The unique human geometric pattern seen below as I proposed in 1997 in periodicals and later published in 2002 in my book as having been encrypted into the monuments of many ancient civilisations as part of a decipherable code defining "who we really are and where we come from". As you will see exploring this website that the human genus has absolutely nothing to do with any Earth evolved hominid at all.

We replaced the Neanderthal after this species once destined to inherit the Earth was lost in an Earth cataclysm 10000 years ago but we arrived in two destinct waves (see masonic secret ref ).

The first wave appears to be small experimental colonies 200 000 years ago in rather harsh Earth environment conditions and a second wave with a little more widespread colonization 100 000 yrs ago. But one recent arrival on every continent 17250 years ago just as the Earth was changing to one that was more comfortable. The end of the Ice Age was sudden with a major cataclysm around 10000 years ago which many advanced colonies could have escaped from in their celestial ships but those left behind enduring decades of a dark age with weak sunlight and extreme weather reduced to simple farmers hunters and gatherers.

I believe it was our returning ancestors thousands of years later that came back to see how any survivors were managing and it was the visitors who taught the primative ancients of our sacred past, the star maps and the secret of pyramids. This unique human five sided geometry pattern is also found in the paintings of famous artists like Da Vinci and Poussin and in the talismans and depictions of secret societies. ref .

The Human blueprint code geometry I propose seen here in just 3 of the main star map sites... the D&M 5 sided pyramid on Mars duplicates the sacred human geomety. Stonehenge has it with the complete design where it had an old trilithon Sun gate down the causeway, and Egypt has it between the two largest pyramids and the Sphinx and Kentkhaus pyramid... uniquely holding the pointer rod above the shoulders like in the Senenmut Tomb.


There is a big twist to this star map story. All these ancient star maps designed so massively and facing the sky, that can only be deciphered from very high altitiude. Why so big? The message was never left behind for humanity. The message itself is directed outwards into deep space... to be seen by super telescopes in other alien star systems that this is who we are and where we came from who colonised this solar system.




For millennia, women have been robbed of their status as being equal to men. For this reason the definition of the ultimate human blueprint code and the sacred geometry (seen below) will be portrayed with woman in front of man.

In the 500 year old Da Vinci rendition of the original 2000 year old lost Greek manuscript of the original human code by Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, his depiction showed TWO pairs of arms and TWO pairs of legs. ref

His masterpiece strongly suggests that two human beings were originally portrayed in the earliest source of the human code with one human in front of the other. It is therefore reasonable to assume that the original source of the human blueprint code would have portrayed creation of the human with divine proportion... but depicting also the sacred union of both woman and man.


The source of the code appears to pre date Vitruvius by many thousands of years. Mouseover the Da Vinci Vitruvian 'woman' depiction to see the Human Blueprint geometry code...and for the two part story on this history, click the links below the image.








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Credits - References - Copyright - General summary of ancient alien star maps proving star ancestor human origins explored in The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel. A Pleiades and Orion correlating pyramid star map interpretation was published in 1997 newspapers, followed by a Carte Blanche TV documentary in 2002 now on youtube. The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel released in 2003. (See book synopsis on website for more detail of The Hidden Records). There is a Pleiades correlation with Cydonia Mars, Stonehenge and Tikal and his new 2021 published Atlantis discovery show the same for Atlantis in Donana Spain. The site of an alien crop circle message with swastika and cross. The ancient alien human origin theory by Wayne Herschel claims humanity replaced Neanderthal. The ancient star maps of Orion and Pleiades correlation including three sunlike stars are all Wayne Herschel's copyright protected discoveries.