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A code encrypted in George Washington’s secret map unlocks a National Treasure.

George Washington's Secret Map

With the sequel to the Walt Disney production of ‘National Treasure’ hitting the box offices in yet another huge success story for director Jerry Bruckheimer one cannot help but wonder how much of the dramatisation is based on real Masonic secrets cloaked in the guise of fiction. (Click the icon at the top of the page to get to the National Treasure website). Even if you may already suspect this, few if any have been able to prove that the film’s subject matter is based on real history. History that has been kept a tightly guarded secret from us for so long!

In the film, it was the pursuit of a grand treasure that had us all glued to the screen. Author of the controversial book - The Hidden Records - Wayne Herschel has found convincing proof that in reality there could be a national treasure, and it is not gold at all. It is something far greater. This website will put this two-part movie saga to the test. Are the clues real, and if so why do they tantalise our interest to the degree they do? Could it be because they could potentially unlock a treasure that will forever challenge the foundations of all religions?

Many may feel that by exposing what is about to be revealed here, we could be treading on sensitive toes. Given this possibility, Wayne would like to say at the outset that his motive is purely to share with the world a magnificent and enlightening truth. Moreover this revelation acknowledges that Freemasonry was originally based on a constructive, inspiring truth. Having said this, this article detaches itself entirely from any Masonic interpretations, and the interpretations presented here are entirely Wayne Herschel’s own. Interpretations that he derives from ancient clues left behind by virtually every ancient civilization across the globe.

Many will be surprised to find that inadvertently, be it intentional or not, a real treasure trail ingeniously makes itself known, once we look more closely. And what it does is revive a whole wealth of ancient knowledge kept hidden from us for so long. New evidence is now at hand that provides an astounding answer to the age-old question: Who are we and where do we come from?

One could speculate wildly and cry conspiracy theory: Are the powers-that-be beginning to realize that their most fundamental secret is at risk of being cracked at any moment? One cannot help wondering, considering that quite recently Masonic scholars appear to have made available (via a university website) their foundational historical records. Perhaps divulging snippets of their secret in a film is their way of softening the truth around it, or an ingenious way of diverting attention from the truth. Wayne says he believes: "If anything, those in the know are probably preparing us for a great revelation. After all, we are a planet of millions of diversely religiously sensitive people and who knows what a new and profound piece of knowledge could set off."

All the clues point in the same direction. To one truth that will no longer remain locked in forgotten vaults as hidden records.


For those who are unfamiliar with Wayne Herschel’s book, ‘The Hidden Records’, or his latest updated findings on his website, then you are probably wondering what is being referred to here as the grand secret?

Wayne claims to have identified a global collection of ancient star maps with pictographic encryptions. The encryptions suggest in various ways that the human lineage is descendant of celestial beings that once came from above. All our religions speak of them. They are most likely also the so-called ‘gods’ of ancient civilizations. In other words what this new evidence is telling us is that we all originate from flesh and blood beings that came down from the stars and arrived here on planet Earth.

As a premise to this article, what we need to consider is the probability that the human race has heavenly origins. This is in tune with extensive research on the subject, drawing on evidence that the ancients have left behind, on which author, Wayne Herschel basis his theories. This basis is imperative to questioning the validity of the great secret that you will read about in this article, and more importantly why it has become a global secret. There have been countless books and films dramatizing a potential occurrence that has always captured our imagination: The possibility of aliens invading Earth. At some time or other, most of us have probably pondered on the possibility of a real invasion one day in the future.

Ironically, such an alien invasion of Earth appears to have already occurred.

We are those who once came from the heavens.

The prime invasion was in all likelihood some 17 000 years ago. The last surviving primitive Earth hominid, the Neanderthal, that roamed Earth at the time would not even have known what had hit him. Driven by fear of these new arrivals, this once naturally evolved inhabitant of our planet would have fled to areas where conditions were extreme, food rare and a climate too harsh for their prolonged survival. Some may even have contracted strange diseases from these celestial human beings that now roamed their land. Diseases that would completely compromise their immune systems! And if all these factors were not enough to lead to their extermination, a cataclysmic flood 10 000 years ago would have guaranteed their final demise.

From all his research, Wayne is convinced that a meteor impact event probably caused the oceans to destroy the existing civilizations on Earth literally in the blink of the eye, bringing on a ‘dark age’ of freezing conditions and no Sun. It is fact that the last Earth-evolved hominid, the Neanderthal, became extinct 10 000 years ago. At the same time human beings were reduced to living as primitive hunters and gatherers. After a few generations had passed, they seemed to have completely forgotten who they were and where they had come from. In essence:

Beings from a nearby star system invaded Earth and robbed the Neanderthal population of its planet.

Everything in Wayne Herschel’s research points to a verifiable hypothesis for the missing link – from powerful ape to a the very frail human being. And with one of the most controversial arguments ever, his theory completely steers away from the out-of-Africa origin theory where evolution is mysteriously thought to have quantum leaped in speed and where quite inexplicably, fossil records do not exist.

Wayne’s latest research involves identifying how the human lineage is not naturally equipped for this world at all.

Our bones are around 30% weaker and more porous than the Neanderthal's and that of all apes. Moreover our muscles connections are almost 30% less efficiently connected, once again compared to the Neanderthal and other apes.

And that is only one aspect of a whole array of incongruities!

Wayne believes Masonic history hints at the shocking possibility of three 'waves' of Earth invasions. And its First Degree tracing board suggests a chronology of the three epochs when this may have occurred.

In short, Wayne insists that the human lineage evolved in a world (or worlds) somewhere close to us in our galaxy the Milky Way. In all likelihood, such a world would have been much smaller and further from their Sun, a star that would be just like our Sun. Also, given the incongruities the human form displays by our incompatibility with planet Earth, radiation emissions in such a world would have been lower, as would gravity. Hence, such a world would have been more conducive to the existence of human life. It would have been a world that was once similar to Mars – when it had an atmosphere and oceans.

Click here Ref: Discovery that Mars once had oceans.

Would it be that inconceivable to imagine that we are the descendants of these once highly technologically adept god-like celestial visitors? Human beings like you and I, who could perform the kind of miracles recorded in all our holy books and ancient records?

Sadly, our heavenly origins appear to have been kept from us by a select few: Elite citizens of our past civilizations who knew the secret. Their great kings were probably re-visited by the returning advanced beings in their celestial ships that sailed down from the stars. They would have been told that they are of the same people. How would they deal with this knowledge? Without doubt it could be manipulated and make more powerful kings of them if they kept it a secret. They could raise themselves to the same God-like status as the awe inspiring celestial visitors. They too would become revered by the masses that had absolutely no idea that they too were children of the gods, despite their 'lowly' status.

It seemed to get worse than this. Historical records suggest that there were numerous civilizations, which were also visited and enlightened by the 'celestial gods'. The diverse belief systems that would emerge from this array of diverse civilizations, would argue that only they could be the 'chosen' people.

The dawning of the so-called 'holy war' phenomenon had begun.

Each civilization believed it was 'God's will' that they could conquer foreign lands and govern its people as slaves.

Over the ages, history has shown that humanity has always failed on the subject of equality, and to this date this iniquity prevails in many societies, in particular regarding the status of women. With this in mind it is no wonder that our sacred awe-inspiring origins were kept secret. If revealed it would prove every human life as equal, sacred and of heavenly origin.

Such a truth would dispense with the global advantage of access to convenient labour.

Wayne firmly believes that if the grand secret of our celestial human origins were to have been made common knowledge BEFORE an understanding was reached as to how this knowledge fits in with the pyramid civilizations, Freemasonry, Ufology and more importantly RELIGION, its release would have risked jeopardizing all the constructive attributes of every single belief system on our planet.

This may well be the reasoning behind more recent efforts to keep the records of our past completely hidden.

Another reason why our heavenly origins may have been kept a tightly guarded secret over the ages could be ascribed to the very mechanism most likely designed to protect it.

In the past few thousand years anything that opposed mainstream religious teaching was considered heretical. Spiritual searchers could find themselves being burnt at the stake. To protect the secret that we are all of divine origin from being exposed, it appears the ancient texts were cleverly embedded with texts on misleading destructive ritual magic and witchcraft. Later those trying to decipher it would become confused with the hidden codes because of the harmful material it supposedly formed part of.

The ancient records inadvertently inspired the worship of the Sun and Taurus the Bull.

And it is thanks to this misinterpretation that the off-track and destructive Sun-worship cults began. And with these very off-track religions came a huge problem that has permeated history: An inordinate number of lost and confused souls. Over time very few ancient texts carried any clarity at all, let alone provide us with answers to our most basic questions. Most are riddled with strange symbolism and mysticism that only served to bewilder us even more.

What was once a clever yet effective protection mechanism for the secret - ultimately became the reason it was forgotten. And the elite societies that this secret may have been passed down to, from generation to generation, seemed to have forgotten the essence of what was relevant and what was not.

Blind faith is not quite the order of the day.

We now live in a freethinking world where unquestioning belief in what tradition has told us, is fast making way for reasoning towards the truth.

Much as is the case in 'National Treasure', the United States' secret history goes back to the Olmec, the earliest people who populated North America. They became the great Mayan civilization, which then became the various American Indian civilizations. Wayne has evidence that they all appear to have known the grand secret and left records of it (now online on this website).

Now let us begin with what appear to be real clues: The one dollar bill.

dollar 1

The one dollar-bill is a treasure map. Decipher its meaning and you will crack a code that mirrors an amazing truth found in almost every ancient civilization


George Washington was a Freemason and no doubt inspired the design of the great seal of the United States of America seen on the one-dollar bill.

Washington is probably the most famous American Freemason of all time. This elite fraternity based its society around what it calls the great secret of the key of Hiram. Hiram Abiff was a legendary character that was supposedly murdered for a grand secret.

Click here ref: Hiram Abiff history source

Wayne identifies two of the main components integral to the grand secret you are about to read about here. It upholds human equality and appears to be focused around the greatness of a single universal Creator.

It is likely that Washington was the last Mason who had a complete understanding of the cosmic secret. He probably took it to the grave. Freemasons today have officially made it quite clear that the big secret about the Freemasons is that there really is no great secret. They have published many books insisting such. Much of their fast evolving symbolism has been published, always with multiple interpretation possibilities depending on the source, leaving it up to the individual to decipher its complexity.

So the place to start a treasure hunt for the truth would be to look at the earliest symbols and manuscripts of the Freemasons.

Take a close look at the two seals of the American one-dollar bill above. One theme portrays a pyramid with an all-seeing eye on its capstone. To the Masons and most researchers this eye represents God.

The primary clue that led Wayne to interpreting the seal in the animation above (where three stars are positioned around the capstone in the heavens, with the pyramid on Earth below), was inspired by matching the two 'blazing light' themes on both the seals. For Wayne this theme seems to hiding an ‘enlightening’ secret. There is a triangular pattern match between the capstone and the inner triangle of stars.

In the image above, the pyramid capstone (and pyramid) was positioned over the seal with the Eagle so the capstone covered the counterpart star shape made by the centre portion of the star formation. Only when one seal is positioned exactly over the other, the eagle’s wing tips, feet and tail make contact with the letters comprising the word m-a-s-o-n.

Quite uncannily, the 'three star' formation as an inverted triangle also matches the original Freemason First Degree Tracing board theme seen below, which has been released by the Bradford University in the UK.

masonic starmap

A trinity of three heavenly bodies seems to be represented here. Notice that the “blazing star” is a seven pointed star, which Wayne believes could be symbolic of the Masons' all-important blazing star being located in the proximity or alignment of the seven stars of the Pleiades. Is this three star pattern another clue? Could it be beckoning one to consider the idea of a heavenly trinity? More specifically it seems to represent the historical record of the original pre-Christian "solar trinity" of the heavens. This question is addressed a little later with references.

When scribing the word MASON, a unique pattern comes to the fore. This pattern is a replica of that found on another important Solomon talisman: (found in the Clavicular Solomonis archives manuscript seen below).

Click here Ref: Esoteric manuscript archives source

Note how the talisman incorporates the sacred cross of Lorraine, which also appears to be the spectacular secret behind the Rosslyn Chapel's ceiling - a pattern that geometrically incorporates the human blueprint code as a 'star man'.

Click here Ref: Human code in Rosslyn Chapel.



We already mentioned the earliest ancient American civilizations in this article. The Freemason link to these peoples of times gone by is another real clue that has permeated 'National Treasure II'. Incidentally, the eagle in the seal is also found in the beginnings of the Olmec, who then became the Maya.

The Maya genesis legend has an eagle clutching a serpent and not a scroll as seen in 'National Treasure II' or the spears seen on the one–dollar bill. If the scroll is not a real historical clue, Wayne wonders if the Disney movie script writers created the scroll to suggest subtly that the real treasure is not gold but lost knowledge.

Much like the ancient Egyptians the constellation of Taurus was an integral part of the religion of the Maya, which also centered on Sun worship. This seems to run parallel to what we know about the Masons from their Tracing Board. Like the Egyptians, the Maya also built their earliest monuments as a star map emulating the place of their gods in the heavens. The image below shows the layout of what are probably some of the Maya's oldest monuments. Found at Tikal in Guatemala, everything in Wayne's research as already published in 'The Hidden Records' point to these pyramids representing the stars of the Pleiades and some important nearby Sun-like stars.

It is absolutely intriguing that the First Degree Tracing Board appears to single out this exact same star pattern that this pyramid layout in Central America is based on.



Another clue explored in 'National Treasure II' is arguably the United States' most famous landmark, the Statue of Liberty. Even its architect and the secret message found embedded into the statue come into their own in the film. The statue in New York was designed by Edouarde De Laboulaye and was based on the Roman Goddess Libertas, who was the goddess of liberty. Statue remains of this goddess were found on two of the seven legendary hills of Rome. The Roman goddess was however not often depicted with rays of light emanating in the way they emanate from 'Lady Liberty'. (For more on the incontrovertible relationship that the Seven Hills of Rome has with this story, see the Vatican link later on in this article).

lady liberty

Aside from her connection to the Roman goddess of Liberty, 'Lady Liberty' also seems to have a connection with an ancient solar deity. The beams of light radiating outward from her head are the clue. There are seven rays of light and the only other ancient deity who was portrayed in this way was the Solar deity, Apollo.

Click here Ref: Apollo solar deity

Tourists who climb to the top of the statue and look downward from the viewing area in the sky should notice that her base consists of a vast geometric star. What is truly phenomenal about this and probably does not occur to most visitors is that this star is so big that it can be seen from space.

This deliberate choice of symbolism seems to be even more reason as to why we should look for the answers to what it all means, in the stars.

Not only does she appear to ‘radiate’ light like the solar deity Apollo, but also for Wayne, her seven beams of light are a clue to part of her secret. For him, in congruence with his plethora of research on pyramid star maps, this seems to suggest that there is a single star of importance and it is found near the Pleiades star cluster.

Because the light radiation emulates that of an ancient solar deity, this could be the crucial clue to what kind of star her blazing star really is:

A star like our Sun.

There is a Masonic document that shows a single orb, radiating light like the Sun. This orb correlates with a star that is in this exact position thousands of years ago seen in the star atlas image that follows a little later. The star in question according to the Hubble telescope records is exactly like our Sun and it only fits perfectly in that position 17 000 years ago! It is the ultimate star of the Freemasons. They call it their Blazing star. (See Tracing Board star document above, the Blazing star that is shown with a ladder/beam of light).

As in the case of the movie, there really is a hidden message on the Statue of Liberty, although not specifically on the French statue, but engraved on a cornerstone plaque on the original statue in New York.

It clearly commemorates a Masonic ceremony and if anything the inscription hints at the next clue:


The key phrase is where the plaque speaks of "Liberty enlightening the world."

What secret could be so spectacular that she would be able to enlighten the whole world? Is it a spiritual secret? Synonyms for the words enlighten and enlightenment, are as follows:

Enlighten: Tell – speak of – inform.
Enlightenment: Illumination – reach spiritual wisdom.

More clues? Not only does she appear to be holding a spiritual secret, but this secret also appears to be secret knowledge.

Ponder on this thought!

It is worth questioning the earlier references to Apollo as a 'solar' deity from the heavens. We really should be considering flesh and blood visitors originating from another star 'solar' system. Tradition seems to have added bird-wings to our ancestral visitors as a teaching mechanism explaining their ability of flight to believers!

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