation update needed) is a claim apparently made by the ancient Maya and it matches another prophecy time count from the Zohar. The UFO detail is shown by Nostradamus and that which makes a cloud by St John of the book of Revelation. The identity of the messenger also from three prophecies showing the cosmic address of the messenger. All this with a little added from another cruicial source seen in a near death experience... a Tree of Life experience. Scroll down and preview the stunning awe inspiring images that follow that this article covers.

I present an academically referenced presentation on the 'paranormal' material and how all five prophecies and some missed evidence fit together.


Yes... no end of the world... it was most likely all fabricated by elite owned media as a better suiting scenario if they 'need' to attack a UFO messenger arrival event, unleashing fire and brimstone on all humanity and blame aliens if ALL the prophecies are true.

Another ancient Maya calendar record takes human life 7000 years further to somewhere around 9000AD, but the prophecies of a messenger of authority from the Tree of Life still stands for a time after 2012. Here is the link to the 'other' calendar. (ref)

Some definitions here need setting before going further.

Definitions of "gods": Not God the Creator at all but flesh and blood entities referred to as deities/angels/'gods'/aliens not of Earth

Definition of Serpents/Dragons: wormholes not evil, part of Tree of Life (ref)

Definition of Tree of Life: Ethereal light nucleus of the universe, place of the Big Bang Creation, omnipotent all seeing all knowing light of Creation in Eden... God ? (ref)

Definition of evil empires: Yes the Maya and others turned into evil empires but they were mostly farmers between wars and had periods of peace before the last final crazy blood thirst epoch that ended it. Its important to acknowledge right now the entire Earth is in crisis and falling into the hands of a similar destructive bloody evil elite empire, most of the atrocities hidden behind the scenes. We need a miracle to get us out of the elite grip and the timing for it reaching a critical point.

(ref). These prophecies are not written in stone and will come to pass especially when it is SAFE for a 'messenger' event to occur.

I am one who believes these prophecies are part of a vast almanac spanning many centuries, so it is very unlikely any prophecy will unfold on a precise date, although my interpretations place it as very soon with a comet. We thought it was ISON but it was not the comet.

The Maya have chosen this date as the end of Baktun 13... a cycle of time of an era ending and a new era beginning, but its importance is to present a valuable prophecy message of a time of Earth changes and the sighting of something in the sky and the arrival of a messenger.

Are our global superpowers ready to accept a Cosmic messenger event if the story unfolding is true? How will such a spectacular event be accepted by world leaders? Our world is run by 1000 greedy evil powerful billionaires, the elite cartel of mortals who are probably planning what ever they can to intercept any UFO visitation. Why? This is because any cosmic messenger of truth will expose elite greed and profiteering that is destroying all society. One hopes one day a leader of sorts will expose these criminals by name and the world encouraged to hold them for trial on crimes against humanity.

How would our evil world elite manipulate a real UFO sighting event poised for all to see in our skies? Simple... they can enter the area and drop off ordinance beneath it to trigger once they clear the area and make it look like the visitors are attacking us. Remember this clue if it unfolds.


We sadly are very close to a time of global war if the manipulators of our society are not forced to stand down. We are also very close to what will probably be known in history as the Great Human Uprising making a peaceful stand against the elite Billionaires manipulating society. If the Maya prophecy is correct the masses will be inspired by a messenger to make a peaceful stand sometime soon.

Maybe if chaos erupts and human suffering reaches over the 3 billion mark and the human uprising is treated far worse than we have seen already then I believe we are seen as a lost civilisation from an outside view and a terrible meteor impact event will end billions of suffering souls 'humanely' if humanity is unable to succeed in making a stand. This is a very complicated piece of 'God's best interests' reasoning for me and I saw that it wasnt written in stone and it could be averted, click here (ref).


There is a stunning connection between five different prophecy sources and all five seem not only to be saying the same thing, they add more finite detail. It is just a matter of adding other historical new findings to them that makes it clear. A sighting and appearance of a cosmic authority... what else can that mean? It IS correct in context with how the Maya depict this defined titled star 'god' from another sun near seven stars.



In the image above... this is what the Maya, Revelation book of prophecies, the Zohar and Nostradamus all seem to be saying is about to unfold... A massive UFO sighting... its shape... where it comes from... the comet position timing... something unique with Scorpio... who the occupants are...and what their mission appears to be. All this clearly defined in this article on this page. Read on and check every reference because if it occurs, it will be important you come back to this page to study it further.


There is a Maya prophecy written at the Maya site Tortuguero in Mexico dated around 1300 years ago and it speaks of the time of the end of Baktun 13 4 Ajaw 3 K'ank'in, which as mentioned earlier, one scholar insists was definitely for December 21st 2012 however latest speculation is they have not taken the Round calender count or leap years into account accurately or some sort of Gregorian calendar miscalculation is rumoured (ref). The prophecy claims something very important occurs... something of the legend of a star deity appears so therefore it is obviously something seen in the sky. Here is the prophecy:

It will be completed
on the 13th b'ak'tun. (see date debate)
It is 4 Ajaw 3 K'ank'in (early 2027?)
and it will happen a 'sighting' (in the sky)
It is the display of B'olon-Yok'Te' (Tree of Life Deity)
in a ceremonial founding of authority (messenger)

Reference source: under title "Mayan references to b'ak'tun 13":


I believe from my own vision in a near death experience seeing the events around The Great Human Uprising that the Maya have it well defined here and it includes a lot of detail seen in the prophecy of St John in the book of Revelation and the prophecies of Nostradamus and the Zohar.


The return of one empowered on this Earth by those who come from above with the title of 'Christos' of the Orion cross secret of the sky... (ref) ... the title of one who will uplift humanity with the call for a stand to remove the evil of the earth manipulating society. The Maya title for the deity who arrives from the sky is B'olon-Yokte'.

Scholars say the Maya believed he is an authoritative leader of power who arrives as a messenger but what was missed here was that he is representing the sacred tree... Creation... The Tree of Life ... ref... as seen in the image below. In all probability... God as we traditionally believe in our religions. But he is absolutely not God incarnate as I am sure he will proclaim if prophecy is true, and that he stands for the best interests and rights of ALL humanity.



Here is a crucial aspect of the Maya deity name that was missed. The Tree of Life in the image above is actually part of the name of Bolon Yokete in Maya glyphs. It is the letters 'te' at the end of his name. It means "Tree" as in sacred Tree. (ref) from Gillespie and Joyce in their publication "In Ancient Mesoamerica" 1998. Their deciphered reference is 3/4 down the page. The meaning of the Tree of Life secret and the star visitor human bloodline of all humanity in all ancient civilisations had their opulent greedy monarchies and leaders of ages past hide it from humanity. They obviously thought people as 'commoners' were not worthy! This was one of the reasons I chose to call my own book 'The Hidden Records'.(ref)

Note in the image above how similar the Cosmic Tree nucleus is virtually identical. The book of Revelation describes this place called Eden identical to this image although placed in the background. In the book of Genesis the texts obviously altered and the Tree was actually demonised (to hide truth) no doubt enforced by the monarchy calling the plasma conduit streamer ... the cosmic serpent/dragon 'evil'. This is an abomination altering sacred texts. Damn the Kings of ages past!

The crucial definition of this deity if the prophecy is true is that it is a title of a specific being for the Maya and in the future it is another with the same title and not likely to be the same being thousands of years later. I am sure in the same light the Revelation prophecy of the Messiah 'returning' is that it will be another flesh and blood being with the Christos title. Sure many by tradition will say it will be God reincarnated or Jesus still alive in flesh. Lets agree to keep neutral on this and just wait and see.


The Maya vase in the image below shows the depiction of Bolon Yokte. The ancient vase artifact is titled 'The vase of the Seven 'gods' which suggests importance of Pleiades personification as the Greeks did making each star a deity. See the reference source for the vase image and scholars opinions... see how all seven 'gods' sit in a cluster with Bolon Yokte in the position of the 'god' Atlas in the matching Greek personification of the Pleiades. See if you can spot a cross bone symbol with three crescent orbs on each side of it representing Orion as the greek symbol the Chi Rho, and the three overlapping orbs match the Nostradamus sketch which follows: ref.

The throne Bolon Yokte is sitting on explains something profound. It is the ultimate Jaguar throne. Bolon Yokte is often described as of high authority of the Jaguar deity as well as the Sacred Tree authority. Click this reference to see more on the amazing information scholars present for this Jaguar 'god'. Scholars say its personification of seven stars. They will not suggest which seven stars so it remained a mystery. I am completely convinced its the Pleiades as you will see what follows and how it all fits consistently with a repeating pattern deciphering 35 hidden records of ancient star maps of the 'gods' found all around the world.




Moving from the Maya of North America, heading south to South America I found a vital connection, not just in the star map repetition moving from the Maya of North America, heading south to South America I found a vital connection, not just in the star map repetition match as published in 2002 in 'The Hidden Records' but I realised the Inca layout plan of the historical Cusco city mapped out a feline. It was a mystery that scholars were trying to decipher, and then concluding it by offering a weird solution trying to make the paw of the feline as the head. They had missed out the real head completely.

The jagged front leg and paw was incorrectly chosen as the head and they thought these were supposed to be teeth! All the guides at Cusco tell the tourists this story which is in error. Fact is ... in a jungle environment both the puma of the Inca and the Jaguar of the Maya ... both creatures live in a wet forest... both having wet fur have this 'jagged' appearance effect!

The image below is the discovery of the Cosmic Puma geoglyph of Cuzco Peru and how the dark area in the Milky way near the Pleiades I present as the area of the sky that has the only possible match. The layout of the Cuzco city has a message... it literally speaks of the place of their 'gods' in the sky are from the area near the Pleiades. The most sacred Inca temple was placed as the genitals of the Puma. To the Inca it is as if the Puma is the heavens with star Creator of their civilization as a female feline just as the Egyptians personified the stars in the heavens as 'Nut'.

Here is a major piece of the puzzle... Look at the Jaguar throne of Bolon Yokte... it is a female Jaguar... it has correct anatomy for identification... look closely here at the source image reference...ref .

Click this link here for the full animation and story. ref.




The image below is an artifact of the Sumerian empire, thousands of miles to the east. It is on display in the Berlin museum. Click the tablet image below to explore its star map secret of the thwo orbs that Orion is 'riding'. Is it a UFO?... is it a Sun and a planet? all debated here. This tablet has just unlocked its last secret. The cosmic feline deciphered and how it fits decoding the heavens especially as we approach the late 20's. (ref)

The dark cosmic dust on the back of Taurus the bull is not only of the appearance with perfect viewing conditions just like a feline ghost on the light Milky Way 'river' but it helps us understand the clues in the Maya Vases.

Note the oval object on the back of the Bull is enhanced. Is it just a detached hump of the bull which is nutty, or is it the celestial ship in blazing light showing how the 'gods' of the Sumerians traverse the heavens? You decide for yourself.

In the image below, the position of the Sun is exactly where the Sol star (sunlike star) is positioned with what I believe is the teaching of the Bethlehem star.


One might wonder if that Orion man riding the Sun depicted like this on the tablet is 'speaking' of the one who is destined to arrive from the 'stars', one representing humanity?




The image above is of traditional Orion depiction personified as the cosmic man, hunter, or showing the way holding the mystery 'extra' feline personification and strangely interacting with Taurus hinting his secret of the dark rift cosmic feline.

The image below shows two extracted depictions of deities of 'the seven gods', one of which fits the title Bolon Yokte on the maya vase below. It is the deity with spots on his face that scholars say is his Jaguar spot identification but on a deeper level they suggest the spots of the Jaguar represents stars

Below the two deity images is a special colour coded image extract of a vase depition of The cosmic Tree and one harming it, as well as of some of John Major Jenkins best work on Bolon Yokte, its worth browsing his source page here: ref.

Analysis of the images below:

Bolon Yokte has goggles.
Bolon Yokte has mechanical devices near mouth and ears
Bolon Yokte raises hand with same sacred hand gesture as the Buddha

In the colour key coded image (below) from a Maya vase consider this detail:

Note Golden cosmic Tree of Life on left with phoenix bird above it ref
Note Scorpio referencing near galactic centre importance near Cosmic Tree
Note between pincers of Scorpio the paw of the Jaguar (according to scholars)
Note personification of 'Chac', a destructive entity trying to harm cosmic phoenix ref

Note the Jaguar paw between the pincers of Scorpio is important in context with the connection in the heavens with the place of the feline near Pleiades on the outer edge of the galaxy following through direction to galactic centre. It passes by Earth. More importantly this vase depiction suggests wormhole travel from here in the direction to us along this line coordinate. Nostradamus seems to use this analogy too. He shows a vortex opening between the pincers and mentions a V shape golden object with it too. (see lower down on this page).

But there is more...

BOLON YOKTE AND THE MAYA galactic planetary alignment near 2014


Note above Chac, another breakthrough here... a UFO that emerges from the cosmic wormhole serpent branch of the Tree of Life that resides on a mountain in Eden most likely arriving here on Earth and about to take care of evil forces rampant on the Earth that Chac personification represents ref

Chac is most likely 'god' personification of the evil destructive things the Maya knew on Earth... he was the 'god' of storms. The Maya were farmers of maize and Chac was no doubt to blame as evil destroying many a crop. Lightening causing fire and havoc during hurricanes no doubt Chac was the demon here. It is my firm belief the 'Chac' destroying our Earth is the cartel of mortals that we hope will be exposed and held accountable in the words of any new cosmic messenger.


The word 'Bolon' of the name Bolon Yokte is said to be reference to the numeral value 'nine' and some suggestions by researchers associate the deity return where the name refers to something of the 9 planets personified.

But there is another clearer interpretation if one takes the Vase of the Seven Gods in its full context. In the image below the seven 'gods' are placed on the vase in this precise position. ref. They are in a pattern identical to the Sumerian scroll seals. ref

But more importantly and also spotted by Hungarian researcher Márton Molnár-Göb, the area above Bolon Yokte has two orbs and a Maya cross I identified some time ago as Orion. ref. Here we have two triple orbs on each side of the cross I believe is the very same cross of the churches... yes... Orion.

The two triple orbs I believe are the two main sol stars (sun-like stars) I identified in the ancient star maps and especially the Maya star map of Tikal which is virtually identical to the ancient star map on Mars. ref.

Now clearly in this perspective we have the seven gods on the vase and the title above Bolon Yokte's head with two solar systems we have all 9 heavenly objects. Perhaps since Bolon is his title name "of the 9" it seems fitting above his hear the extra two solar systems are included that he reigns over as a watcher.

There is another less likely interpretation of these two solar systems especially since they are presented on each side of the sacred cross of Orion which is the cosmic sign post used to locate the special star near the Pleiades. It could be the connection between the primary 'god' star system and our solar system. Just a thought especially in context with an arrival event here.

Compare the two images below... one of the Maya vase 7 'gods' positions with two solar systems and the Maya star map discovery for the area Tikal Guatemala that I published in 2002, which aired on the hit TV series 'Ancient Aliens':




The Maya pyramids of Tikal Guatemala are a star map. They correlate with the star cluster of the Pleiades and the position of two G5 Sunlike stars listed and catalogued here. This amazing correlation is also found on Mars... AND WITH STONEHENGE!

Click the image above to see all the other star maps comparisons found all around the world.


The stunning depiction below is an extract from The Codex Seldon written during the Mixtec era. I present this artistic rendition first as most will not see the pictographic aspect in the original version because it is so crammed with detail.

Firstly... this codex depiction is of the 'gods' (merely mortal humans from another star system but very advanced and with technology that looks like magic) 'gods' of the heavens according to scholars. It can be seen that the entity in the flying craft on the right wears the Phoenix and is in some accademic circles supposed to be Bolon Yokte. He has part of his cosmic serpent apparel glowing green as per cosmic serpents and cosmic wormholes in the complete depition (for clarity) connecting to what I believe is a wormhole opening. He appears to be coming out the wormhole and if you look into the 'box shaped' wormhole you can see his origin address... near the seven stars of the pleiades and a Sun with a spiral vortex! The spiral vortex wormhole theme is also found with the Nostradamus image that follows.

I believe the deity standing with blazing head gear is a gate keeper like the Egyptians and exactly like the Greek deity Helios, just like the statue of Liberty Sun deity in New York and Helios as seen in the sol Invictus 25th December legends. (ref)

Note the Tree of Life on the left with allseeing eye to show Creation is conscious and sees everything, the allseeing eye now usurped by secret society for their private members only usage as the Grand Architect of the universe. The icon on the dollar bill. A once sacred icon now reduced to an evil profiteering empire icon.

Note how the Suns all connect here with cosmic serpents. On the original depiction below they actually show suns connected like strings of pearls and actually catalogue them according to colour spectrum as astronomers do ranging from brown dwarfs to reds to oranges and yellows.

But the best detail is that icon at the top centre part of the image... a symbol of a gold 'V' with oval ring around it. The Maya place it as a symbol near the Bolon Yokte deity in smaller UFO (or probably just a compact UFO depiction showing he is INSIDE the 'V' shaped craft) and next to the Tree of life showing it is connected along cosmic serpents and showing it is sacred. I believe this is the 'V' shape UFO that might be appearing near the end of December. Hungarian researcher Márton Molnár-Göb suggests very convincingly that the oval ring around the 'V' has a clear depiction... it is going through the wormhole!

Here is something interesting... or just coincidence...
NASA use this icon as their logo! This finding brought forward by Richard Groves... ref... Are they privy to ancient secret knowledge? Is NASA run by secret society elite who really know all these secrets and especially what lies on Mars ref Is it also a coincidence all space agencies world wide use the same logo... Russian federal space agency ref... China ref... Canada ref... Japan ref... even the sci-fi series Star Trek ref




The image above is of the Egyptian depiction of the Tree of life that is conscious and compare also how it has an underworld, it has souls passing through many stars AND SUNS to get to the base of the cosmic Tree. This is identical to the Maya depiction claim below where all the suns are joined by cosmic serpent threads! The Maya scribe appears to have added the strings of suns to the Maya people in the codex as a status title attached to each marriage showing where their bloodlines came from. It seems many suns are associated!

The image below is the Selden codex depicion in true perspective but just with colour highlights to help clarity. The original source image is here: ref.

Scholars decipher the codex writings and something is completely clear. The Maya who wrote the codex didnt seem bothered to write an explanation for the cosmic scene because they felt the image did that job. The Maya were more interested in recording the new family bloodlines that occurred between star visitors and the Maya living on Earth. It sounds exactly like the Biblical record of the bloodline of Abraham (Abraham star map with Pleiades to release on this website soon found in an ancient Syrian temple. It shows Islam, Judaism and Christianity are ALL from the same bloodline star visitors).

Note deities all shaded purple are seven in number if you include the deity with Phoenix crown identical to the "Seven Gods Vase" seen previously which I believe represent the Pleiades.

ORION is also seen in the depiction below with its 'Kanaga' symbol... the 'H' symbol... the same symbol used in the Gobekli Tepe star maps, which is used as a cosmic signpost to find the 'god' star near the Pleiades. Gobekli Tepe is supposed to be the oldest ancient civilisation in the world according to scholars. ref

Here is the scholars interpretation on the pages that followed as it obsessed in the different weddings between 'gods' and their people, a bloodline obsession followed where kings believed only their families were of the 'gods'. A secret began where the people were told they were just mortals and only the kings family were of sacred bloodline. In fact I have found the star map depiction in ancient civilisations and therefore ALL humanity are descendant of these star beings. It appears that every kingship in every land needed to hide this same secret so they could manipulate 'worthless' commoner humanity. Here are the deciphered texts of the Seldon Codex: ref



Lets have a closer look again at the earlier image of the Tree of life Vase and the scorpio depiction under the Cosmic Tree (colour coded depiction):


Here is something amazing that will give you goosebumps... Márton Molnár-Göb saw this important piece of the mystery while looking at the earlier image with Cosmic Tree: He said a scholar found the Jaguar paw is located between the pincers of Scorpio on the Seven Gods Vase and added his opinion believing if true it could add to the Nostradamus sketch.

It explains why Nostradamus sketches a vortex between the pincers. I can add to this now. An old theory I had last year now on solid ground. If you have a star atlas program on your computer... type in the Sun-like (Sol) star I identify as HD283271 in the star maps and click "view from here"... it shows you how our ancient star travelling ancestors view the place of our Sun...




The image below is seen when looking from the sol star near the Pleiades towards our Sun position. This is the same star that at least 10 other ancient civilisations clearly define. From all the clues so far one could say it seems to speak clearly of our Earth as a destination located between the pincers of Scorpio.





The video at the top here from the TV series ancient Aliens shows the Bolon Yokte text but still tries to sell cataclysm and apocalypse interpretation rather than a good messenger arriving to smite the evil who are destroying the earth. The film makers dont recognise the Tree of Life aspect of this deity at all. Knowing the extra detail from the Cosmic Tree info, you have now read, and the reference to the Nine deities consider for yourself how likely it is that the event is an uplifting one rather than the favoured doom and gloom.

The Video beneath it covers the V shape type UFO Nostradamus suggests is destined for Earth...

The sacred Tree of the Maya is The Tree of Life nucleus force at the centre of the universe and it is another massive part of my work that I have dedicated a whole website for. It appears like this:




The image above is rendered after returning from what I believe I saw in a near death experience ... a NDE... and I returned with more that I left with when I was resuscitated. I spent over a decade researching for evidence of this amazing explanation for God... and I found it... more than 50 cases all over the world. But not easy access information. This sacred knowledge is another aspect the kingships of ages past tried to encode and hide from common people. ref

A UFO arrival early 2015 might happen... or it might not.

If nothing happens, and it is just another day then it is up to us as humanity to make this peaceful stand on our own. It will be tough but if we dont make a stand then things are going to be a lot worse for 99% of the world population enslaved to hard work for the 1% profiteers with little reward and virtually no time for happiness.


In the image below... The return of one with the title The Christos returns and in his right hand he holds his address ... seven stars. There are seven candlesticks associated in symbolism for these seven stars too and this is clear in the collection of metal books discovered in Jordan, one of which has seven seals.


Although the time of his return is unclear, many documentaries to date tried to insist its near the end of year 2012 because some of the clues fit, especially those of doom and gloom and a war against evil corporations.


"A star from the east will swallow up seven stars from the north"... "In the 73rd year (2013/2015)"... "During this time, the King Mashiach will declare himself throughout the whole world, and many nations will gather around him together with many armies from all corners of the world" VAERA section verses 478-479. ref.

The image below is a careful reconstructed image following the works from the Book of Revelation and Matthew. The Matthew texts speak of the Three Kings as in Freemason tradition for Orion's Belt ref that follow from the east to find the location of the Star of the Christ associated with his beginnings (star map).

The book of Revelation claims one arrives with this Christos title in the future riding that which produces a cloud and one who will do battle against evil... he holds in his right hand his address of origin... seven stars. The seven golden candle sticks of the Hebrew tradition celebrates the same seven stars in the heavens. A whole webpage is dedicated to this and the secret stars of the Key of Solomon. Use search bar at top of page.




Nostradamus has one very powerful prophecy that ties in with the Earth Sun and moon aligned in context with the Galaxy centre of Scorpio and here I believe is the analysis of his prophecy that might come to pass very soon. The Book of Nostradamus illustration source reference below of the wheel of time, a golden V shaped object, the Earth Moon and sun aligned as it does end of December with Scorpio, the galactic centre. But more importantly as reasoned earlier... we are the Sun between the pincers of Scorpio... we are probably the destination of the star visitors IF the prophecy is true. Here is the valuable image source reference online:





The Phoenix lights sighting in 1997 was one of the most well documented UFO cases in history and it is no surprise this shape craft is the one Nostradamus seems to suggest in his prophecy that is discussed below. It is my own personal belief that this is the UFO associated with the time window of the late 20's period, so for now I depict it as the one for the 'Maya sighting' graphic. Here is the full story documenting this UFO... over a mile wide... the sighting of all sightings:



The Maya vase here is said by scholars to be a Chocolate drinking vessel and said to be a cosmic scene with deity wearing goggles with cosmic serpents and a strange cosmic symbol or depiction. Scholars will not go further in this aspect but quite happy to refer to it as strange belief and ritual. (ref)

In the image below, look closely at how the so-called cosmic 'V' shape object is a perfect match to the Phoenix 'V' shape MILE WIDE UFO even with 5 bright lights within it. The cosmic serpent as a wormhole here touches the 'V' shape object as well as if to speak of its connection. There is a pathway off the serpent opening in a four rayed burst opeing and in it, three cosmic orbs in a triangle. I propose this is as Nostradamus depicts as a solar trinity. These patterns are repeated in cosmic records all over the ancient world.

V shape UFO on Maya vase



The Maya have a legend of one they call Quetzalcoatl who fits an identical profile to one tradition calls the Christos. One researcher here has outlined the identical use of the Cross of the sky like the Christos tradition Constantine said he saw in the sky, as well as another symbol adapted by secret society.


But most importantly in the depiction below is the imagery of the deity riding a cosmic serpent which is identical to the Egyptian tradition. I believe like many other researchers this is the depiction in a simplified pictogram teaching format of a being of living flesh and blood, an ancient astronaut riding a cosmic wormhole through the stars. More will be updated here on some ground breaking discoveries on the wormhole.

galactic planetary alignment 21 december 2012

The Maya claim their human flesh and blood 'god-like' ancestors were from three Sun star systems near the Pleiades cluster of stars. For some this will sound crazy and just myth, but compare how their greatest and oldest pyramid city matches the layout of all the other ancient secret star maps I have been able to revive, sourced from all over the world and published much to my own detriment...

(ref Tikal pyramid star map matches Stonehenge and Mars).

There are over 30 other ancient star maps repeating this very same ancient knowledge online... click here



The stain glass window of Bourges Cathedral shows a little more than meets the eye at first. The detail of the leg of the bull shape with the seven stars identifies the Pleiades. This symbol is a huge part of my work on this website. The leg part of the symbol is hidden as the wrist of the messenger. The symbol with the leg is the solar trinity symbol is partly disguised as the end of the handle of the sword, a symbol for three sun stars near the Pleiades, See how the Templars knew this symbol of the Solar Trinity:


The symbol of the sword in this context in his mouth is a powerful pictographic teaching of the return of the lamb of God, one who is of the nature of the lamb... one who will use words as his weapon to expose the evil destroying society. The messenger as 'lamb-like' is gentle and caring for the human crisis unfolding. The name the Maya give to this messenger Bolon Yokte is one who no doubt proclaims war against evil as per the Revelation book claim.

The evil destroying society are mere mortal... the super rich of the world, billionaires who own corporations who are purchasing power and manipulating governments and laws for profiteering rights. One hopes the messenger will over-ride many world wide TV frequencies and call out the most ruthless profiteers of the world by name, hence the cutting of a two edge sword with his messages.

Since there is probably a universal law against interference with primitive civilisations, the messenger will probably call on humanity to make a peaceful stand and demand these people stand trial for crimes against humanity. Watch this scenario unfold if the messenger event comes to pass where the elite demand their puppet governments proclaim they need to protect their revered corporation icons of society from 'aliens' and military neeed shoot at the UFO.

My biggest concern is the trickery and manipulation of the elite powers that be to set up their own fake UFO false flag event called Project Blue Beam during a real UFO event, and do their fake event with holograms in another big city... ref. or even worse, the elite sneak in a massive weapon beneath where the real UFO is hovering and then detonate it claiming on news media they are attacking us. Be alert and aware.


UPDATE A fellow researcher Zoee Nakoma Ehinger was browsing through the Ashmolean Museum archive in Oxford in the UK through some very ancient Sumerian seals of the Neo-Assyrian period (2500 yrs ago) and she spotted this image here seen below. Online source match to the said artifact... ref

She noticed immediately it had a typical Pleiades interpretation which is generally agreed upon by UK scholars at the British Museum. Zoee contacted me with this news and invited me to look into the extra detail. It took my breath away to say the least! This artifact repeats 6 aspects of the other prophecy claims as follows.

1) Pleiades solar trinity area with crescent world as deities address
2) UFO seen in depiction hovers over victim
3) Star gate deity with fork object
4) Cosmic serpents and dragons representing wormholes
5) A deity rides the serpent wormhole like Egypt and Maya detail
6) Scorpio pincers associated with wormhole identifies Earth destination

But there is much more here. See the earlier reasoning of how the Scorpio wormhole story is reasoned on a star program to see how it identifies where our Sun is placed when viewed from the Pleiades area. The new detail is the identification of a mission and please not this is my interpretation here which matches the basis of the Revelation claim. It could be depiction of the mission. To inspire humanity to make a peaceful stand against the evil destroying our society. There is some sort of universal law I believe from my own experience which agrees with other contactee claims that interference must be minimal with us here on Earth.

The victim in the depiction appears at first glance similar to a scene found in the book of Revelation with an evil person being cast to the pits of Hell! Consider the consistent writings of all historical mythology and religion with records of good versus evil. I am convinced at a second glance there is something less traditional being depicted.

The portrayal here I believe is still most likely the victim symbolising the evil elite billionaires of our world being forced by humanity, inspired by some messenger, first to stand trial and those convicted seen here. Those found guilty perhaps not being cast to the pit of hell... or banished to another place if hell is just another world of primative life and harsh conditions. But look closely...

The victim appears to be in another well known situation in the study of alien abductions. The victim is being placed on an operating table and possibly having an implant bug placed into his cranial area through his nasal canal.

What? This must sound insane to anyone not familiar with the 'abduction by alien' subject material reading this. Here is a little background on the taging of abductees claims so they are easily found in further contact situations: ref

I am convinced here the elite victim will have the opportunity to repay that which he plundered under charges of unlawful catastrophic greed and manipulation of society and be allowed to return to his normal, however less opulent life. But since the victim is monitored there is nowhere to run or hide if the victim decides to be destructive again.



There is a unique technique to identify a good person from an evil person especially in the case needing to identify a good leader from a bad leader. I have spent years on a way to put this amazing skill of identification of detectable personality traits into an easy to understand way. The source of this knowledge is sacred and discussed at the site link here... how to identify good from evil in the case of a human soul and its 'traits'


This is important if a cosmic messenger arrives. There is legend of false prophets and they will try and claim they are prophets of God but anyone can use this special knowledge to identify their motives and claims using your new skill. One thing for sure about any new messenger is the expression of love and care for the masses of humanity in crisis. Especially the poor and the means to inspire the poor to find a way back into a self supporting social system based on sharing resources.


If nothing happens we need to make a stand on our own and take the occupy peace protests more seriously and in much bigger numbers globally and demands for the 1000 billionaires of the Earth to stand trial for manipulation/profiteering/greed/atrocities/bribery.

My material is all free on line. Also my videos... but for those who want to own a two part double disc DVD presentation of all my best work to watch in the comfort of their own home on a big screen explained from start to finish click here





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