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ANNOUNCEMENT: While a few publishers were evaluating my new book prospects recently, with one definitely standing by to go forward with a low remuneration deal if there is severe interference, all my websites experienced deletion. It was an attack that even the providers could not understand. Nearly a month down and google search lost all visibility that was established. The sites are being restored with safer protocols. All pages were damaged and required new provider deals and repairs to the coding. The plan B publisher wants to take on the interference, not just what they might experience themselves but they want the book content to take a similar exposure of the anomalies and sources.

This is not what I want at all. My manuscript looks away from the interference and prefers not to point fingers. The content of the book is exciting and human uplifting enough on its own where all can embrace what the new discoveries mean for humanity as it faces a collection of terrible hidden crises. There are also large media trying to take my unique original findings and twist them into chaos. Our legal advisors are guiding some active investors in the project on what to do if it continues.

I believe the powers that be are going to be the saviors of the planet after what might unfold so I prefer to look away from the source of attacks.

I am still off grid and always on the move. No public appearances, no live video conferences. I am basically prepping the grounding for our THRBooks Research team leaders to take the helm while retirement from the chaos looks very appealing. Bigger things are unfolding with or without me.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Now that I have released the final mind blowing pieces of the puzzle HERE , which is actually the follow on from the delayed book on Atlantis, I believe it is no longer secure for me or effective for me to continue by myself in public with The Hidden Records quest. From here forward I will take a long break and hand the quest over to my 'Active Investors' who are a dedicated hidden from public active group. I insist mainly for security reasons that my 'final chapter' article be recognised more as just a 'theory' although some will say that it is more than that.

I seriously need a break from years of struggle and interference and the risks involved in walking this journey alone. If ever I wrote about what I have been through it would sound like fiction. I have compiled for legal purposes a record of all interference and malicious activity sources and attempted set ups endured in case there are more attacks from the same sources.

These records are duplicated and are in the custody of many active investors whose names will never be mentioned. I plan to spend the time ahead to learn to be a 'prepper' and acquire the skills needed to live off the grid. My feeling right now is that I also no longer want to be available for any public events or media from here forward. I need to focus only on landscaping and my art work replica projects as a means of income.

I sincerely hope it will turn out to be a permanent break for me where others prove they can continue effectively with the quest. This quest needs a completely different approach and with a whole dedicated team active at the 'battle front'. Recent developments have seen to this change and higher project maintenance costs are inevitable. A more financially equipped group of dedicated 'light warriors' are keen to begin right away. Donations by those wanting to help make a difference in reviving the lost knowledge will now be more important than ever before. See the THR website link (bottom of page).

The team members of this dedicated group believe they can find a better way forward that will continue to find a way to recover some losses from the trouble plagued book project. They assure me they will still sustain me monthly on my low budget that I have endured for over a decade.

For the record, a tax consultant has handled my tax returns for the last 13 years and the average losses and earnings since the project beginnings. My overall average earning was so low that my income tax was basically 'exempt' since starting the project even with my side line work income added. I have these records for my non active investors to prove the 'failed' book project if the time comes when I can propose some sort of ‘goodwill’ non defined partial recovery of loss offer if the new projects launched can earn substantially.

My offer of 'goodwill' stands open in this regard but it is not time defined or amount defined. It all depends on what the outcome is later on if there are earnings and how much I can return to investors with goodwill in the future.

The current plans now have back-up plans and back-up plans for the back-up plans and so forth. The more attacks there are, then the more goes viral. Right now I have asked that we keep the attack sources private, I am more interested in going forward as clean as possible and forgetting the past.

I have done everything possible to see through the securing of copyrights. In doing so, prioritising the correct presentation of the lost truth for what I believe is set up to become The Hidden Records Oneism Foundation. A foundation of free view online remains an important premise for presenting the material.


I want to inspire more to join the active foundation. In time, those who have been the most active in social media with the biggest following generated and over the longest dedicated time period of loyalty will become keepers of and guardians over the revived truth. Seven head people will run it, protect it, make decisions for it and sustain it. They will also be earning if the project begins to earn.

I also want to make this clear and separate my project movement from any other so called disclosure movements that are being seen in the media. My greatest fear is that these ‘official’ well sponsored big public coverage looking movements might be elite sponsored. A risk stands with a possible setup takeover of a first contact event. They might all appear spiritual and positive but all that might not be trusted. The old clues are rife, just follow the money trail. Billionaire sponsorships, ex-military or previous political connected active people seem to be involved with some too. Some false promises seen in previous reveal events also occurred by some groups. Promising you will see evidence of a real alien body or a real free energy machine had millions pay for an eBook copy of the big reveal (that also shows very little for free in advance too). It was not true and thousands lost. My fear is some sort of first contact asigned group will take over the messenger’s message, twist it to look evil or chaos and then convince the public and government to reject or attack it.


The revived records I have set up are now ready for something special that we all hope will occur in first contact that I am sure is near. If there is no first contact event, fine... we continue with getting the work out there and protect copyright usage. Copyright usage protection is more aimed at those wanting to use the material to make it look like something else i.e. off track or negative presentations. The investors’ legal team plan to recover losses for the project in taking action against those who breach common publishing and media intellectual property protocols.

I also invite readers to keep copies of the website material and 'final chapter' for private use in case the website itself and trading is no longer able to operate if under attack.

If the website is down or drastically changed for more than a period of a month then I invite the public to begin viral campaigns. The purpose of all my work is setting a foundation for something bigger in the future. To cross reference and measure that which is included in a 'first contact' cosmic messenger event as explored in prophecy ref .

I believe the truth of our mysterious past covering the two biggest kept secrets on humanity will be revealed in this way, namely via some sort of first contact event. If not... the truth network we have set up will simply keep spreading the new findings and we do this all on our own.

The world powers that be have encoded and hidden the secret of our bloodline revealed in the ancient star maps that I have brought forward. Maps and records showing where we come from, and also the secret of the greatness of every human soul and the Tree of Life. They have made it possible for them to continue to prosper and manipulate humanity for profit while all nations are not enlightened with this profound uplifting peace provoking truth. This has evolved to today where the 1% elite are still prospering over such chaos while 99% of the population are being enslaved to perpetually increasingly harder work, longer hours and less reward.

Without this cosmic visitor miracle, or a growing very viral active public promoting campaign, there is absolutely no way ever that this lost history of our star visitor human origins ref and the origin of the soul and Creation ref will ever be known by the masses.


The reasons and protocols for a safe way ahead for my non active investors are discussed here.

It is still not safe at all for ANY communications with my non active investors by email or phone and this has not changed. Some years ago my email and text message communicating was possibly hacked and watched and an active investor received outside interference because of the investor's ties to the book project.

I will not go into what occurred but within a short period someone not of the investor’s family suddenly tried to intervene and secure new ownership of the investment. Then there was another occurrence later with said person trying to make contact with the other investors. With the big risk being a copyright takeover, this needs all investors to side with protecting it in such an extreme case although the law should protect me even if that happens. The thing is, law these days depends on how strong a client is financially and we all know how those with great wealth can do a lot to get what they want so we have to treat everything here carefully.

Read further on for my pledge now that the book project has run its time with and the losses it endured deeming the project a complete loss. A new team will try new projects and tactics in my 'goodwill' bid to try recover some loss for investors if their new trading ideas of new material can beat the completely interfered with system.


In all my work amounted so far I have strong evidence all ancient civilisations witnessed something similar and out of this world. They all tell the story in similar ways of the same star ancestor visitor beings from the Pleiades area that sailed down in celestial ships. Some tell the story of the beings riding cosmic serpents who were great teachers of their history and their ties to these people.

Here is why these themes are generally deemed a forbidden topic:

The published claims and use of symbols in mysterious works right through to today are mysterious because there is a force in place making it like this. Our powers that be insist these records are left as a mystery because ...


Why? Because if the truth be known the human population will awaken and become more resistant to manipulations, religious indifferences and elite profiteering in war.

This is my honest opinion after 2 decades of research. These have been years filled with sabotage of my work and book trading, harassment and smear campaigns set out against me (even made by famous authors who are well accepted in the publishing world). Are they just following their publisher’s interests and demands and strict standards of control of what content they publish? Or are they just profiteering on their fabricated chaos while smearing others that promote truth?

I broke all society norms by self-publishing funded with an investment syndicate. Many book distribution agencies and book traders however made sure I did not get into the main book store chains around the world. Cyber hackers also continually removed my book from Nielson book data and their social media activists made sure I would be invisible. I was removed from Wikipedia for my controversial alien claim, leaving just one image of the Hebrew cipher I decoded that seems stuck there in limbo ref. Strange that authors who have written on similar genres with alien claims are all left alone on Wikipedia. .

But I have established a safety protocol and set my roots in deep with many various back up plans to ensure the work continues if I am removed or each active investor removed.

It is important to thank all the 'light warriors' who walk amongst us who prefer to remain nameless that are active in either internet activity daily in the awakening, or funding this quest seen at the bottom of this page.

Without them... nothing would be possible.


The Hidden Records book project is about to come to an end globally and I officially state: Although I tried to beat the publishing world's manipulative system with a private funding syndicate for The Hidden Records book project, we failed. We chose printing 20000 books to try and achieve the lowest prices for a very costly 300 page full colour illustration book with glossy paper as we all felt it deserved the best presentation. The book is constantly removed from all listing data sources and has constantly remained invisible to almost all book stores worldwide who are searching for enquiries for ordering. My website is now being removed in some countries. Mexico for example who have ancient sites the reveal substantial new evidence has blocked my website visibility recently claiming it is a cult site.

I also did everything possible over 10 years trying to maintain its visibility and availability but it suffered devastating financial losses as each new distributor fell to many forms of interference. Tons of books constantly had to be moved from one distributor to the next at great cost. It did not ever get its break and get into book stores due to ongoing interference. As fast as book chains added the title it was removed by cyber hackers. For the first 8 years I had to constantly relist the title online with many sellers. Sometimes it was a monthly task to relist with Amazon, consuming great time and effort in my life. It is currently on list with Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk and sadly just a few copies remain with each.

It is impossible to protect valuable tons of stock from sabotage on a tight budget anywhere in the world and the promotions team will not risk this vulnerability ever again for printing more old title books or printing new books. Investors have lost a fortune in this 'failed book project' but if they can remain standing strong and continue with patience all is not lost yet. If the 'new promotions team' can secure 'regular trading' earnings somehow with new projects then it is agreed the option will arise to negotiate partial settlement recovery generated from future projects which will be shared fairly.


The Cape Town talk event on the Alpha Omega discoveries as planned for a July 19th launch at Intaka Island conference centre is cancelled due to unseen anomalies in advertising media. It has been decided there will bo no more public events for some time while this topic is basically 'under attack'.


Payable by credit card... shipped worldwide by Eventide music store... I have all my most important work revealed in this double DVD set with two filmed seminars. The first disc covers all my ground breaking work in my book with updates. The format is in large screen clarity for viewing on big screens. The second part, disc 2 covers all the new star map discoveries following the release of my book. The price is listed here including shipping it anywhere in the world. It can be converted from your currency on the link... click here or the image to purchase.




I have been fortunate to have made some ground breaking research trying to sift through all the false claims made on the Maya calender. The facts are as usual distorted and twisted to sell doom and gloom and create chaos. Not only did the Maya completely omit any precise astronomy detail reference to the date, but they did mention something very important for this date. It has not been made public in any big way. Those that covered the truth also didnt recognise what it meant by a "sighting" will be seen in the sky or notice the reference to it being a messenger for The Tree of Life! Here is the full story... click here





THE HIDDEN RECORDS book and me personally have been under attack for over a decade by one of the most powerful secret institutions on the planet because of the deemed forbidden truth that I have secured copyright in public domain.


How can one know what to believe if the web claims that I am a hoax or my work is fiction? Here is a test on the validity of my claim to be reviving something that historical Monarchy and modern powers that be are trying to silence and cover up:


That answers is YES. If I did not discover an earth shattering valid secret or two then I would not be under attack by one of the most renowned psy-op attackers known.

The names of two Psy-ops agents is now exposed by many other victims and research experts and the names of the operators attacking me you will see active on the links to a 'google bomb' smear campaign. Two agents that have the two most active dangerous names writing the smear attacks.

I am under a 'google bomb attack' where a large psy-ops website called ATS 'Above top Secret' poses as a public research on paranormal cases has launched the google bomb. ATS apparently is under elite control and public that bring forward forbidden cases are attracted to be active there. This is perhaps where they are found and then silenced in many different ways, from smear campaigns, cyber attacks on listings of the book, threats to distributors and worse.

Here is the exposing story with some substantial references EXPOSING THE ATTACK BY ATS:


THE HIDDEN RECORDS book project has been under attack since it started in 2002 and recently things have gone from crazy to bizarre. Since then the book has not had a chance to generate a single cent of return as expected per 'normal' book in this genre and the detail that follows explains why and what the plans are for the way forward.

Many decent people have invested hard work and money into this project to keep it alive knowing it was a story above any other story that would be a sensation in normal business circumstances. Little did anyone know, even in later crisis stages that there would be the level of advanced interference I have endured.

But it got worse and worse as sabotage and threats occured on a weekly basis for years.

It was more than just a carefully produced glossy paper full colour book that started the book publishing objective. Regular lucrative publisher offers all had 'strange' conditional offers to alter its interpretation to sun worhip and considering turing the Orion aspect backwards and away from Taurus to a worthless planetless star called Sirius. If agreed it would come with a big money advance.

But it still was continually blocked and deleted off data links on a monthly basis by advanced computer hackers... it became an invisible book in the USA for years.

The last straw in struggling to keep the book going in the USA although already blocked by all the big book stores was when my previous book distributor Sam Montgomery met an unexpected tradgedy with his mysterious death during the bizzare sequence of actions he was involved with. He first stopped fulfilling orders for the book, he then stopped paying and just after doing the unthinkable he suddenly died. Sam had filed the book listed as his own book, which amazon.com legaly insists copyright and access to recover the control of the account is only open to Sam.

I wrote and proved the distributor owner had passed away, and proved I was author and publisher but their reply was since I was a non US citizen I need to open a law case for this or wait for the claim by writing to be processed.

This problem lasted almost 6 months before Amazon.com was accessed by another established seller who could verify my status as a non US citizen.

This shocking anomaly by US law blocks standard Amazon.com trading directly. This saga was followed by another distributor who had the book unlisted and invisible to all book stores for over a year as sales were almost non existent. Then in Feb 2014 an advert complication that could not be processed due to some strange outside interference caused another complete lockdown of the book. A whole new blockage. This was the last straw when the company declared the book as a 'non trading' item and blocked. 1300 books today Feb 2015 still on lockdown waiting to be rescued.


The basis of my discovery appears to explain something that was once part of a very powerful society's proud records who until today actually forgot completely what it meant. The secret of Hiram Abiff and the Blazing star deciphered. In publishing the truth it suddenly changed some influential society's pride, from once feeling privaledged keeping something special to having something that could become public knowledge.

My work looks at the interesting allegory and mystisism and presents measurable detail revealing it was once a common shared topic amongst virtually all ancient civilisations kingships, a knowledge that revealed a human race EQUALITY truth.

Centuries ago kingships depended on firstly hiding the truth that all race and culture stems from the same heavenly origins. They presented an altered encoded doctrine through their tradition of belief so they could still feed the evil habit to proclaim holy war. They needed an altered 'truth' to build armies to 'rightfully' make it their people only who are of sacred origins and hence proclaim that all foreigners were evil and not chosen. It appears all nations obsessed in riches and greed and chose, be it by coincidence or be it by following an idea seen with other countries plundering wealth in the same way, the evil trend to aquire wealth by war.

It would appear all nations had their own altered versions of testimonies of the star visitors which evolved into differing religions who would then 'rightfully' in their God's name, rape, plunder and pillage foreign countries people and their resources. There was not one civilisation that chose to keep even their own people treated as equal and sacred and the records of our ancestors and our Creator all became altered and encoded that only kingships family could carry the secret forward. The system of class was rife. All nations treated their people as commoners and woman not as important as men. They did such a good job encoding the secret that their children's children in every nation appeared to prefer rather to believe the previous kings version of sacred testimonies.

I realised this ancient collection of hidden records basically presented something that we were brought up with in our society anyway, that equality is a human moral, that we are all equal and woman and men are equal too. So persuing the book project exposing the truth should be no big problem. I was absolutely certain the book would easily still get a media break and everything would be okay.

This nieve thought was proven wishfull as modern news shows the profits of war to this day depend on blaming differences of traditional belief. 'Legally' through the forced social acceptance of 'the theatre of war' against terrorism. Profits of war? Yes... coincidently those countries being 'helped' coincidently lose all rights to their own oil and mineral rights to the 'helpers' that they didnt want in the first place.

So as silly as it sounds... having an age old secret proving we are all equal, but not only equal, that human life is sacred is something that stands potential at ending profitable war if it were possible all knew our real origins.

At first when the book experienced a barrage of fake devastating book reviews on Amazon one tends to think well this might be what happens writing on sensitive material. But it got more bizarre every day. The title was hacked from Nielson book data showing it does not exist and repeatedly we would have it relisted and it would dissapear again.

The same occured with Amazon listing in both UK and USA. It got to a point where the UK director himself intervened because he believed his data base was impossible to hack. He fixed the UK situation for a while.

The UK situation still has all book store chains having the title deleted and it is now an impossible task to rectify. Now due to the record of the books attacks showing the title is plagued with anomalies it reflects a status for big book store owners that it is not worth ordering.

Three failed distributors all had the signs of interference. They first listed it incorrectly, then tried to break communication, then failed to deliver it to fulfill orders then had problems with book stores. This occured like clockwork leading up to the last most bizarre case you can imagine

Over a year ago the owner of a book distributor called Booklink in Camden South Carolina filed for ownership of The Hidden Records... thus listing it as his own book. He went through all the typical as expected routine, listing it wrong, not supplying book stores and not paying for the whole year. Then the unthinkable...

... he died.

The distributor owners son was lost for words but assisted using his own money to drive with his truck a ton of books to another state to the new distributor. But this "ownership" anomaly left Amazon now in a situation that I am not accepted as the owner/publisher of the book and therefore not allowed to trade directly with amazon.com

To date I have been advised since both new distributor and I cannot with all the letters to and fro get Amazon to accept direct trading, the situation is on hold for a future moment an intrested media or legal aid wants to probe the story.

A message to all investors... I have pledged to never give up. I will keep promoting new material with my 15000 friend group on facebook and continually look for a media break.


The 2012 popular movie Prometheus is based on the complete Hidden Records plot which is real story... a true story... of ancient star maps being deciphered and they show human origins had an "alien" genesis, but hollywood filmmakers twist the story using another star map and typical "evil alien" agenda to swamp the truth in dramatised fiction and chaos.



I have recently released what I believe is the "smoking gun" evidence of how the Egyptian civilisation was founded. It most importantly concludes where Ra came from in the cosmos and it shows how they traversed the heavens. A 3000 yr old funerary papyrus that describes one of the earliest genesis themes of Egypt included the ship of Ra depiction landing in Egypt. It landed on the back of the Sphinx... and it was no boat! Here is the full story. Please share the article if you have a facebook account.

Click here for the CNN iReport





A PDF ebook of The Hidden Records chronicles Alpha Omega is completed and it will be at a very cost effective price and fast download and with clear fullcolour images. The ebook will be carefully compressed. This project is now very important since a fraud substandard copy of The Hidden Records ebook pdf has been stolen. It is a PDF ebook that has contents altered and reports of a virus attached is also under investigation. The companies under fraud investigation are:

idownloadunlimited - fraud investigation

nowdownloadall - under investigation

Freshwarpdownload.net - fraud investigation

Freshwapdownload.net - Rapidshare under investigation

Click here for the eBook


The Hidden Records book project have demanded an investigation into why the USA and Canada book distribution in the USA have not been supplying stores or amazon as well as not paying for book sales or sending any sales and stock reports for two years. But more importantly why the book is listed as not stored in quantity thus creating a two month handicap preventing book sales on Amazon.com. It appears the book has been blocked with the listing of it in short quantity like a rare book. This obviously prevented big orders and with this 'anomaly' a very delayed delivery of stock to sellers. Sellers like amazon were no doubt forced to add delivery warnings to buyers. It seems to have completely reduced sales to almost a stand still. New distribution is being sort after.


A documentary titled 'Ancient Aliens' on the History Channel 15th March 2009 aired footage of my Mars Pleiades and Tikal starmap findings and the Freemason star map. Sadly all were presented in a way as if it was their own material. No references were given at all. An email inquiry was made with History Channel by The Hidden Records book project posing as me and I did not agree with the way they did this. It has also caused great anger by the producers there and thus ruined future chances at being included in coverage. More info will be updated here shortly.





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Credits - References - Copyright - General summary of ancient alien star maps proving star ancestor human origins explored in The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel. A Pleiades and Orion correlating pyramid star map interpretation was published in 1997 newspapers, followed by a Carte Blanche TV documentary in 2002 now on youtube. The Hidden Records book by Wayne Herschel released in 2003. (See book synopsis on website for more detail of The Hidden Records). There is a Pleiades correlation with Cydonia Mars, Stonehenge and Tikal and his new 2021 published Atlantis discovery show the same for Atlantis in Donana Spain. The site of an alien crop circle message with swastika and cross. The ancient alien human origin theory by Wayne Herschel claims humanity replaced Neanderthal. The ancient star maps of Orion and Pleiades correlation including three sunlike stars are all Wayne Herschel's copyright protected discoveries.