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Djedkhonsuifeankh papyrus with depiction of a ship that lands on Sphinx... UFO


In 2010 I released a CNNiReport on my discovery claim that I believe the detail shown on a papyrus is of a real celestial ship 'UFO' landing on the back of the Giza Sphinx in ancient Egypt. Also that it shows that the ship originated from the 'Leg of the bull' constellation which I insist (refuting scholars theory), the symbol represents the Pleiades star area.

The story on this Djedkhonsuifeankh papyrus found in the Cairo Museum is sensational to say the least and it set off a storm.

It was firstly attacked by two disinformation psy-ops agents on the CNN ireport page and they attacked it daily with masses of well written abusive propoganda, lies and with an additional smear campaign that the CNN admin had to intervene. Why was this such a sensitive issue? Read on and see for yourself.

Since then many news media have abused my finding claim making it look like I am a mere 'UFO enthusiast' and set in the tone that I just agree with some unknown expert archaeologist's discovery.

I digitally restored, sharpened and remastered the only replica of the papyrus removing the yellow stain discolouring, reprints of which are now available to the public ref . The clearer images of which I will use in this article.

I hear the original papyrus was incorrectly preserved using chemicals and it has completely turned yellow ref.

In simplicity this scene of the papyrus is the 'opening paragraph' of a very long papyrus stretching across the wall many feet long and it begins a sacred story of Zep Tepi, the first time in Egypt.

It is time to define with more clarity something that has been left untouched for some time. The obsession the ancient Egyptians had with their 'gods' who they said sailed down from the sky in 'strange ships'. You the reader must now decide if the ancient Egyptians lied or told a very emotional truth. You will be able to reason the validity of their 'controversial' cosmic claims against other cases first in Egypt, then in other ancient civilisations.

The image below in a "nut shell" explains very quickly what I claim as you mouse over the image. But read on for the proof of it all and how it was decoded.



If you prefer cutting straight to the old video version rather than read the updated article, then here are the video links. The videos show a lot more than than article but they are 2010 and do not have all the breaking new updated findings seen in the images portrayed below.

Video Part 1
Video Part 2

Something that you will witness is their paranormal claims of star visitors and ships from the sky is a global ancient obsession, and ALL say they looked a certain way and ALL say they came from the same place.

As much as scholars feel quite nauseated by this repeating pattern of commonalities they are there for all to measure. Did they all tell the same lie or is it more closer to reality than some care to believe?

The papyrus has the genesis tradition of Egypt with her personified as one holding all stars.

Nut is a sacred feminine creation Goddess who gives birth to a Sun...

A Sun that I insist is not OUR Sun at all but another where these 'gods', that are just beings of flesh and blood with 'magical looking' technology are where our ancestors originate.

She is shown stretching forth over the sky from horizon to horizon. Her toes touch the ground, and also touching her toes, it has the symbol for the Pleiades that is conclusive evidence now as the 'leg of the bull' symbol to show where the gods come from. Perhaps read this link first if the 'leg of the bull' symbol for the Pleiades sounds confusing because it is here in this Egypt Dendera link where the story of the 'Pleiades star gods' begins.

The papyrus shows what I will now prove is the Sphinx of Giza and the object shown which landed on the flat back of the Sphinx in the first epoch of Egypt over 5000 years ago.




One very important tomb for me in my visit in 2002 was the Tutmosis III tomb in the Valley of Kings as seen in the image above where Ra is shown with bird head (global ancient astronaut face depiction) and bird wings to teach he could fly and it rode a cosmic serpent. It was here where I experienced the exciting emotion in understanding the real aspects of the celestial ship and it was something scholars like to omit in their presentations.

If one looks at the first depictions of the ship of the Egyptian so called god's, one will find that there is more detail to be seen. You will find them in the tombs of the first great Pharaohs, especially the Tomb of Rameses IX.

In the image below we see different tombs and different murals.

The top left is of the type that is very strange in some early depictions, and scholars like to simplify explanation as its a cartouche-like symbolism for the ship.

But its far deeper in its choice of depiction as we will see. The other two images are from the Rameses IX tomb and here it is quite revealing.

If the ancients never lied and this story is real then behold... it claims something monumental in where the ship landed and what the Sphinx once looked like.

The Rameses tomb shows firstly a ship on something resembling a two headed Sphinx. What on Earth is that about? Secondly it shows the more traditional symbol for a ship as one that would be appropriate for the river Nile.

In this same tomb it has another that is quite amazing. It shows two different ships that visited the Double head Sphinx and that:

1) It depicts going inside the Sphinx
2) It depicts records of a Sun beneath it... HALL OF RECORDS
3) it shows the Sphinx with lions heads!

This is a monumental piece of the puzzle but if only we can reason the long argued symbol of the two headed Sphinx then my theory might have a better grounding.




Some scholars have said since it is always spoken of in context with a Sphinx monument then it has to be some lost Sphinx monument but no scholar has agreed as far as I know that it is THE Sphinx of Giza.

I want to reason the validity of this symbolism now that I have found more to verify the reasoning of it. Firstly lets look at the symbol below. It is also in the previous image added onto the image of the depicted large object/monument that the ship lands on.

But what strange emotion would cause a scribe or king to chose an extra head? The answer is quite simple and makes a lot of sense if they thought of the monument as very sacred.




I propose a new theory on this symbol defining it as the ultimate Sphinx, that of Giza, firstly it needs to be a large object to have a ship land on it and secondly, it needs a flat platform back part of it and not a natural curved back like all the other Sphinx statues.

Yes... how weird is that, the Sphinx of Giza has a very unexpected flat back and defies all reasoning as aged or weathered or function as just a statue reproduction of a lion's back. Firstly as a meaningless statue it would look right with a curved back and sand or rain would not build up upon it. It can't weather this way at all either. If originally it had a rounded back then it would erode with riles and have an even less flat appearance.

But with a raised platform, how do the star visitors get down? I proposed in 2002 that it seens there was once an arched door in the back of the head of the Sphinx. You can clearly see how odd the back of the head is. It is flat and looks chopped off from a side elevation. Why have the landing place raised in the first place? Go back just 9000 years and it would be a green Sahara and yes it was lion infested. But was this the choice for a lion monument. The answer is with the stars ... Leo... and how it is the key in unlocking the meaning of the Sphinx and pyramid layout ref



I propose that the Sphinx was so sacred a place with the first time of Egypt called Zep Tepi that the emotional first scribes or kings felt:

... it needed a way to have both sides of it shown in every venerated depiction because it was so sacred that...


Imagine combining two side elevation views together as if standing at the back of the Sphinx then running to and fro from each side to get the effect of seeing both left side and right side almost at once.




But there more in defining the celestial ship and it begins with this stunning relief mural below of a wall inside the Deir el Medina Temple, one with star ceiling too and it depicts the unthinkable... it shows the precession of three Suns as the Solar trinity global common theory that I propose in the bottom left part of the temple wall mural.

It has a dome which is of paramount importance with what follows.

Firstly domes are complex structures and Egypt did not use dome construction of anything, never mind something so light that it could be used on a boat. This dome for Ra is out of context in traditional Egyptian history presented by scholars!

It has leg support under structure, and interaction with non human small entities and how it gets to and fro from an encoded cosmic address! It has a small serpent that it rides (green highlighted) beneath the ship. The platform under the ship it symbolically rests on is a symbol that speak of its own terrafirma that is of the sky and of the feather which is perhaps a symbol of the knowledge and judgement of life that the visitors taught.




This mural above has a complete narration with it of how, why, when and from where. When I first saw the framework support I thought well this might exlain Stonehenge as a circular frame landing port for a large flying disc to collect supplies etc, since Stonehenge layout plan is a clear star map . But then on second thoughts that sounds a little stupid that an advanced ship theorised would not have its own landing equipment. This structural depiction is probably an interpretation of its strange body work that blended down to its own support legs. A less likely third idea, maybe a special repair framework was needed for some reason because its landing gear failed.

Lets look at the front of the ship on the right side of the image. It has a 'veil' placed over the front ship.

Hungarian researcher Márton Molnár-Göb made some substantial groundwork here ref on this depiction by comparing all versions of it as it interacts with what I proposed as early as 1997 that the cosmic serpent is a cosmic worm hole. Click the image below to see the referenced story. In his article he takes this much further explaining the veil is the opening star gate with the cosmic conduit that I once proposed is the means to traverse time and space as a star gate but which is a natural universal part of the Cosmic Tree of Life 2005.




To add to the three suns procession in the bottom left of the image as an area of space in Taurus in the collection of my ancient star map proposals, here is a lot of extra detail on the front of the ship if you look closer. It completes the cosmic address!

Here is another close up image link of the relief to cross reference detail for what follows to see this is no trick of light and shadow. ref

The cosmic Bull of Taurus is on the front of the ship as it will be passing through the veil that it enters. The bull is tethered with a symbolic rope suggesting this was the most important and its the star visitors place of origin.



The complete address of Taurus is decoded with the Pleiades from the flock of seven or so birds, just like in Greek Mythology. Here is the first case where a second choice of symbolism for the Pleiades is used other than the 'leg of the bull' symbol. The close up image shows they were even painted blue ref . There are also 2 other famous Christain records that present suns near seven stars that it represents as 7 birds and seen in the image below.

1) The manuscript Beatus of Liebana (see preview below) ref credit: Márton Molnár-Göb
2) Rosslyn Chapel star map launched soon (see preview below)
3) Greek mythology ref 1 ref 2

The antelope head next to the bulls head on the ship suggests another cosmic address which is a bit of a mystery and perhaps symbol for a destination in Capricorn as found on the Dendera zodiac disc. The matching animal figure there is the only straight horn antelope constellation seen on the Zodiac disc.




The Deir el Medina Temple celestial ship mural is replete also with 'living ankhs', personified like in some other very sacred depictions and I believe taught as Cherubim in Christian records. I propose in this close up depiction below and just as I have in the past that these entities that are small in height entities called Cherubim or Greys are the teachers of truth carrying the feather symbol as seen in this image here and explained on my spiritual revived records site titled Oneism.org




In Edfu another celestial ship relief carved in a Temple of Horus or Sokar according to scholars enters the presentation of evidence. Sokar is the deity depiction of just the Falcon face 'god' without any head crown decoration.

Two domed ship cases now are in contention with structural support beneath it and all the symbols explaining identical record as Deir el Medina.

It has the flock of birds on the front representing I believe the Pleiades of the ship and the Bull head of Taurus. A little more in the reasoning of the birds position as a cluster in context with the bull is that the pleiades cluster really is in this position with the bull's back in the sky.

The rope tethered cords are on the bull as previously and the ship rides its raised terrafirma 'floating' platform with feather of Maat truth and wisdom symbol. The whole ship again associated aboard a cosmic serpent. Riding a wormhole and passing through the opening veil as described earlier.




Here is a coffin lid of one called Perenbast that Márton Molnár-Göb from Hungary was able to find... it suggests some important knowledge about the individual that died over 4000 years ago. Its quite possible that he was one who held the Celestial ship banner pole! This is the only one with the banner pole added. It is proudly depicted with his knowledge of the ship records. But notice a few more great pieces of reasoning. There was no inclusion of a flock of birds for the Pleiades so perhaps thats why he added 6 dots on the ship frame as it too is positioned correctly behind the back of the bull.

The cosmic bull tethering as the main cosmic address is tethered to a suspended anchor here. There is one small thing that begs mentioning. The pole with lotus flower we have said is another interpretation for the cosmic conduit wormhole he will travel through (although by tradition it is commonly shown under the ship as cosmic serpent highlighted green) but the lotus 'funnel' leans towards him on the right, perhaps waiting for his journey.




Scholars will probably feel quite ill by now seeing what initially looks like fantasy but the references show themes of the paranormal repeating in many cases and with texts that virtually explain it as a paranormal record and not a silly cult religion that ancient civilisations all over the world also chose to fabricate.

Its important now to paint the clearest picture on just the detail amounting so far before getting into the magnificent papyrus seen at the top of the page.

Ra was said over and over perhaps more than a hundred cases that he is inside that which shines like the sun. Scholars again think well its harmless symbolism. Maybe not. They also say in just as many cases that he stepped out of this object that shone like the sun and it was a disc. Not once not twice but hundreds of texts saying it was a disc. Egyptologists prefer to say well they worshiped our sun and thought it was flat light in the sky.

But here is where it gets technical. It rides a cosmic serpent which I believe like many today that its a real cosmic wormhole. It seems to have an undercarriage support structure and it was ONLY later on in more recent records simplified into water designed ships tradition as seen in depictions that the people used on the Nile river.

The research that follows here will also show how the celestial ship was shown repeatedly in many relief depictions how the light radiation of this disc that the bird head entity of Sokar/Horus was an occupant inside, radiated coloured light. The ancients made a special banner on a pole, just like that seen with the Ankh's that are in procession in the relief depictions, but the Pharaohs held a celebration using the banners where he himself was carried in a mock up celestial ship. The Pharaoh was flanked with his people who carried the 'ship of the gods' banner poles. They had small celestial ships with radiant feathers cut to depict the great colour. Yes... they were also used as ceremonial fans too and this is all scholars figured they were... ceremonial fans!

Taking preference of the probability the earliest most ornate records have closest chance of truth then we are able to formulate what the disc ship that flies once appeared like.

Mouse over the image below to see the common detail of what the earliest Egyptians would swear was the truth and nothing but the sacred truth.




Some will already be laughing at the animated mouse over image above and sure, perfectly understandable if one hasnt really had a close look at the Djedkhonsuifeankh papyrus at the top of the page. But now its time to judge this mind blowing image possibility that I have re-created in this 'cheesy' graphic.

Let us get more serious here and check every single reference and reason the probability as a challenge.

In the analysis that follows think of the apparently emotional ancient motives for these depictions. We need especially to take seriously what the ancients wrote as well and be open to one of the biggest mistakes I believe Egyptologists have made because they are virtually bound by strict following old scholars theory as fact tradition ethics in their protocols as a scholar.

I believe the biggest mistake is not only have they got the entire Sun worship thing wrong where its obvious they venerated a Sun... But it was not OUR Sun. But they have also interpreted one common expression for the dead incorrectly. The expression to be 'in spirit' when one is departing the body when dead is the SAME expression for when one is 'in spirit' in an out of body experience returning back to their bodies.

This means every exotic record paranormal journey in spirit is seen as a cult belief funerary text. The famous pyramid texts of Unas for example have all the out of body journey to the stars and back to the initiates body seen as nothing more than a nutty belief death cult.


I have been able to present my theory here to at least 9 scholars. Only two cared to speak further. I was able to discuss my pictographic part of my theory with these two hierogliph reading ability scholars who will remain nameless due to the conditions of their commenting. Their reaction first was 'please dont waste my time' but after a few days with it both smiled shaking their heads and generally said in different ways as follows. Its very hard to dispute because this part of history is seen as a lost Sun worship belief cult very illogical very strange belief systems in every mysterious unsolved way. But when my theory is taken verbatim and with pictographic references my new theory is definitely going to rattle some really big cages.

They also generally agree this new theory collection needs to be brought forward and challenged constructively with astronomers too because its important to test. But also because it seems to fit so well with the pattern of modern paranormal and UFO sighting claims but fear without checking every single source image that my work seems too obvious and too good to be true.

I expected a far worse reaction initially but out of at least 9 scholars so far only two were able to comment unofficially (because the moment any funded scholar shows support in this alien interpretation direction, their jobs are at risk and their funding also is at risk).


The online source image of this papyrus shows some more recent deterioration and some oxidation making it very yellow. ref . Im pleased to announce that I have life size digitally cleaned up images of this papyrus that will be exclusively made available to the public with my collections of ancient astronaut artifact duplications ref . The images here are of the duplication and sourced from a 1975 colour image that is yellow filtered and laminated with a very thick laminate.




Goddess Nut is personified as a very sacred string of star constellations of the cosmos. I believe it is a string of constellations that run along parallel with the Milky Way, and the string of stars duplicated with the pyramid field of 50 pyramids I was fortunate to decode. ref

The most important part of Nut and in the middle of the pyramid field is the area of the Pleiades which correlates with the Womb of Nut.



The sacred feminine personification secret of Nut as a cosmos teaching mechanism of Creation was portrayed in many ancient civilisations. She was known as:

Goddess Sophia of the Rosicrucian Star Map Secret

and someone quite unexpected...

Baphomet of the Templar and Freemason Star Map Secret

The Sacred Feminine secret code... link soon available



Nut has only two attached pieces of text or pictographic symbols of information in the papyrus. One text by her womb and one by her toes touching the bulls leg symbol down on terrafirma.

The text noted by her womb apparently has a tiny leg of the bull symbol and might translates as:

Sacred Birthing of the Sun of Ra from the leg of the bull establishes LIFE!

This line alone would create a breaking news event if confirmed! Im not yet convinced its as simple as this... I wont hold my breath either but will update news shortly.

One symbol near the bottom of the text has three dots vertically and is currently being explored by experts for Orion's Belt origin text representation. In astronomy Suns are G class spectrum 'biological life' potential star systems with potential life planets and quite different to much larger 'lifeless' stars that we see as 99% of all visual stars.



At the toes of Nut I am convinced it explains pictographically where this place is of the 'birthing of the Sun of Ra'. It touches the leg of the bull symbol to explain this. It is screaming out at the reader this leg of the bull of the Pleiades located by her womb is the place of origin!

The Sun of Ra itself is oriented so it is positioned at the birth part of the womb in the image below (where feminine chalice meets the male aspect handle and shown as brightest blazing sun-like star in yellow hue. These stars are in this exact orientation in the sky measured above the Eastern horizon over Sol Invictus period 25th December!

There were without doubt many rituals to celebrate this sacred feminine chalice birthing the Sun of our ancestors where the stars are just right to be measured. It later continued through the ages and especially following the Christian period. But I am convinced strict monarchy rule encoded most of this secret for elite eyes only right from the Constantine period. The celebration of the Holy grail using a gold grail chalice of communion with the bloodline of our ancestors. A special Holy Grail page is being set up to show more...

The Holy Grail discovery... link soon available



In the papyrus Nut has her feet touching our Earth and the placement of the well known symbol for the Pleiades... 'the leg of the bull' .

Is this not the clearest possible way to show the orientation of the leg symbol correctly with horizon representing Pleiades? Is this not the most perfect way to define that this is where our star ancestors are from as the pictographic value of these images touching each other tell the story?

Now the Sphinx... Is it the Sphinx of Giza?

Well here is definition... it has the 'Sphinx Dream Stele' as its title above its head!!!

But not just that, it also has the Waldak headress of Osirus denoting the statue that was once beneath the chin of the Sphinx.

I propose one more piece of evidence that this IS the Sphinx at Giza. The size of structural stone Sphinx needed to hold a celestial ship that is sitting on its back.




Now including the wormhole theory proposed by William Henry... it includes how light years were bridged. Now for the controversial item on the back of the Sphinx. Scholars found a stela showing a small Sphinx showing a ritual celebrating the Sphinx and the banner made for the procession was placed on the back as this was their depiction of what once landed on the Sphinx. So yes scholars would prefer if this meaningless feather decorated 'fan' banner is simply just a fan that they would celebrate for no reason on a model Sphinx.

But in the stela image below note how it celebrates that which is kept beneath the Sphinx. Dare I suggest the Hall of Records of our Sun system in a treasure chest? One wonders if its still possible to excavate with new Egyptian antiquities heads since Hawass was fired? Perhaps just a drill tube going not from the sides of the Sphinx like recently attempted but at a 45 degree angle behind the Sphinx stela beneath her chest?




I believe as I show in my talks with images why the Hall of Records treasures of our solar system might not be there any more. It is fact that Howard Vyse a famous explorer of a century ago used dynamite behind the back of the head, nearly blew the head right off. He then tried digging beneath the chest. There are old images showing a cavity behind the Sphinx Dream Stela.

The ceremonial fan as mentioned earlier was used as a banner in the celebrations of the celestial ship events with the Pharaoh. It was a procession showing what it meant. Here is an image of a ceremonial banner where the pole is actually held by a 'living Ankh deity' from The Seti I Temple wall relief at Abydos ref in true vibrant colour. It has Horus on board as occupant with his sun crown place of origin. Bright exotic colour feathers perhaps used not just for use as a fan between ceremonies but the only source of vibrant colour like a rainbow that came from the ship.




In the image below and to the right of the celestial ship on the Sphinx depiction in the papyrus, the entire remaing depiction pictographically completes the story.

It repeats the same story covered so far as Zep Tepi using the main pictographic characters. It is a celestial ship symbol having its own raised terrafirma line beneath the ship showing that the occupants can stand here but its raised above the Earth. The Earth represented by the line on the bottom of the papyrus with Nut touching horizon to horizon.

The occupant of Horus/sokar the falcon deity shown another way too. He is depicted in reverse to emphasize the ability of flight of this 'bird-man'.

Bird's body and human head. But what about the serpent wormhole story? Is it missing completely from the papyrus story? That would be strange to leave it out. Look closely at each end of the boat. It has what a researcher William Henry proposed some years ago for another symbol for the wormhole. One that science uses today to describe a wormhole. A lotus flower funnel opens on each side of the boat. This is a dual depiction of both wormhole and boat itself!




Scholars argue over the three interacting deities of Nut, Geb and Shu seen in the remaining papyrus depiction.

The problem is even the ancient Egyptians argued over its meaning over the epochs of time. There are actually three versions of the myth. All three evolved from each kingdom over a period of at least 5000 years.

Its quite a coincidence the earliest version fits my Star visitor theory the best. As time went on they altered the story perhaps due to arrogant leaders insisting their interpretation suits their interests.

What does it show?

I am convinced it is as told. The Goddess Nut personified as covered already with all stars that has at her womb the area of where the Sun of Ra near Pleiades in Taurus is birthed speaking of his origins.

But the Myth depicts Geb, the deity shown in green to personify the Earth, he lies down ready to make love and be as one with Nut. I am convinced with all my research so far in ancient Christain manuscript legends that the three stars in a row seen in the East (Orion's Belt) either represent Geb's personified Earth male anatomy rising on the horizon... connected to Earth. But here is my recent theory that sounds more probable:

The three stars of Orion's Belt is actually three little drops of Geb's seed on its way aligning to the womb of Pleiades area.

It is here when Earth meets Heavens and Orion/Geb impregnates Nut and she gives birth to the Sun of Ra.




This measuring on the horizon from my research concludes it was most likely carried out with a special viewing point with a massive Solar obelisk in view with horizon.

Where the Earth appears as if it has a large male piece of anatomy facing the heavens.

On the days around Sol Invictus 25th December Orion rises perfectly east and belt stars rise along the monument. In this ritual isnt it more likely...

... it is the seed of Geb 'flowing' as three droplets in a row (Orion's Belt) towards the heavens aligned to the Sun star of Ra in the Pleiades area.

There are many explicit Egyptian cosmic representations of the aligned seeding with male anatomy.

This communion with Heaven and Earth I believe was celebrated holding up a gold chalice which a disc of bread (represents Sun disc... not our Sun but the Ra Sun system in Taurus and disc that shins like the Sun that arrived). It is emersed in blood red wine celebrating moment of birth from the 'chalice' womb and the Egyptian priest or initiate consumes it to celebrate our genesis and bloodline from star ancestors.

Scroll up again the page and compare to the earlier small image depictions of the genesis of Nut and secret of the Grail because they are part of an animation shown on the home page. Then see how this fits in with other legends all over the world presented as 'the hidden records' collection.

I have animated the papyrus figures and the arrival of Ra in the 2010 videos to add clarity to all this new interpretation reasoning.

Video Part 1
Video Part 2




There is a papyrus written account when the flying discs that shine like the Sun returned to Egypt, obviously many generations after the texts evolved and the writings of celestial ships and star visitors seemed like powerful gods and a religion.

It is called the Tuli Papyrus and it was so shocking in its reveal that as expected it is now missing and all that is left is a scholars work on deciphering the text.

On the link shown the complete deciphered story is translated and a strange thing suddenly becomes obvious. There was no doubt a very long period of no star visitors for some generations.

When the discs that fly appeared again, the ancient Egyptians could not figure the connection with their traditional records of the disc of Ra because they believed it was just our Sun being worshiped. They were initially terrified with the sighting until food came down from the sky which lightened their fears! The full translation follows after the image.

One thing I found quite amazing is the Egyptian glyph chosen for text explaining the flying discs that they saw was still an oval symbol, but even with this obvious symbol the people could not figure that it was the same symbol their ancestors used to teach for the flying disc of Ra! Perhaps the Ra depiction was already forgotten because it was only used in the tombs that were sealed. Tombs that would never be considered to open and study.



"In the year 22, of the third month of winter, sixth hour of the day [...] among the scribes of the House of Life it was found that a strange Fiery Disk was coming in the sky. It had no head. The breath of its mouth emitted a foul odor. Its body was one rod in length and one rod in width. It had no voice. It came toward His Majesty's house. Their heart became confused through it, and they fell upon their bellies. They [went] to the king, to report it. His Majesty [ordered that] the scrolls [located] in the House of Life be consulted. His Majesty meditated on all these events which were now going on.

After several days had passed, they became more numerous in the sky than ever. They shined in the sky more than the brightness of the sun, and extended to the limits of the four supports of heaven [...] Powerful was the position of the Fiery Disks.

The army of the King looked on, with His Majesty in their midst. It was after the evening meal when the Disks ascended even higher in the sky to the south. Fish and a variety of birds rained down from the sky: a marvel never before known since the foundation of the country. And His Majesty caused incense to be brought to appease the heart of Amun-Re, the god of the Two Lands. And it was [ordered] that the event [be recorded for] His Majesty in the annals of the House of Life [to be remembered] for ever."


The famous Amarna period that Pharaoh Akhenaten, the one with an elongated head like the historical large Inca skulls has its own 'disc of the heavens' story to tell. Its quite likely his lineage is part advanced star visitor lineage as he looks like no other Egyptian before him. His wife Nefertiti had the same strange elongated head too and she was far more beautiful compared to many before her.

Yes scholars will be saying wait a minute that was the Sun and Sun's rays with it for sure and not a flying disc. Well have a rethink here scholars. The texts speak of it in a manner that could easily be confused just the same as it was in the earlier periods.

Akhenaten was obsessed with the disc that shone like the Sun and tried to alter their multiple confusing gods religion once again. He even moved to open ground and built his new city.

It was a city that had one big difference. He needed to have many offering tables built for something never seen before. 1800 offering tables in all! Each offering table was 2m square in area and it would need on a special day to be filled with the best meat the best fruit and vegetables. There were no refrigeration plans for 1800 offering tables all to have fresh meat either. Consider what this incredible one day offering event is screaming out at us here.

This spectacular event of filling 1800 offering tables for the offering to the disc that shines like the sun is suggesting it was a supply base for star traveller visitors that landed here, perhaps star visitors that were blood related to Akhenaten.



Akhenatens reign was short lived and to reason why his people rebelled against him is no mystery. No doubt they were short of food leading up to and following this event. It is hard to feed ones own people consistently as records of Egypt show. Then when so much fruit and vegetable and meat was needed in just one day it would mean the people would fall short perhaps for months and starvation was the motive for the rebellion against him.




The Serpent Ouroboros papyrus of Dama Heroub I propose here is an opening of the wormhole depiction. It shows not only that flesh and blood beings can step in and out of it as a star gate but that it shows both its origin and its destination addresses.

These cruicial points present a very strong case for reasoning a real star gate depiction and the main celestial ship theory proposed in this article.

Note again the double sphinx depiction which I have already proposed for the Sphinx Giza address. Since the Sphinx at Giza is a raised platform it is also safe from wild animals in the old days and one must wonder if a wormhole here can open just for people to walk through without a celestial ship.

It would probably require special rods placed apart from each other and some advanced mechanism that an opening star gate can 'dial up' This story will be updated later with how I believe this occured.

The place of origin where the stargate came from... no contest here:

The area in the cosmos behind the bull's head... the three Sun systems near the Pleiades.

Three Suns? Yes, this papyrus even adds titles for all three associating with the deity that you can see is in the act of actually stepping out of the wormhole. There is more. Note the arms of heaven we saw earlier in the tomb of Rameses. Here I suggest it is showing the process of the star gate is actually riding a wormhole that is literally the ether, a plasma ribbon of God Creation. I state this with strong belief as I claim it as real from an out of body experience with it in a near death accident I had at the study website here on the secrets of the human spirit at Oneism.org.

There is even a title for God Creation present here with the all seeing all conscious Wadjet eye. The same eye George Washington wanted to depict as his knowledge of a divine architect of the universe on the USA one dollar bill which is also... a star map


A beautiful tunic found in the Saqquara region once belonging to an elite Egyptian figurehead is about to reveal a new breakthrough. It is of Middle Kingdom period and therefore close to 2000 years old made of the finest weave on record for its time and called The Saqqara tunic which is now on display in the Cairo museum . # JE 59117.

But as seen in the image below I realised right away this scene was something I knew well and it was not from anything Egyptian either. It was a scene repeated on a Sumerian seal (inserted on image) that I decode and discuss on my Sumerian artifact page here... ref

The Pleiades are clearly seen on both garment and seal copy in the top left portion. Our Sun is correctly identified with the Scarab and dragon/lion/crocodile-like creature that clearly personifies this cosmic creature as the actual cosmic wormhole opening sourced from the Tree of Life. On the Sumerian seal it is shown as the Vesica pisces sacred feminine symbol opening next to Gilgamesh holding the pronged Vajra devices.

I am a little annoyed Harvard scholars cant even identify the seven stars as the Pleiades, (just like they couldn't or wouldn't explain it on the leg of the bull symbol in all Egyptian references). In fact their whole interpretation of the tunic places this important detail as mysterious and lost meaning in a strange cult belief ref .


Scotland pictish stones decoded


Now let's decode the detail found common with both the Sumerian seal and this tunic and while discussing the detail please reference the image above against the image below that has a mouse over action to see it 'come alive'

The Pleiades in left hand corner of the tunic has a crescent and here I insist it is not our moon in crescent but an exoplanet world of the 'gods' (beings of flesh and blood human genus but with technology) as the common texts all claim.

It has the sacred feminine deity present on the crescent world and she is full of stars as per the goddess Nut who is seen also in the image at the Tree of Life scene. She is interacting with a cosmic serpent, a plasma ribbon of the essense of life that I have a whole website set out to reason here Oneism.org since I believe I have been here in a NDE experience.

The banner hanging beneath the crescent world has somthing amazing on it. It has the Ankh... a living ankh (which is explored on this page) and it has two legs. This is the first time I have seen a two leg version of the ankh speaking of 'life coming from this world' like the Freemason star map as a beam of light or cosmic ladder ref . See the tunic large source image ref or mouse over the image below.

The seal and the tunic have the same disc that flies that I suggest is a flying disc craft of the star visitors as their means to travel to our solar system. If you mouse over the image you can see I have added green plasma streamers showing how they all flow together right through the two deities on the tunic that have a small 'Aladdin type' lamp that they interact with. The gene of Aladdin's lamp in legend might just be another device that opens the cosmic conduit ... a star gate.



The Bennu bird ref is placed beneath the seven rayed Sun on the right (same position as in Sumerian seal) to speak of the founding of civilisation from this star to the side of the Pleiades I identify as Sol 1 Primary in all the star map examples on this website.

The Bennu bird also stands on what I am certain is the primordial mound. The first time in Egypt and perhaps on the planet Earth.

How can two civilisations that showed so little interaction in history have virtually the same story told the same way?


The Egyptian tunic and Sumerian seal both show something amazing. The union between two realms... the solar systems of our star visitor ancestors and our solar system.

I can imagine scholars breaking out in a cold sweat reading this but in time, parhaps after the first undeniable first contact made with star visitors they will suddenly wake up. They will no doubt proudly change their tune so fast and say... "Gosh... we always knew these texts of alien visitors was a possibility but previously it would be unprofessional to consider it with so little evidence.

This is the Sumerian seal decoded showing a very detailed event. Please click this link ref or the image below to read on how it was decoded as it suggests the opening of the Vesica Pisces wormhole in the future again at time of a great comet as seen below in our solar system.




In the Dendera Temple of Hathor the bull of the sky cryptically points to the disc with his ‘sacred’ leg! The Dendera zodiac disc repeats the same theme, as does the Senmut Tomb Astronomical ceiling mural (see below). And if you were wondering about the crescent… The ultimate question should be… Is the crescent conclusively indicative of a world in partial shadow from its Sun-like star, and not our moon at all? A theory further corroborated by other ancient relics and the Nebra disc ( ref ).


The ancients showed the celestial boat that Ra traversed the cosmos in shone like the Sun. It is quite likely that ‘his star’ that he came from was confused with ‘his celestial’ ship (see this website for the Sumerian tablet of a man in disc attached to a Sun-like star), hence resulting in the two very different concepts becoming merged over time.

The Senmut tomb in Egypt breakthrough offers proof that my interpretation of the Sun Temple obelisk near Abusir is the 'x' that marks the spot - a tiny star very close to the Pleiades. The tomb below repeats the secret...


The Senmut tomb in Deir El Bahri near the Hatshepsut temple holds a secret... the perfect confirmation of the Egyptian pyramid layout secret and the beginnings of Egypt is found here.

The tomb is not open to public and is under lock and key. Scholars do not like to comment on this tomb mural since it seems to contradict their interpretations of the genesis of Egypt. In the top image it appears a little hard to follow so I have reproduced my interpretation of the ceiling mural below it.

In the image directly above I outline finer detail. To begin with (ref - inserted image at top left). Note how Horus/Sokar represents Orion’s belt showing the way (using a rod in this depiction) to the ‘leg of the bull’ constellation in Taurus, namely the Pleiades. In the astronomical version seen here, the Pleiades have been magnified and repositioned (and are therefore not a precise representation of the stars by the ancient artist). However, it seems artistically reproduced with such simplicity, an age old teaching method of how to find… the place of the ‘gods’.

Consider the size of the red solar disc (red dot in circle radiating beam of light down to Earth). Its size is the same size as the two ‘hoof’ stars of the leg constellation that one must follow with special depiction here with even more detail to follow the two stars of Atlas and Pleione alignment to locate the sacred star. (See image below).

Is this not conclusive reasoning that the red disc cannot possibly be our Sun?

Its a very tiny Sol star in a night sky scene with stars of the Pleiades (leg of the bull). Note also the beam of light, or perhaps a cosmic ladder from the red dot down to the Earth. The narrator of the story is also pointing to the star in question. The Senmut tomb is currently locked up and not for viewing by visitors in Egypt although a copy of the tomb detail is now reproduced in a mock up room above ground by its entrance area. In summary this tomb on its own justifiably challenges everything we thought we knew about the beginnings of Egypt.




Quite recently Hungarian researcher Márton Molnár-Göb asked if I was aware there was a scorpion symbol with the leg of the bull symbol in the Senmut tomb. I had seen the scorpion-like symbol ages ago trying to figure what on Earth it was and felt it probably meant something else. But it absolutely warrented a second look.

If it could be proved it was a scorpion symbol of some sort then it would match the recent and very important Gobekli Tepi star map recent discovery update.

It took some time but then it was found. This was the precise symbol for a special Egyptian Goddess and this would re-write the old interpretation by many scholars which I trusted that it was Isis performing the stretching of the cord ritual. It is said today that some scholars still insist she is Isis because in referenced accounts she is holding a rope to the Ra Sun just like confirmed depictions of Isis. A ritual where the leg of the bull is thought to be cut from the bull and cast away in the sky, and hence a silly little fable why 'the leg of the bull' (Pleiades) is located behind the head of the bull.

The Goddess Serket/Selket is who performs the ceremony in the sky. Her crown is of a scorpion but with much more. It appears to have a Sun orb as the head of the Scorpion to symbolise a Sun between its claws. In fact this image here is of the statue of her found watching over Tutankamen's coffin and the scorpion symbol with Sun a modern art version to say the least. The statue itself looks like an advanced factory formed molding!

But what can be so important about a scorpion holding a Sun between claws as this suggests.

The answer is absolutely and literally out of this world!




We all know if you watch our sun position each month it goes through all 12 zodiac constellations for every month. Our Sun passing through Scorpio is not realy special in any way either and there are no Scorpio ancient star maps with Suns.

Now here is a thought.

All the star maps so far are records for us on Earth to look out to find the place of our ancestors from one of 3 sun-like stars near the pleiades. But wouldnt there also be a tradition record carried by the star visitors to show where to find our Sun's position in the cosmic neighbourhood?

That answer is yes. But what are the chances this Scorpio Sun depiction is of our sun when viewed from the Pleiades area? There is a simple test to test this thanks to the work of the worlds best astronomers data collections. Star computer programs can plot 3D space views from all our nearby stars. But the chances of this being a hit is a few million to one against chance that our sun would be between the claws of Scorpio.

I went onto the computer and clicked the Primary sol star and then clicked the amazing option 'view from here' on Starry Night Pro.

I was blown away ... this is the result here...



The day I tested this computer measurement of our Sun was inspired by a Nostradamus sketch showing that a wormhole in our near future will open here again! and this exact same Scorpion with OUR Sun is found at Gobekli Tepi


December 2014 - I realised the Holy Grail connection and the final detail solving this tomb mystery. What you are about to read and witness will change your complete view of Christmas in a beautiful way. You will discover how something special about this date 25th December ties with the tomb and the legends of Christmas traditions that has been hidden from 'commoner' by historical monarchy systems. Christmas is a combination of many legends pre Christian and others.

The earliest part of the Winter solstice tradition is about to be unveiled here but what do we have to show according to our history as the earliest traditions?

We have two pre Christian vague histories of the Yule tree of Norse mythology now removed from wikipedia due to strange lack of solid evidence some say. ref . The thing is out powers that be have gone to a lot of effort in hiding records of the star secret that was measured during the winter solstice period when it is perfectly positioned above the East horizon.

Sol Invictus of the Roman period before Christ is the most obvious pre Christian tradion measuring the sun star above the horizon. ref .

For all those not familiar with my revived Christian records of measuring the Bethlehem star where one follows the Three kings (Orions Belt) from the East horizon to find the place of the Bethlehem star teaching of the beginnings of the Christ teacher, and the Hebrew solomon Key cipher puzle on the star of Daavid then please read here before going further. ref

For those not familiar with my Masonic historical records partly revealed by the Bradford University on the measuring of the Blazing star above the eastern horizon with the legend of Jacobs ladder in the biblical texts, then please read this article. ref

Here is the depiction of the entire ceiling mural now known as the Senmut/Senenmut astronomical ceiling ref . It is comprised of two portions on a curved ceiling and two themes that are now being solved as one. We have covered the basis of the first half, now consider the Orion's Belt part. Seen below in the top portion of the Image I realised the man in the celestial boat with Orion's Belt is the same man in the bottom portion narating the story and pointing to the star tiny Ra star with beam of light.


Scotland pictish stones decoded


The second thing to look at in the depiction that explains Orion and following three star that we traditionally refer to as a 'belt' was once more a sexual depiction. It was the male anatomy showing the way in the sky and the deity in the bottom portion is actually presenting it to the narrator. Here is a little more proof that Orions belt was previously male anatomy tradition ref

The elements here are now shouting out Holy Grail in big bold words. But before showing you how the holy grail fits here you will also need to know the real holy Grail secret too. The sacred chalice and the womb of Nut secret also had its origins in Egypt. ref

In the image below, here are the three historical records all showing the same thing. A star with a beam of light down to Earth. You now have the Senmut secret unfolding in this article explaining suggesting the real origins of the elite hidden secrets about 25th December predating the Christ. The full stories on the two supporting findings I propose have these links that measure the Sun star above Eastern horizon. Why the 25th December Winter solstice? This is because on this day Orion's Belt rises absolutely East and absolutely vertical and by measuring 33 degrees of arc vertical above Orion' Belt (The cross of the Churches) in astronomy you find the Sun star position as it is today. ref




Scotland pictish stones decoded


I am pleased to launch the only high definition artifact replica of the Senmut tomb secret up close engraved onto a tablet as seen below and now available for the public ref .

But what is the big Christmas secret encoded in this Senmut tomb depiction? What I propose here is going to rock many boats but never forget somthing crucial here. If its true then its human uplifting and one of the key secrets that unite all religion and all tribes as one race. All ancient civilisations share this human origin secret and all kingdoms chose to alter and encode it to look different to other nations. Go figure.

The big secret is that this tablet encodes the secret of what I am absolutely certain is the origin of the Christmas Tree.

I have also produced a video of the detail covered so far using the tablet made available to be sold to the public as a teaching mechanism.



It is time to discover how the Holy Grail is encoded in this tomb depiction which follows. I mentioned the ceiling of the Tomb is curved. The image below shows more.

Notice how Orion's Belt is on one side as the male aspect aligning to the Bulls leg as the sacred femine are in space on the opposite side. Notice the bull's leg depiction has two other circumpuncts with the tiny one as the main theme forming a triangle pointing to Orion. Yes there is also another possible interpretation of the larger circumpuncts. There are four large circumpuncts in the four corners which is our possibly cellebrating our Sun with the three from the Taurus region. This will be debated.

Assuming you read my link on the true Holy grail you will see it also resides in this Tomb in complete configuration. Mouse over the image to see the Grail chalice representation as it is used in the Christ Mass... the comunion ceremony too... as the chalice feminine place in the sky births its disc as the 'body' of human life host is taken in ritual... just as the Sun star is traditionally birthed from the womb of Nut in the heavens.




I am currently counting down literally sign by sign in 5 really substantial ancient prophecy sources here... COUNTDOWN... of the return of a cosmic messenger who will arrive riding a cloud/something making a cloud, and in his right hand his cosmic address of seven stars. The study shows all the signs are occuring right now and there are literally only 3 more final signs before arrival. The last 3 big signs are basically a large meteor/comet event... (Many thought was comet ISON, but now in retrospect it might be the Russian meteor event... or might not)... a pandemic break out... and horrific barbaric war...

To close this article I have to do one small little thing that I feel quite passionate about and yes... scholars will be thinking , oh no, here we go again. I suppose it is quite a sickly feeling realising literally everything they have followed as trusted theory by past great historians is being call out as possibly wrong. A scholars reality of human history is more than a religion is to most people as they put a lot of trust in this knowledge they have trusted. The feeling it might all be a blatent covered up lie is not something easily considered at all.

Here is what I would like to re-create... what the celestial ship might have appeared like taking the best historical evidence of Ezekiel, and multiple petroglyphs and ancient depictions. This is possibly exactly what landed in ancient Egypt and what we might see in our skies soon.







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